Rune Wars -Forgotten Story-

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Intro: Uh...Hello everybody. This is my first time attempting to write a story here. I hope everyone who reads this story finds it interesting, and I hope readers may give me feedbacks that may help me improve my writing.

Rune Wars -Forgotten Story-


Nam stood on the city walls of Amatsu, his gaze on the far,never-ending horizon. The gentle breeze, a manifestation of Spring, blew around him, gently kissing his face and neck,swaying his short dark hair. Nam sighed, a soft sound escaping his lips.

He had heard of Noxian armies raiding villages and towns in Ionia with little resistance, only occasionally hearing of large state armies being able to fend off the invaders. Even more recently, reports and told that Noxus had brought in mercenaries from Zaun to combat Ionian resistance, crushing them with relative ease.

Ionia was a peaceful country, and although martial arts were practiced by many experts, there were far too few of them to pose a dangerous threat to Noxian battalions. Even the Kinkou Order was having a hard time keeping the Noxians at bay, as they were scattered and somewhat few in number. Seeing bloodied, lifeless bodies of members of the Order made Nam wonder if they could actually maintain balance in Runeterra.

Nam inhaled, filling his lungs with refreshing air, but he mind was troubled, and the air did little to help him keep calm. In fact, it was getting him more and more anxious. He could almost hear the screams of the dying, and smell the burnt air of ruined villages.

Will the destruction spread here one day? Nam mused. Will we all die fighting? His eyes fixed intently to his front, as if looking for a sign. He began to drown in his thoughts, sorrow and anger filling his heart. He could do nothing to help his country, while his brethren sacrificed themselves in vain against the onslaught of the marauders. I need to have power...Nam thought, his hand tightening its grip on the large sword that stood beside him. I need save my country...


A familiar voice pulled Nam back to reality. He turned to see a girl his age-about 18-running towards him, her long hair, tied in a ponytail, flowing behind her. she stopped in front of Nam and crouched down, gasping for air.

"Kaze, what's the matter?" Nam inquired. The beads running down Kaze's face, her messed hair and exhausted breath signalled that the news she brought wasn't going to be a cheerful one.

"They'" Kaze panted between short breaths, swallowing before continuing her sentence. "The Noxians...they're here."

"...!" Nam's heart skipped a beat as he comprehended what Kaze had said. He gripped his sword even more tightly, his knuckles white. His weapon trembled along with his whole body. Terror gripped his heart, and he found the atmosphere almost suffocating.

Regaining his composure in a few heartbeats, he told Kaze, "Tell the Elder at once, and ask him to send for help. We don't have time. Hurry!"

Kaze nodded, and turned and ran off towards the direction of the Elder's house. Nam turned and again stared at the horizon.

Damn it, they're here already...?

Amatsu, a relatively large city in the south provinces of Ionia, has a superb defence system almost unparalleled in Ionia, rivalled only by a handful of cities to the north.
However, it probably wouldn't last for more than a few weeks if besieged by the Noxians,who obtained victory through sheer power and numbers. It may take some time to call for help from other cities, and even the fastest horse in the city would take days to carry a messenger to the nearest city.

Nam's mind raced. He could already see a black flag appearing on the horizon.

A black flag bearing the Noxian crest.

Cursing, he quickly climbed down the well-fortified city walls and raced towards the Elder's house. There is no time to lose.

Flinging open the door, Nam found the Elder -Lei- sitting in his chair. A middle-aged man, he was respected by the whole city, and held unquestioned authorization over many matters.

"Nam," Lei said solemnly. "There is an extremely dangerous threat coming." He inhaled and continued. "I need you to perform a dangerous task, and only you can do it. If you succeed, we'll live, and if you don't...everything in this vicinity will be reduced to ash. However, I trust that you will be able to handle it. Are you up for this mission?"

Nam began to feel dizzy, his throat going dry. The whole city was depending on him? The weight pressed on his shoulders, and everything became unusually heavy. Even standing was becoming a burden for him. His legs quaked, and would not stop shivering. Nam felt his strength seeping away from him. He could lose his life...If he failed, everyone would die...Kaze, his parents and even the Elder...

I can't let everyone down...I must have power...I must save them! Nam's desire to protect his companions began to shield him against the heavy pressure. Yes...I must protect them...I must!

His vision cleared, and he could feel the burden lift from his shoulders, his strength coming back to him in an instant.

Nam took a deep breath, calming his senses.

"Please let me take this mission."

Well, since it is going to be quite busy in these few days, it might be a hard time for me...but I'll try my best! I know it's short, but I hope I can improve in the near future.

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Pretty nice want more

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I just finished the first part of my very first story even though it took several months it was worth it! I sincerely hope that this story becomes a success as it was very good to read the first chapter! Perhaps we can do a dual-written story at some point in time.

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Chapter 1:Beginnings

Everything was dark. A total absence of light. Nothing stirred. No wind or air had filtered into this space, for a long, long time.

At the edge of a corner, two humanoid figures sat on the floor, side-by-side. They were unmoving. Not a speck of dust covered them. Then, as if sensing something, one of the figures raised its head, eyes glowing an eerie red, illuminating this dark space, if only just for a little. The contents in this space, a largely vacant room were revealed. There were around the two figures, save for two slabs of large stones, wordings carved carefully into them. The walls were silver, with an unbelievably smooth surface A door stood a few meters in front on the two beings. Then there was nothing more.

The figure then closed its eyes , shutting off the light, and resumed its long, undisturbed slumber.

Darkness once again consumed this space, as it had ever since the room was sealed.

* * * * *

"Please let me take this mission."

Those were words that Nam had spoken a few days earlier. Being the only person the
elder could count on, he was worried, but proud at the same time.

Now he wished he had never let that sentence slip from his mouth. He wished he had stayed quiet and let some other random person do this instead.

The elder had told him to help out a small village,Nishi , that was going to be raided by a small band of Noxian warriors. Everyone knew how Noxian did things. They leave nothing behind.

"You'll have no problem handling this," the elder had promised. "With your fighting skills and your sword, defending the village until more enforcements arrive."

That is, if he was fast enough.

Nam stood by his horse, looking dumbfounded. He opened his mouth, but no sound escaped his lips. For Nishi was gone. Reduced to nothing more than a burning, noiseless Hell.

The cackling of flames was the only sound that reached Nam's ears, save for the occasional thud of wood landing on earth. There were no cries of the wounded and dying, no pleas for help and mercy. The residents of Nishi...all but carcasses strewn across the destroyed village.

Some were skewered on pikes, entrails hanging out of their lifeless bodies. Others were dismembered, arms and legs thrown on the ground and trampled on. Women were left naked, lying on the streets, with the visible evidence of being sexually assualted. Even the children were not given a chance. A small boy was beheaded, his head stuck on a pike, blood flowing out of his eye sockets.

Nam resisted the urge to vomit as he trudged through the ruined village, leading his horse with him. His stomach churned as he visualised the horror before him.

Those Noxian *******s...those mother...

His mind stopped abruptly as something squeaked under his boots. Nam shifted his leg, trying to see what he had trodden on. It stared back.

It was a half on an eyeball.

Nam could take it no more. Removing his hand away from his mouth, everything he had eaten today came back out from his mouth, the stench stinging his eyes, which were already irritated by the flying ash. Tears filled his eyes, making his vision blurry. It seemed a long time to him before he could resume breathing, between coughing and spluttering. A thousand words came to his mind to describe the Noxians, but he couldn't let them out of his mouth

He stood up from his crouching position, legs unsteady, and wiped his eyes and mouth.
Panting, he held his horse's reign again, and continued to walk.

He survered his surroundings, all covered with bodies and burning wood. An endless sight of Hell.

Then, something caught Nam's eye. A flight of stairs leading underground among the remains of a house.

An underground basement...? This was something that Ionians did not use in their architecture. This is strange...Nam mused. Is there something downstairs...?

Commanding his horse to stay, he gripped his sword, and started towards the stairs.

They were long. In seemed to be never-ending as Nam descended down the stairs, his hands growing sweatier by the second. The pressure felt heavier and heavier on his shoulders.

At last, he reached a door. A door that seemed to be made of some kind of metal that he had never seen before. On the door there was some kind of languange inscribed on its surface. A languange not of Ionian origin.

It said "בְּרֵאשִׁית".

Beside the word, there was a handprint. Nam peered at it.

Should I put my hand on this...? What would happen? Nam hesitated, hearing nothing save the pulse of his heartbeat and his breath. Eventually his curiousilty got the better of him. He placed his hand on the handprint. It matched, and a soft pinging was heard, echoing in the empty space above and around Nam. The doors hissed, and slid open, revealing a dark space where no light was present. He thought he was staring into nothingness.

Taking a deep breath and grasping his sword, he stepped inside...and fell flat on his face.

"Damn..." Nam struggled to get up, and then light entered this space. "Wha..." Nam shielded his eyes from the near-blinding light, and looked up to see peculiar structures that seemed to produce this light. Looking down again, he found himself staring at two humanoid figures laying on the floor, the backs against the wall, heads slumped. They were wearing a kind of cloth, finer than those crafted by Ionians, also known for their excellent mastery of the making of clothes.

These...things...are they human? Nam pondered. They look like human, but something doesn't seem right...

One of those figures raised its head suddenly, and Nam stifled a scream. He didn't expect them to move.

This humanoid stood up in what seemed to be slow motion, and surveyed its surroundings. Looking closely, Nam found this figure to greatly resemble a male, and the other one, still slouched on the floor, a female.

A strange noise came from the humanoid, and to Nam it seemed like some unknown languange. Then it stopped.

The figure then spoke,in perfectly fluent Ionian. "Greetings."

"My Adam."

Okay....Please excuse me for my terrible writing...I really have a whole lot to improve. I still have to try harder...I'll make more time for this story if I get the chance...but I really am quite busy recently...

Well, thank you for reading this chapter!