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League of Legends combined with Realm of the mad god -> Best game of all time

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First, this comment is copied from http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=484283&page=4
It's originally by me. The idea is once again partly stolen, but improved by me.
Second you have to have played http://www.kongregate.com/games/Wild_Shadow/realm-of-the-mad-god to really know what I'm talking about. I tried my best to explain realm of the mad god, but it's kinda hard for me.
Third, it's a wall of text. Read the TL;DR



Guys, everybody has taught of this idea already. A LoL mmorpg.
But what about combining LoL with realm of the mad god?
There are only push a button and you heal/deal damage mmorpgs (yes I know, it's a bit more than that) because there would be lag issues. Big lag issues.
But with realm of the mad god, there's an 85 people limit in each realm. It's fairly simple.
Realm of the mad god itself is a rather unique idea. You pick a class, you play that class. You play, you improve (max level 20, so that's no problem with LoL's max lvl 18) you get items. You have one ability. Autoattacks are skillshots.
The reason why this would work well is, no lag issues with a working 100~ players max realm, you can quit whenever you want to. You can use the current LoL engine and client (play characters you unlocked, you can have skins etc)
I mean really, how awesome would it be to play LoL in a huge map with 100 players fighting against monsters, getting drops, leveling, having easy fun with friends. It's a drop in drop out system.
The thing is, when you die. You lose everything, you basically have to start over. But in LoL's case, you gain ip whenever you die. Equal to the fame system realm of the mad god uses.

It's not exactly an mmorpg, but it's close, LoL's champion are PERFECT for this. 'Rounds' are as long as you want. There would be no hostile environment/raging players except for those who just died.

A LoL-styled realm of the mad god mmorpg. Still based around teamplay, but against hard monsters.
-Randomly generated maps around 100x the current 5v5 map
-100 players per map
-PvE, co-op, play alone, play with a friend. Play with 10 friends or get the whole map together, and play 100 vs that pesky hard enemy.
-Current LoL system/client/engine
-Fast paced
*Realm of the mad god is hard. Yes, you can farm the beach all day, or go into a forest. But you will never get a good drop. You'll HAVE to take at least a small risk to gain profits. It's also the case that there are monsters that you simply cannot take down alone, no matter what. And even if you are in a group of 20 or 30, you can still die if you're not careful.

The single only problem I see is fps lag issues, you'll have to use some kind of chunk rendering system minecraft uses. But that's a programming issue, realm of the mad god doesn't render the whole map in its entirety at once either.

/Best idea of the year

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Wow.. .that is the bomb diggity

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Arechon Gend

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I think this needs further explanation.