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Your Ahri and the enemy Ahri charm each other...(mirror)

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


*sigh - facepalm - headshake*

I don't want to touch this one because I'll sound really elitist and mean. Plus, I'll probably feel icky and need to go wash myself afterward. I just really don't need to read about champs doing...whatever that was, humorous and/or comical or not.

Granted, you made a disclaimer that this isn't really yours, but, still, was it really necessary to post this?

"Renekton learns to tank", or whatnot, was hilarious, but this... I think this just goes way too far.

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Senior Member


Ahri erotica... Yum. Needs moar cowbell. I would still easily let her eat my soul in exchange for ten minutes with that bod and those nine tails of endless kinky possibilities, and I know im not the only one.

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Why so many downvotes?! I approve of this post! I could probably write some myself, but I'm too lazy. Maybe...