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[Guide] All-around guide to Gangplank

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Hi all.

i'm bored, i'm sick, and i'm sad, and i have 3 hours to kill, so I decided to write a little guide to my favorite champion in the game, Gangplank.

My top elo is 1613, and I got there by playing Gangplank (i'm currently 1470 because he's literally one of the only heroes i'm good at and i'm not always able to get gangplank lol. look at: 20% win rate ashe/cait/morgana). i have 60ish games with gangplank, and i win consistently with any role I find myself playing with GP.

Anyways, this guide will be on Support, Jungle, AND solo lane Gangplank. i am very proficient at all three, but i will write little something somethings on each role.

the beauty of Gangplank is that he is so versatile. he can build anything and be strong. he can play any role and be strong. i have stomped games as AP gp. he is one of the best pubstomp champions purely due to how well he controls the map and lane, and cover for your teammates' mistakes. he farms extremely well, and if farmed enough, you can literally carry 1v5. in my mind, he is slightly OP. he has MANY strenghts but very FEW weaknesses, he can be shut down early but easily make his way back to relevance. VERY STRONG CHAMPION. so without further adieu, my gp guide.

there are only 3 sections to this guide so skip to whichever one you wanna know most about.

1. Solo lane Gangplank
-Armor pen reds - stronger Q harass
-Armor/flat mana regen seals - armor vs a tough bruiser lane, mana regen vs squishy mid caster to match their harass
-MR level/flat MR glyphs - per lvl for top lane, flat for mid lane against strong harassers
-Flat AD - solo lane GP focuses on lane dominance. masteries/marks give you enugh armr pen, these quints give your level 1/2 Q and extra punch to tip the scales in lane

-21/9/0 - standard. stronger harass, higher damage. focus on early game aggression
-9/21/0 - vs hard bruiser lane. more lane sustain.

Flash/Ignite - this is what i run most of the time. focuses 100% on lane aggression and getting kills.
other viable spells are
-ghost - stronger late game to let you stick to enemies.
-exhaust - same as ghost.
-cleanse - cleanse op now. even though you have orange if the enemy team is just fuking STACKED WITH CC, not a bad choice
-teleport - vs passive farm top lane and u want dragon/lane control

Spell order:
R first.
max parley, then raise morale. grab one level in W at level 2 or 4 (2 if they have strong early gankers like lee sin/shaco)

GP is very versatile, build according to enemy team.
STARTIN ITEMS...boots+3 (standard), cloth+5 pot vs heavy ad lane, situational meki (into chalice) or faire charm+pots (into pstone) if you wanna spam Q to farm/harass

-Standard tanky dps - mercs, philstone, dorans blade(or 2), triforce for standard tanky dps build, vs most lanes. from there go atmogs, or build straight tank items if u need immediate defense
-Atmogs - mercs, warmogs, atmas if team needs a mid game tank. build into triforce or tank.
-DPS - cd/zerk boots, triforce, infinity edge, last whisper. i rarely ever ever ever ever ever build this because i just think its a really ineffective build but it is good if you literally have like 4 tanks on ur team.
other notable items: wriggles for tough top lane, brutalizer vs armor stackers, frozen mallet if you aim to win the game by late mid game

Early game:
do whatever it takes to win your lane!! for most champions, spam that Q and free farm your lane, and ward so you dont get ganked. help lanes with your ult. if you have tank/AP jungler, be sure to ask for red buff. blue buff is nice too if your AP carry/jungler doesnt need. if youre against a ulti-sustain lane (yorick, ww) dont worry. build wriggles to match their sustain and farm war - you will win lane because of your Q and how hard you will outscale them late game.
always save your W, it is a lifesaver in ganks.

COUNTERPICKING IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! gangplank's heavy harass lets him shut downa LOT of heroes who are reliant on farm/snowball.
the KEY champs you WANT to counterpick to:
-kassadin - he will not get a single cs, nuff said. your Q hurts him more than his hurts you. you have more sustain, dps, defense, and burst. he is easy pickings. be happy if he gets blue buff, it will be yours soon enough.
-nasus - dont let this fuker get any farm. if he stacks armor, you dont give a fuk. you get wriggles or brutalizer and you dps him the fuk down. Q him every time he cs's, if he withers, W, and keep dpsing him.
-singed - he is all melee. kite him hard, and punsih him for csing. i hate this hero with every fiber in my body, but if you slip even once early on consider you, along with both your lane's towers, gone. singed is unstoppable once he gets even like one kill early.
-in general, AP casters - you are fast, so try to avoid their skillshots. on their cooldowns, Q and dps them.
-in general, bruisers - make use of your range advantage. you also have higher damage than 99% of bruisers in early levels so use this to establish advantage.

keep split pushing and farming. ulting when scrimmages occur. try to be closer to your team when dragon comes up, or group up to take outer turrets.

Late game:
stick with your team. you are your team's tank and carry in one. keep baron warded. never be spotted bot lane. keep top/mid pushed whenever you can.
in team fights, you are running STRAIGHT for their ad carry, or AP. keep chasing until you kill them, unless it's ezreal or something and he double flashes across 2 walls, in which case switch to another squishy until he reappears.

2. Support Gangplank
Why Support GP?
HE HAS SO MUCH FCKING UTILITY. most of his abilities dont scale with items meaning he is a strong support (his ultimate still does a ton of damage, E still powerful steroid, W still built in cleanse). as for his Q? parley is what makes him one of the most aggressive and strongest supports in the game.

Ever since RS tried this out, i fell in love with support Gangplank. he is my favorite support and he is my only support. I destroy with support GP but i cannot janna/soraka/sona to save my life.

-Armor pen reds - stronger harass
-Armor seals - stronger vs bot lane AD
-MR level/mana regen/AD glyphs - mr are standard, mana regen maybe if enemy support is a tank, AD if there is nothing else and u just want more damage
-AD/gold quints - 99% i go AD for stronger poke, but gold quints are good on any support (although support gp gets way more income than any other support)

-21/0/9 - stronger poke, improved flash/cv and masteries
-9/21/0 - aggressive bot lane with tons of 2v2 fights
-0/21/9 - if you just wanna tank for your AD better

Flash/CV - what i use. flash still very powerful, all aroud strong spell. CV is also still very strong, jungle control is insanely important since your lane will naturally push most of the time.
-Heal - also good if you need sustain. I never use it though.
-Exhaust - very good as an extra cc and becoming more viable with flash/cv nerf
-Ignite - if you wanna be aggressive as F*CK. very risky though, and situational.
-Promote - if you have a caitlyn or somthing and wanna take down enemy tower by 15 min

Spell order:
W at 2 or 4 (2 if enemy has early ganker like shaco/lee)

-start: faerie+2pot+3ward (standard), or boots+pot+ward if youre running mana regen runes and enemy has weak early ganker like ww or shyvana
-core: philostone, hog, boots, wardz
from there?
-merc/cd boots - GP is not as cooldown dependant as many other supports, so he can afford to build more tanky
-oracles - very good pre-baron set up.
-pink wards - very good pre dragon set up.
-shrelias reverie - best support item np. i usually get this first.
-starks fervor - i find myself gettign this item a LOT. emblem of valour regen is very powerful in lane for your AD, and it benefits you, your AD, and your bruiser.
-aegis - very strong if you find that u need to be off tank for your team.
-sheen - if you need damage
-trinity force - if youre fed as FCK lol
-dorans blade - very situational laning item. vs a weak lane and literally all you need is a little more damage/tankiness to dominate even harder

Early game:
go bot with an AD carry, let him farm. establish lane control by constantly harassing. try to hug the bush (but be careful if your against a vayne), and focus their AD. that is who you are trying to deny cs, but you can target their support as well if your trying to weaken them and set up a kill. Be sure to use Raise Morale when someone engages as the bonus really helps your AD burst and kite, and as always, look around the map when you are 6.
As for warding, I will usually ward a little above the area between the tribrush and brush at the entrance to river. depending on the enemy ganker, I will adjust my warding. like vs rammus i will ward tribrush, or fiddle, i'll ward bottom/top brush.
since GP has no sustain, he makes up for it with aggression and lane dominance. thus, you need a suitable AD carry to go with it. he goes well with kogmaw, cait, or ezreal, for the poke strat, or tristana or vayne for the poke-till-youre-low-then-burst-you-to-hell strat. just don't lane with ashe. she is very weak and NEEDS sustain. if you absolutely HAVE to lane with ashe, u need heal.
for items, i will try to prioritize my pstone. But i'll try to get my boots soon as well, as it helps my poking.

sometimes, at this point i'll just roam a little bit. to gank lanes and warding while my AD is still bot. key ward spots to look for at this point are entrance to enemy wraiths, brushes at dragon, top brush leading to baron. this will give you most vision of enemy roaming as well as their jungler. midgame is where the game is most easily thrown as this is where many teams will start sticking togeher but some people think its still laning phase and walk around alone. prevent this with wards!
be sure to farm whenever you can! you are a support, but you are still gp. with farm you are deadly. if your mid went top to gank and enemy minions are pushing, feel free to steal some cs. What I do is i will ONLY last hit with Q. this means i'll get sufficient farm but still not push the lane too much and still leave some creeps for my mid.

Late game:
mid game you should have established your role. GP is onyl a full support early game, but late game, he will transition into a dps or an off tank. you want to constantly poke the enemy on the front lines, however in team fights, you are not farmed enough to just rush their squishies, so focus their bruisers if possible. if a squishy is out of position, by all means engage with your team on your back, but otherwise, focus on protecting your carry.
Keep Baron warded 100% time. if your team is getting ready for baron, dont hesitate to pick up a pink ward or two. Oracles is good too if you have the gold to spare, as u are rather tanky. and do NOT get caught in the process of warding, and use CV to prevent facechecking when warding.

3. Jungle Gangplank
I'm gonna keep this section a little shorter, since there is a lot of overlap with Solo lane GP, and also this is my weakest role with him. i'm stil a good jungle gp though.

-Armor pen marks - faster jungling
-Armor seals - resilient in jungle
-MR/lvl glyphs - scale well into late game as a tanky dps
-Attack speed quitns - faster jungling

-21/9/0 - ever so slightly faster jungling and better ganks. significantly squishier.
-9/21/0 - safer jungling, very durable early on, less prone to counterjungling

Smite/Flash - this is what i run. Smite is mandatory. I run flash just becuase I'm used to it, can easily be substituted. i like it because GP doesn't have a gap closer, and flashing to land that initial slow can make or break a gank.
-Ghost - preference, this or flash.
-Exhaust - preference

Skill order:
E>Q>E>W, then max out Q,E,, then W, and ult whenever you can.
you can prioritize E over Q if you want faster jungling. I enjoy maxed out Q for more burst in ganks and more gold income.

cloth+5 pot>boots>wriggles
from there?
-need midgame tank? atmogs. then get triforce for damage or tank items for defense
-need damage? triforce. then atmogs for late game comp, otherwise straight tank
-i dont like getting HoG unless i know im getting randuins. HoG is good for bad farmers or heroes weak early on. GP is neither and you need to capialize on his strengths and maximize his midgame. buyig hog delays trifoce/warmogs by 800g.

Early game:
big wolf>blue>wolves>wraiths>red>minis
GP is like nunu 2.0. gank a lot. it's cheap, it's easy, and even if they ward, you can just walk into their lane, parley them and walk out. takes no time or mana and helps your lanes more than you think. counterjungle whenever you can. If you see enemy jungler at top, try to steal as much of their bottom jungle as you can (by that I mean, only take the "big" monster of every camp as they give the most gold/exp and wont reset spawn time). keep track of enemy respawn times too. enemy blue usually respawns ~7 min, so at that point ward it so you can contest their AP carry for it. pick up a ward every time you b as well - you roam a lot, so wards are efficient on you. saves your support cv spots too.
GANK WHENEVER YOU CAN!! if a lane is winning? still gank it. if a lane is losing? gank it! camp every lane. your team will love you, the enemy will hate you.

keep clearing jungle camps, push/cover lanes when possible, get dragon control. give blues to your AP, keep red to yourself unless your AD is ridiculously fed.
keep ganking lanes, ward key areas.

Late game:
refer to section 1's "late game"
basically, you are farmed as hell (if you arent farmed as gp you are doing it wrong!) and you will bumrush their squisheis every fight. you dont give a sht about anyone else. i dont care if chogath looks scary, ignore his tickly little spikes and gut their ashe. keep in mind your W does NOT give you cc reduction after use, so you need to time it right. if they are chain ccing you, wait for them to stack a couple on you first, then W.

THAT is it for my Gangplank guide!! hope this helped. Gaining elo is 99% abusing strong heroes and grinding elo with them until their inevitable nerfs. I think gp is still a little OP, at least in solo queue.

Thank u for reading and best of luck!!!

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Senior Member


Thanks man. Great info and now I wanna try GP again!

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Boomstick II

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As jungle gangplank I start with a vamp scepter and then I build wriggles, CDR boots, zeal, infinity edge, trinity (from zeal), atma's, then warmogs.

For runes I run 6x ArPen, 3x AS reds. 9x armor yellows. 9x mr/lvl blues. 3x AD quints (AS might work better, idk).

Masteries I run 21/0/9.

Just another option I'd like to share .

I don't like starting with cloth pot and 5x hp pots since it slows down wriggles :/