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Rate my Tanky Soraka dominion build!

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So I've been playing quite a bit of Soraka lately and been doing pretty well with her bottom lane. Here's the build I go, any suggestions or comments on how to make it better?

I play her tanky so that she basically outlasts the enemy champion and continuous starfall whittles them down to kill them. (I run 22 defense, 8 utility)

I start with kindlegem and boots and 5 health pots (because I can, I know they don't give that much regen anymore)

Next I get another ruby crystal for more hp and work towards catalyst. Next comes glacial shroud for more cd reduction and armor. Last items I end with are usually Merc Treads, Frozen Heart, Kindlegem ( upgraded to something if I have time), Odin's Veil, sometimes giant belt - working towards Rylai's.

Any ideas how to make it better?

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Here's the good thing about it, you can tank but you will lose to almost everyone bot lane. Why? You have no damage, and your sustain isn't good enough since your only sustain is your heal which is on like a 15 sec CD and only for 300~. You need spellvamp. Get something like RoA, Rylais, WotA, Merc, Radadon's, Abysmal or Glacial shroud, it really depends on your enemy composition. Tbh most of your defense should be trying to slow the enemy so he can't reach you with the rylais. Good players will just poke you then force a heal on yourself then jump you and go for the kill the second the AR buff wears off. Soraka is very bad outside her tower in mid->late game, and loses to way too many agressive champs

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I think first reply is somewhat sketchy advice, but some things do hold true.

Rylai's is really essential for Soraka, as it allows her to survive aggression by an enemy laner or ganker. It also allows her to be much more aggressive when the enemy is behind.

Either way, I disagree completely with the need for spell vamp. You use the health relic for sustain, mostly; since you aren't leveling your heal (right?). You may want to get mastery spell vamp, though.

Anyway, I've found that botlane Soraka items depend a lot on the enemy laner. Rylai's is pretty essential against any champ trying to kill you, and in some lanes you don't need Mercuries and can go with CDR boots (in general, Mercury is a safe pick though). Abyssal Scepter is an awesome choice simply because it has great synergy with Starcall and adds to your tank. Getting max CDR as fast as possible helps a lot in my bottom lane game, especially for problematic champs like Yorick. As a rule though, a lot of my defense from botlane Soraka comes from Rylai's slow and active use of Infuse to deny aggressive moves from my opponents.

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Soraka is one of those champs that you need to be carefull with your build .

If you build too tanky , you won t do much damage and as such , you ll lose bottom .

I build her depending how i feel and how the team im against is building .

I always start with a catalyst . Great sustain and gives you mana to spam that Q of yours . Than i build boot depending on my needs . Heavy AD team , i go with tabi . Heavy AP i go with merc . If i feel like going glass canon , i build sorc . You can build ionian boots too if your not getting cdr from other items .

After the boots , i finish RoA . By that time , we re usually around 7 to 8 min into the game . Than i buy either a glacial shroud or a spirit visage depending if i need MR or armor . Than i go with a Rylai . From than , it s really up to you . Finish the shroud if u need armor or buy a rabadon if you are doing well and winning .

Some times , against a team full of AD . I like to buy ionian boots and thornmail . It cover my cdr needs AND defensive needs .

Against an AP heavy team . Buy merc thread and abysmal scepter .

It s all about finding a way to raise your damage while yet being tanky .

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I go 9/21/0 in masteries. With runes, masteries, spirit visage & frozen heart i am over 35% CDR. I honestly think the only item I always get with soraka and get early is the spirit visage. I nearly always get a frozen Heart but sometimes swap in a thornmail if there is excessive AD burst (ie 3 to 4 of enemies have sheen/triforce).

Nearly every game I build
Spirit Visage
Frozen Heart
Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads
Will of the Ancients

I also build these depending on enemy team comp
Rylais Scepter
Abysmal Scepter
Rabadons Death Cap

I dont go much on RoA on any champ in dominion. Takes to long to charge and i find other items much more important early game. The biggest problem champs to me are ranged AD. The ones that can harass from the edge of your starcall range.
Rylais Scepter

Also I use summoner spells heal & ghost walk. I have had a few games after popping all three heals under a tower leaving bewildered enemies asking "How the hell did you survive?"

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I find it interesting how people see Rylai's as core. I see how it is definitely useful but how come Odin's Veil doesn't get any mention? The offensive and defensive potential is really great against most teams that consist of even 2 ap champs.(otherwise don't get it) Having that instant nuke after absorbing damage has turned quite a few battles for me, especially since it is aoe and can help burst down several champs at once since their MR will have been lowered.

Also I find that getting Rylais early slows down the cdr, which I use as my primary source of damage.

Against primarily AD teams I do level the heal because of the additional armor it gives. It can either make me super tanky against them or greatly help out a teammate if I'm top at the moment.

How is Will of the Ancients that useful? You won't be getting too much from Starcall and Infuse doesn't do that much damage without a bit of AP, which tanky soraka doesn't have too much of.

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In my mind bottom lane Soraka is 100% about lobbing fat map-wide Wishes at the fight at Windmill. Yes, you can push a weak pick and take their tower, but against any reasonably good bottom lane pick Soraka is about freezing the lane at the tower and creating the virtual 5v4 from the map wide Wish.

To that end, Soraka needs AP and CDR badly. While I like a variety of tanky items on her, I feel like she doesn't become awesome until you get your Deathcap to super un-chunk people across the map, so I've really been looking for ways to get there as fast as possible.

Core items, to that end, are Rylai's, Ionian Boots, and Deathcap. Rylai's is really essential if you want to do anything other than camp your turret past 3 minutes. Rylai's lets you chase and lets you escape. Without it you will die to every gank and lose your tower.

Ionians because you really really really need CDR and you can't afford to buy a bunch of junk stats in the process. Most CDR items are ridiculously bad, so take it where you can get it.

I'll squeeze in a Kindlegem when I can, and possibly a resistance item if I need it to lane, but otherwise I don't want to delay Rylai's + Deathcap any longer than I have to.

After you have that you can go nuts; I end up grabbing an Abyssal Scepter or Odyn's Veil pretty often, and Will of the Ancients is a **** good item as well. Thornmail is outstanding if you hit the 10k gold mark.

But in all seriousness - Rylai's + Deathcap. If you're not rocking those, you're not healing your top team for anywhere near enough.

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Soraka the executioner

I play her top lane.
Kindle gem and boots to start
Rylais and dfg core
Get hextech sweeper for stealthers and jukers
Starcall, dfg active and then watch the executioner mastery ks like crazy

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I think we can all agree that AP is good, survivability is good, and CDR is good.

It turns out that boosting CDR is a lot more efficient than boosting AP. Though doing both together is ideal.

We know that 40% CDR = 67% more ability spamming. Discounting mana costs and burst effect, 40% CDR = 67% more spell effectiveness.
40% CDR times about 50g per point = 2000g.

For Starfall it takes 250 AP to get 67% more efficiency. (160 base dmg at rank 5 at .4 ratio means 250 AP would add +100 dmg)
For Blessing its 350 base * 2/3rds / 0.45 = 518 AP.
For Infuse its 250 * 2/3 / 0.75 = 222 AP
Wish its 419 AP.

That averages out to 350ish AP, which costs 7000 gold.

So maxing CDR is our best bet even for boosting Starfall which is one of the more efficient spells AP wise (go figure...).

Hence I would draw up this item list for Soroka:

AP items:
Rylais - health, AP
Rod of Ages - health, AP, mana
Evil Tome - AP, CDR, mana regen
Abyssal - AP, mpen, MR
haunting guise - Mpen, AP, health
Deathcap - pure AP
Deathfire Grasp - AP, CDR, MP5, nuke
lichbane - AP, mana, MR, movespeed, nuke. (inefficient though)
Will of ancients - AP, spellvamp
Hourglass - ARMOR, clickie, AP
Hextech SWEEPER - AP, health, CDR, antistealth

Non-AP items (want limited amount of these):

Shroud/heart - armor, CDR, mana.
sp visage - MR, CDR, health
Odins - health, mana, MR.
Soul Shroud - health, 10% CDR.

Therefore I would use this list to get her CDR to 40% including rune/masteries ASAP as first priority. Then ensure she has some Magic resist and a good chunk of armor, AND some bonus health.
Then focus on AP.

I would therefore want:

Abyssal for sure. MR, AP, Mpen covered.

Evil tome is extremely tempting but 20% CDR is not enough to get to 40% by itself and too much in conjunction with anything but 21-9-0...which really delays getting enough CDR.

DFG's 15% probably works a bit better with other CDR sources, but is expensive.

Sweeper is really good actually and 10% CDR works great with either evil tome or DFG.

So Ill say DFG and Sweeper are both in. Thats 25% CDR, plus 15% rune/mastery.

Rylais provides even more boostage. Rod of Ages allows a strong Catalyst start. Either is good.

Need an armor item. Zhonyas is the only real choice.


So, 9-0-21 plus 6% blues = 16% CDR starting. [recommended] or... 0-21-9 = 6 to 14% based on level.

KindleGem plus boots and a few pots to start.
-> Hextech sweeper
+ Fiendish Codex
+ Negatron
+ Giant's Belt
+ Chainmail
-> Sorc Shoes
-> DFG
-> Abyssal
-> Rylais Scepter
-> Zhonyas Hourglass

+800 health, +50 armor, +58 MR, 40% CDR, 350 AP.

An alternative might be to use Frozen Armor, Deathcap instead of Zhonyas Hourglass and DFG, and go 0-21-9. Lacks the DFG nuke, but adds lots more armor and a bit more AP.
But this approach lets you substitute Odins Abyssal if more survivability is needed, Thornmail for Hourglass as needed, etc.