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Looking for more for serious, competitive team

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Hey, just to start off, my friend and I are not looking for a team that ****s off and only plays on weekends. We're looking for a team that wants to be serious and participate in tournaments, and a team that is willing to practice at least 4 days a week and puts in the effort to get better as individuals and team players.

We both have experience with not only go4lol but other small tournaments as well. We are on every day for long hours, trying to better ourselves as players, and we're hoping that our future team members would share the same commitment.

My friend mains support, which she does very well. Right now she is 1400 in solo que but is working to improve her rating. I would definitely say that her support skills are gold level though.

My top elo is 1714 and my current elo is 1650ish (servers down, can't look for exact number). I am wanting to play ad carry at the moment due to the fact I can duo with my friend to work on our synergy in lane. I can play ap mid, bruiser top, and jungle (in that order of comfort level).

Please respond by either putting info (not some clan b.s.) on here or adding me in game on either chillcrunk10 or skeezyb.

Also, please only respond if everyone on your team is 1500+, we don't want to be on a team with a bunch of bronzes, sorry We want our team members to be as good as us, we don't want to carry anyone.

Just for future people reading who are interested, I have received a large amount of interest from this post so far. With that being said, I would like to add some requirements to possibly make my life a little easier when dealing with mass invites.

The requirements are:
-You have to be level 30 (believe it or not when I said 1500+, I figured that covered that part)
-You have to have been at least 1500+ in either s1 or s2.
-Must be able to play 4-5 days a week for practice, possibly more depending on team input when things are finally set in stone.
-Must be able to play without the team on. This goes into the understanding how to better yourself as a player part of the game. If you cannot solo que and learn from your mistakes as an individual, then being on a team trying to go somewhere is not going to work out.
-Skype and a working mic is must. You must have both of these as well as the ability to communicate with people. You cannot be a mute on Skype and expect people to read your mind in game.
-Age of at least 18. Sorry, I don't want people having to get off because of bed time, or any other kind of things that come with people being under that age.
-Understanding of how teams work. On a team, you are given a specific role based on what lane you're in or jungle. I don't care if you play Taric, Kogmaw, or Brand like a boss if you're trying out for the top lane role. I want you to be able to play and practice champions ONLY for that role, unless ******s on solo que won't let you play it. And by champions, I mean champions that are currently viable in this meta, and champions that are considered very good in tournament play. This means you cannot play Master Yi if you're trying out for the role of jungler, sorry.
-Must be able to travel if the opportunity arises.

These are the general requirements that I see fit at the moment. Please do not hesitate to reply to this by adding me in game or commenting on here with any questions.

Thank you for your time,