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@Riot Teemo NEED buffs, and here is why.

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Bumping. Teemo seriously needs a buff or better yet a rework. He's the first champ I truly enjoyed playing but he just isn't that great. riot pls

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I use to love playing teemo I own two of his skins recon and super(it was on sale) But I have hardly touched him because I just can't play well with him hes to squishy with not enough damage output he needs buffs badly

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you think his toxic shot is bad lategame? Build ap....

Sure it hits like a truck for the 1 shot you might get off. With an AD/AS build I can do 2 times the damage in the same amount of time. Granted that is all the damage you will get from a team fight because the second your in range of anything your dead (which in case you didn't realize is a second before you can get a shot off due to lack of range versus any other champion in the game).

I have played against plenty of AP Teemo's late game and honestly I usually feel sorry for them. I use Teemo against their AP Teemo and they are dead and I am near full life.

Build I use is IE PD x3 Bloodthirster x2. Oracle is of course a must to avoid the shrooms which is easy enough. Also keep in mind thats 1v1 no teammates involved, no sneak attacks, since we both have Oracles or know where each other are.

We won't even go into how useless AP Teemo is against the high MR of tanks/support and sure they can build Armor to nullify the build I use, it all depends on your teams comp. My build centers moreso on mobility to dual lane and push even if my team is totally defensive. I have won many games simply because my opponents can't catch me or don't realize I am in their base fast enough. Sure I can wreak non-stunning champion's I catch out and about solo but the builds main use is to avoid dying late game and being able to push when everyone else can't.

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I just watched the Twitch champion spotlight, and man, it hurts...

First, he can teleport to base while stealthed. Really? How is that fair? If Twitch can recall before his stealth activate, then Teemo should also be able to recall before his camouflage kicks in (wich is currently not the case, you just don't go in camouflage if you recall).

Then Twitch will get a range increase. From 500 to 550. Oh! The kind of buff Teemo would BADLY need. Now he is going to be the only ranged dps champion with 500 range still.

And he got so many things Teemo would cry for : burst, end game damage, poison (way better), slow and lots of aoe damage and the possible skill set to actually carry. They are both contered by vision ward and oracle, but it's easy to see wich one of them bring more to a team...(Twitch can also scout better then Teemo could ever dream of...)

Seriously, I already bought Twitch. After the remake, why would you honestly pick Teemo over him? Real ultimate + wards > Mushrooms. GJ for neglecting Teemo for so long Riot, this champion will be dead for good now.

Thanks for the laugh. That was really funny.

Teemo's blind, toxic shot etc. Teemo can own twitch 1 v 1 old or new version. And DOES. Teemo is fast. Twitch is slow. Teemo may be weak, but twitch is weaker, has less health and does less gear independant damage.

Thanks for the giggle.

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Miracle Kid

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You are wrong about Teemo having the lowest range for a ranged champ. Twitch is 475 for example.

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LIES he is 550

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Weekend Spartan

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I will bump this, and the other thread every day untill teemo is buffed.


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You are wrong about Teemo having the lowest range for a ranged champ. Twitch is 475 for example.

Twitch AA range was at 500. With the remake, he is now at 550. Follow the news before posting.

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Thanks for the laugh. That was really funny.

Teemo's blind, toxic shot etc. Teemo can own twitch 1 v 1 old or new version (who cares about 1v1 again?). And DOES. Teemo is fast (305 base speed). Twitch is slow (305 base speed). Teemo may be weak (base damage 44.5 +3/level), but twitch is weaker (base damage 47 +3/level), has less health (Teemo base health = 383 VS Twitch base health = 389) and does less gear independant damage (Teemo poison = 9/18/27/36/45 on-hit + 6/12/18/24/30 for 4 seconds. Need to put 5 points in it for sub-par damage. Magic damage. Twitch poison = 2/4/6/8 damage per second, stacking up to 6 times (12/24/36/48), and last up to 6 seconds. Passive. True damage. Can be conbined with Expunge for burst and more damage).

Thanks for showing that you have no clue about what this game is about, team fights.

So yeah, and Twitch got more AA range then Teemo now and is on par with most carry. GG.

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My new post in general chat is out. Asking for a Teemo rework, trying a different approach. Support me here : Do you hate Teemo? Then read this! (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=26729589#post26729589)
The buffs are out...very disapointing :

So yeah, these did not help his cores problems. He still need help.

Here is my other post in general chat :

- Riot, please show some respect to the Teemo community (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=23531421#post23531421)
, created on April 23th, now over 100 upvotes.
Updated for Draaaaaaven patch.

Teemo is outdated and weak.

Since the last nerfs he received in April 2011 with the Brand patch (see below), he was left in the dust.

Release Notes v1.0.0.115 – 4/11/2011
Mon, 2011-04-11


- Noxious Trap: Mushroom reload time increased to 35/31/27 from 30/26/22
Damage reduced to 200/400/600 from 250/475/700
Fixed a bug that calculated the AP coefficient lower than intended
- Move Quick: Cooldown increased to 22 seconds from 13

Now, all of his kit is lacking, and he suffers from terrible base stats. Teemo need some buffs. He is the weakest of all ranged dps champions and one of the worst champion in the game.

Even The Rain Man, one of the top Teemo player, think so as well.

This post is my humble protest to the lack of any SERIOUS Riot post concerning Teemo since his nerfs (Ex. the post where Phreak compare Teemo to AD Kennen (hahaha) for saying he is "fine" does not count). He is my main (wich does NOT mean I only play him, but I like to play him more often then other champions) and is a very fun champion. I want him to be more rewarding for good game play.

Here are the topics that will be in this thread:

1. An analysis of Teemo’s ability, with current problems and proposed solutions, and why his overall kit is weak.
2. An analysis of Teemo’s stats, and why they need to be buffed. Also proposing some changes.
3. A list of all the indirect nerfs to Teemo, making him less and less viable.
4. An analysis of Teemo’s role, and why so many people hate him.

Now, before I begin, there are a few things I don’t want to see in this post:

a) People saying things like "he is fine” or "he don't need buffs" without giving any arguments to explain their point.
b) Useless comments that bring nothing to the discussion.
c) Comments that are not related to Teemo.
d) Flamming and raging post. A good exemple is at page 104 (third and hidden reply). Try and stay polite, even if you don't agree.

So please, if you agree, disagree on things I say in this post, at least post why so we can have a constructive discussion . And please don't quote my whole post.

*IMPORTANT* This is a list of what Riot COULD be changing to improve Teemo. Granted, buffing some things would nullify the need to boost others. I'm not asking for a boost in all of these (it would be silly), but rather at some of these. Just proposing ideas as to how each of these could be improved. I don't want him to be OP. I want him to be balanced. Huge difference. *IMPORTANT*

1. An analysis of Teemo’s ability:

Q- Blinding Dart - Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful venom, dealing damage to the target unit and causing all attacks to miss for the duration.
Deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.8) magic damage and causes the target to miss all of their attacks for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.
Cost 70/80/90/100/110 Mana
Range 680

The problem: This is one of the two soft CC Teemo got, and sadly, it’s the weakest of all CC. Blind only works with auto-attack, and there are very few champions, aside carry, which relies heavily on AA. As new champions get released, there is less and less champions Teemo can actually counter with his blind. It’s unreliable to stop enemy ability, because it works on some of them, while it does not on others. For exemple, blind will make Renekton’s stun and Nasus’s Q miss, while Vayne can still use tumble and proc silver bolt even when blinded. Blind is just bad because a stun, fear, supress or knock up all have the same effect, but they also prevent the target from doing anything, not just AA.

The proposed solutions: Only two champions use blind now: Teemo and Heimerdinger. Blind should just be removed from the game entirely, and Teemo could get another CC instead of blind shot, like a damaging slow or something that synergize with his poison. Or it could be replaced by a vision cut, like Graves and Nocturne. It would be far superior and actually useful against anyone, not just AA champs, making it a more consistent ability. Of course, the duration would have to be reduced to compensate (to like 1.5 sec at all ranks). What they could also do is at least make it so that blind makes AD ability miss as well, not just AA (it would delay the effect of on-hit ability, without removing it for the duration of the blind and put effective AD to "0&quot. Last thing I would propose is keep the blind as it is, but add a slow with it, so that you can actually use it against non AA champions.

W- Move Quick - Teemo scampers around, passively increasing his movement speed until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret. Teemo can sprint to gain bonus movement speed that isn't stopped by being struck for a short time.
Passive: Teemo's Movement Speed is increased by 10/14/18/22/26% unless he has been damaged by an enemy champion or turret in the last 5 seconds.

Active: Teemo sprints, gaining twice his normal bonus for 3 seconds. This bonus is not lost when struck.
Cost 40 Mana
Range 20

The problem: This is Teemo’s chasing and escape ability. The passive on it is nice for moving around out of combat. Unfortunatly, it’s almost useless when Teemo need it the most: in team fights. Since the bonus is lost upon being hit, Teemo is very slow when he needs to be the most mobile. The active on it is also weak, especially since the nerf. Only 3 secs boost for 17 secs CD is ridiculous (even after the "buff&quot. Just compare it to any gap closer (CD and effect) and you will see how bad it is. Since it's only a small speed boost that offers no protection from incoming CC, it's barely noticeable in team fights.

The proposed solutions: Either revert the CD to where it was before the nerf, or give it an added effect, like removing all CC when used, or reducing incoming CC or making you immune to the first one that hit you. Another way to fix Teemo’s speed problem in team fights would be to increase his base speed, but decrease the passive speed boost of this ability. This change would reduce a bit his roaming speed and his active speed (since the active speed double the passive buff), but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make in order for him to be faster in combat.

A more detailed explanation about “Move Quick” is below at point 2.

E- Toxic Shot - Each of Teemo's attacks will poison the target, dealing damage on impact and each second after for 4 seconds.
Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 9/18/27/36/45 (+0.14) magical damage upon impact and 6/12/18/24/30 (+0.14) magical damage each second for 4 seconds.
Cost Passive
Range 680

The problem: This is Teemo’s main damaging source. It’s quite handy to have early game for last hiting and harassing the enemy. However, the more the game goes on, the less useful his poison becomes. In the end, the damage is just a minor annoyance, and is not doing as much damage as it should. Another problem is that the poison dot (not the on-hit part) actually deal less damage once you get over 1.0 AS, wich is even more stupid.

The proposed solutions: Increase the AP ratios and make his poison scale off with his level, or deal additional % of maximum health as magic damage (like an additional ,20/,40/,60/,80/1 % of target maximum health on impact and another ,20/,40/,60/,80/1 % damage over time). This way, Teemo’s poison will still deal good damage even in end game, without becoming too strong early, and will be more threatening. Another way would be to give this ability an active, in the form of increased poison damage, or give him some kind of steroid (in damage for exemple).

R- Noxious Trap - Teemo places an explosive poisonous trap using one of the mushrooms stored in his pack. If an enemy steps on the trap it will release a poisonous cloud, slowing enemies and damaging them over time.
Uses a stored mushroom to place a trap that detonates if an enemy steps on it, spreading poison to nearby enemies that slows movement speed by 30/40/50% and deals 200/400/600 (+0.8) magic damage over 4 seconds. Traps last 10 minutes.

Teemo forages for a mushroom every X seconds, but he is only big enough to carry 3 at once.
Cost 75/100/125 Mana
Range 230

The problem: This is Teemo’s signature move, and the main reason he is so hated. The slow is nice, and combined with wards, it provide additionnal map awareness. The problem is in the damage it deals. Currently, any champions who get MR or with self-healing, shield or sustain (Udyr, for exemple) can step on 3+ of his mushrooms in a row with very little punishment, since the dot does not stack and the impact damage is very low. The fact that melee can still destroy mushrooms with melee attack without them exploding in their face is also really frustrating. Just like his passive, the more the game goes on, the less reliable his mushrooms become (mainly because of oracle). And to all who keep saying he gives "free wards", first, they are not free, it cost him his ultimate (and it's very easy to counter) and second, you can't even compare the sight of real wards and mushrooms.

The proposed solutions: There could be many ways to fix this. One solution would be reverting the damage to before the nerf. Another would be boosting the AP ratios. You could also make mushrooms dots stack (like a maximum or 3) or increase the impact damage. This way, it would really punish champions who step on multiple of these in a row. The mushrooms need a boost in some way, because they are already easy to counter with purple wards or oracle. His ultimate needs to feel like an ultimate, not something that can be ignored. To fix the problem of melee destroying them, simply increase the radius of explosion or make them explode as soon as they get hit by melee.

Passive- Camouflage - If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for 3 seconds, he becomes stealthed indefinitely. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

The problem: This allow Teemo to hide and ambush champions, as well as escaping ganks. It’s propably the most balanced part of his kit, but it is still lacking something. It’s mostly good early, but you can’t really use it by endgame because it puts you at too much risk (*cough oracle again cough*). Since you can’t move to keep the stealth, it may put you at more risks then you expected when a teamfight starts. The one who planned to ambush become the ambushed. The more the game goes on, the more useless his passive become (normally a passive should help you at any point of the game, and a lot of them gets STRONGER as the game goes on, not weaker).

The proposed solutions: Make Teemo take reduced damage for 3 secs, the same duration as the AS boost, when he break out of stealth. This way, Teemo can use it more often by end game and if he get spoted, at least he will have more chances of escaping. Or they could also make the stealth persist for 1 sec after moving.

This is also a good idea. Making Teemo use brush more effectively, like Nidalee, would bring interesting gameplay. Also, it does makes perfect sense for the activation of camouflage to be reduced while in a brush.

So he got a bad CC, a weak chasing/escape mechanic, a poison that get ignored in late game and an ult that can be easily denied. His overall kit is lacking, and need to be looked at.

On a side note Riot, thank you for the mushroom “level up” and the mushroom reload timer. Too bad these are the only buffs you gave him since April.

2. An analysis of Teemo’s stats: Teemo’s base stats are overall very low. As they say, numbers speak, so let’s take a look. This is a list of what Riot could improve.

A. His auto-attack range is low. Most important thing to change.

Teemo’s current auto-attack range is 500. That is low. In fact, it’s THE lowest of any ranged in the game, if you exclude Urgot (who is NOT an auto-attack champ anyway). Sivir is now on par with him, but she got some aoe, better chasing, an aoe AS/MS steroid and a CC shield to compensate. Even TF got 525 now and he got aoe too and hard CC. Teemo only got single target ability and no hard CC. Considering that and how squishy Teemo is, HE NEED THAT RANGE BUFF (from 500 to 550, for exemple) so that he’s not instantly focused and killed in teamfights. It would also make his laning phase a bit easier against champions with high range or gap closer (and almost every new champion got one).

B. His base damage is very low

Teemo’s base damage is 44,5. That’s very low. In fact, he got the lowest base damage of all champions (excluding Orianna, with 44, but it’s because of her passive). Tristana used to be on par with him, but her base damage got boosted. Now some of you might say that he got poison and that’s why. Still, it’s not a reason to put his damage so low, especially with such a small range. Maybe a small bonus (2-3 points) would help him a bit.

C. His base speed is very low

Yeah, even with his “Swift Scout” title, Teemo sits with a poor 305 base movement speed. Yes, he does have move quick, which increase his speed UNTIL he is hit. Now, as Teemo, how would you NOT get hit in teamfights? It’s almost impossible. That’s why I propose to bring his speed up to 315-320 (while lowering a bit the % bonus MS passive from move quick.). Just this small change would give Teemo a much better chance to survive team fights, which is very hard to atm, considering the amount of CC and gap closer in the game. It would also better reward good play and kiting (a good Teemo won’t just sit there and auto-attack).

D. His chasing/escape mechanic is poor

Before his last nerf with Brand’s patch in April, Teemo’s move quick was a 3 second boost on a 13 sec CD. Now it’s a 3 second boost on a 17 sec CD. For such a long CD, the boost either needs to be increased in duration, or it needs to have an added effect (like a cleanse). Teemo can perform well against champs that cannot get to him directly, such as Garen and Singed. However, he’s having a hard time against champs with instant gap closer. It gets even worst if they have CC with it. Exemple are Irelia, Renekton and Talon. These champions, and many others, pretty much eat Teemo for breakfast, because his 3 sec escape will generally not allow him to survive their assault. You could ask me, why just not stay and face them then? Because his damage is too low, and you will most likely die before they do (even with blind).

Just for facts, let’s see a list of champs with instant or very fast gap closer (in alphabetical order):

1. Akali (Shadow Dance)
2. Amumu (Bandage Toss)
3. Blitzcrank (Rocket Grab)
4. Caitlyn (90 Caliber Net)
5. Corki (Valkyrie)
6. Ezreal (Arcane Shift)
7. Fiora (Lunge)
8. Fizz (Urchin Strike and Playful/Trickster)
9. Gragas (Body Slam)
10. Graves (Quickdraw)
11. Irelia (Bladesurge)
12. Jarvan IV (Lance/standard combo)
13. Jax (Leap Strike)
14. Kassadin (Riftwalk)
15. Katarina (Shunpo)
16. Kennen (Lightning Rush)
17. Leblanc (Distortion)
18. Lee Sin (Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike, Safeguard)
19. Leona (Zenith Blade)
20. Maokai (Twisted Advance)
21. Master Yi (Alpha Strike)
22. Nautilus (Dredge Line)
23. Nidalee (Pounce)
24. Pantheon (Aegis of Zeonia)
25. Poppy (Heroic Charge)
26. Renekton (Slice and Dice)
27. Riven (Broken Wings and Valor)
28. Shaco (Deceive)
29. Shen (Shadow Dash)
30. Talon (Cutthroat)
31. Tristana (Rocket Jump)
32. Tryndamere (Spinning Slash)
33. Vayne (Tumble)
34. Wukong (Nimbus Strike)
35. Xin Zhao (Audacious Charge)
36. Ziggs (Satchel Charge)

*See the end of page 90 for a detailed CD analysis of this list*

So we now have a total of 36 champions (around 35% of them) that can close the gap very quickly between Teemo and them (and that is excluding ultimate, aside Kassadin and Akali, since they can use it very often), and this number will keep increasing with all the new champions coming out. Since his last nerf in April, 10 of those champs came out (Vayne, Leona, Wukong, Talon, Riven, Graves, Fizz, Ziggs, Nautilus and Fiora). Teemo rely on kiting to win, but with the increasing numbers of gap closer, it’s something he’s having more and more difficulty to do. So either a remake (like an instant gap closer) on his W is in order, or just adjust the numbers to make it better with what he currently has to face.

E. His AP ratios are low

I find that a bit sad, because currently the only viable build path for Teemo is tanky/on-hit. His blind got a 0.8 ratio, his poison got a weak 0.14 (on hit and dots) and his ult got 0.8. Why is that a problem? Because it makes AP Teemo not viable at all. Since the last nerf to his mushrooms (in april again), AP, and even hybrid Teemo got sad. Some of you might say that boosting his AP ratios would make him OP. I do not agree. Why? Because, like I said above, currently someone can walk on 2-3 mushrooms in a row with very little punishment. Even when going AP, when you like rely 90% on these, they won’t do enough to be worth all the trouble you went to place them. AP Teemo is a very different play style then other Teemo build, you have to kite even more, prepare the field perfectly before big fights, and I wish it could be more rewarding. So what I suggest is that we boost his blind to 1.0 ratio, his poison (on hit and dots) to 0.25 and his mushrooms to 1.0. That way, without touching the base damage, AD and on-hit Teemo won’t become OP, and AP Teemo can be more viable.

"Teemo, the squishy scout"

On top of that, with his low base stats, Teemo is extremely squishy. Why is that a problem? Because he does not have the damage to make up for it. Think about it. Name me a few champions that are very fragile AND do almost no damage. Veigar and Annie? Huge nuke potential and hard CC to make up for it. Vayne? Lots of reposition skills, damage steroid + combat stealth, good chasing and better AA range to make up for it. Teemo? Very squishy, very short range, low damage, no burst, no steroid, no hard CC, bad escape, bad chasing. IMO not balanced.

3. A list of indirect nerfs to Teemo, wich made him less and less viable. For detailed informations about these nerfs, please refer to the timeline at http://timeline.leagueoflegends.com/:

a) The nerf to Wit’s end: Vayne patch
b) The nerf to “Move Quick” and the removal of mushroom collision with ability: Yorick patch
c) The nerf to the Gunblade: Graves patch
d) The nerf to the Lantern and the Flash nerf: Fizz patch
e) The nerf to the “Alacrity” talent in the offense tree: Ahri patch
f) The nerf to Doran's Blade and Wit's End : Hecarim patch

While these nerfs only affected Teemo indirectly, he still has to deal with them. If Teemo was balanced, it would not be that much of a bother. However, in his current situation, any kind of nerfs, may they be direct or indirect, are making Teemo harder and harder to play.

4. An analysis of Teemo’s role, and why so many people hate him.

What is Teemo role? That is the question some people will ask when playing Teemo. The truth is, he is very hard to place in a team, because he got no precise role, and cannot do any real role.

- He is not an AD carry: None of Teemo’s ability scale off AD, and he got no steroid of any kind to help him do this job (not counting the passive for obvious reasons). His short range and lack of damage also prevents him from doing this role in an effective way. Since Teemo deal mostly magic damage, lifesteal is also a poor choice on him. Any ranged AD carry can do the job better.

- He is not an AP carry: Even though Teemo’s ability scale off AP, he cannot build purely AP. Why? Because he depends way too much on mushrooms to do anything, and he is gimping his team as soon as the enemy team get oracle. His poison does not benefit from spell vamp or other effect that normally works with AP ability (such as Rylai's). Overall, his presence in team fights will be very weak, and he will die very quickly. Any AP carry can do the job better.

- He can’t jungle: Ok, maybe he “can” jungle now with the new mastery and surge spell, but honestly, there is NO reason at all to pick him over any other VIABLE junglers. Any junglers can do the job better.

- He can’t support: By supports, I mean the current Meta, which is 0 CS. Supports can generally do good with very few items, like Janna, Sona, etc. because they have CC and/or heals to assists their team. Sadly, this is not the case with Teemo. Not only does he lack a heal and decent CC but he also needs items to be decent, and by items I mean lots. Having almost no damage/health items and just standard support items (gp10 for exemple), you will just put a giant sign on your head saying “gank me, I’m even easier to kill” and will further increase the global taunt. The only reason he is tagged “support” is because of his mushrooms, but these are not enough for him to do this role. Any supports can do the job better.

So what role is there left for Teemo? Not much aside a "counterpick" to very specific champions (like Garen, Singed, Nasus). You can almost only play him as a solo top, to replace a melee bruiser. His low range prevents him from going bot lane with a support, and he can’t possibly face an AP carry in mid without getting owned (again, mostly because of his abyssal range). What does he bring to the team? A blind to annoy the ranged carry. Some additional map awareness. Decent split push. That’s about it. He really needs a boost to be more competitive.

"But Teemo is a great counterpick!", some might say, that's not even true. He can't even do his "counterpick" role well nor does he "hard counter" anyone: Teemo is a ranged. Most solo tops are melee. Usually ranged > melee for harassing. Try putting any other range on solo top VS the current melee meta and see how you dominate 10x more then with Teemo. Regardless, he is still stuck to be on solo top. It's the only way for him to farm (and his farming is bad unless you blow all your shrooms on minions) "safely" without getting dominated and the only way for him to level up quickly. He was never created to be a "counterpick" in the first place, it's his awful state that force him to go there. Teemo's advantage over the early level will fade away as soon as his opponent reach 6 and buy 1 item. Oh, and that is just considering 1v1 scenario, not even counting the fact he is super easy to gank with most jungler/solo top combo.

This guy sums up pretty well what I think of "counterpick" :


So why so many people hate Teemo? Mostly for the points above, but also because:

a) He can’t do any role. He is a jack of all trade, master of none. People like it when their teammates pick specific roles (especially in ranked), because they can pick champions accordingly with what the team need. I always get asked when I play Teemo “AD or AP Teemo?” because you can never know what Teemo is going to be. Funny thing is that he is not viable as either AD or AP. His only viable build is tanky/on-hit. Teemo suffer from a personality problem and is very limited in builds to be good, so people don’t like it.

b) They hate his mushrooms, DOTS in general and find him "annoying". Not much to explain here. People just hate to stomp on his mushrooms. They hate his poison. Funny thing is that they are so easy to counter. Teemo mostly deal magic damage, and his mushrooms are no exceptions. Build some MR or get an oracle and voila! You have countered Teemo. I don't know any other ultimate (his passive too) that can be countered with only 400g.

c) But most importantly, they hate the fact that you need to be extremely good with Teemo just to make him look decent. Sadly, there are few good Teemo players and that’s why people hate when players choose him. I can’t count the number of times when I picked Teemo and people told me things like we were going to lose or that I was going to feed, even if I ended up doing very well and we won. Granted, Teemo CAN’T carry his team, he will do well ONLY if you are very good with him, but also if the other lanes don’t feed. Many times have I owned the top lane and farmed very well, only to find out I was useless once we reached team fights because the game was not in our favour.

TL;DR Teemo is outdated and underpowered. He has been almost untouched for 1 year since his last nerfs in April 2011, and is in need of buffs or a rework (more and more considering he need one). Riot must really look at him.

Teemo is supposed to be a fearsome killer (if you look at his lore) but currently, he is not very threatening (global taunt anyone?). There is a reason why Riot gave away the number of times Teemo died: because he is so easy to kill! There is a reason why we almost never see him in competitive play: because a lot of champions do the job better than him, with equal skill and gear. I’m calling out to all Teemo players out there, especially those who main him like me. Let our voice be heard! Help this post reach Riot ears so that Teemo get the attention he deserves, so that soon (and I do NOT mean Riot’s “soon”), he can finally become the Yordle he is meant to be.

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The day they buff teemo im quiting, he is not UP you're just bad at him