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[Most Viable AD ranged Cham]

Ashe 1 1.85%
Caitlytn 1 1.85%
Corki 2 3.7%
Ezreal 9 16.67%
Graves 5 9.26%
Kog'maw 5 9.26%
Miss fortune 2 3.7%
Sivir 0 0%
Tristana (AD) 1 1.85%
Twisted Fate 0 0%
Urgot 2 3.7%
Vayne 26 48.15%
Voters 54 .

[Poll] Most viable AD ranged champion

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Hugs From Momma

Senior Member


Poor Twitch didn't even make the list.

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RealWolf M

Senior Member


A ranged AD is someone who builds AD.

Kog builds on-hit, teemo isn't on there, twitch isn't on there, most Tf's are onhit, never seen an AD tf. Urgot more of a caster than an auto attacker.

Basically your list is far too vague for what you are after.

Also Ezrael gives the best team potential, because he can't be shut down due to a longer range than Vayne. If Vayne manages not to be targeted though (With the current meta of assassins a vayne who lives is a bad team facing her)