Lets brainstorm more stuff for dom (quests buffs ect)

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Nothing Huge (OK maybe a little huge), but something to shake dom up a little (or a lot)perhaps.

Quests and Rewards-

Capture Tower - Goal is the same
Reward - Needs to be more about the towers in my opinion. Perhaps the captured quest tower takes 10-15% longer to neutralize, and makes all other towers you own take 5-7% longer to neutralize for 2.5 minutes, or until the quest tower is neutralized.

Kill the VIP - The game looks for a person on both teams to kill, based on some kind of performance evaluation. As to how this would be chosen, I have some ideas.

1) Whoever has the largest kill streak on each team at that moment. If there is a tie it picks randomly
2) Whoever has the highest score (though this would need a score rework)
3) Whoever has the least deaths, but with some minimum score req (So the AFK kid don't get the VIP marker) Personally I like this one a lot. Means they know how to survive.
4) randomly. I dislike this somewhat because if it picks someone who dies a lot it kinda screws the team.

Now, some may think "well this person would just hide in spawn pool!" and they might, but hey 5v4 in your favor ain't that bad now then is it? If they do something stupid like that, it is there choice.

Reward - 10% damage bonus for however long the current 10% bonus lasts.

Capture the Storm Shield!- Self explanatory.
Reward - If you capture it, your teammates gain a shield for some odd amount. The shield grants no bonuses other than blocking incoming damage, does not recharge, and lasts a maximum of 5 minutes. The Shield owner does NOT gain any additional buffs.

To me, that would add a lot of spice to the game.

Tower Buff-
Simple concept, Towers, when owned, should give buffs to the owner, giving more reason to capture a specific tower.

Possible buffs?

Windmill - 5% move speed buff.
Refinery and Drill - 5% damage reduction
Quarry and Boneyard - 5% CC reduction

Storm Shield
I really feel this should be a more important objective. I know riot doesn't want a Baron Nashor deal but really, it should be somthing more interesting than "Assassin grabs and insta-gibs someone"

I think perhaps it should be more related to the overall objective of dominion rather than killing.

Keep the shield portion. Remove the nuke portion. Ass a new buff more related to towers.
Perhaps it should provide a passive buff to friendly towers you are near, and a debuff to others when near?
10% damage bonus to nearby friendly towers, 10% damage reduction to nearby enemy towers?