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"hi im shen" oic869

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11-09-2011, 04:44 PM
I have 3 abilities while all other champions have 4.
I eat energy like a fat sumo wrestler eats at a free buffet
oh hey shen im rammus. I do damage I have a viable shield I have a better taunt, im faster and im tankier. ok?
oh hey shen im maokai. My contributions to the team are much higher than yours and I can actually do something in a team fight. I have a better harass than you and overall I deal more damage.
yea buff shen bump this guys if you want to make shen viable again

Im leona and I suprisingly do more damage than you. /fact

What I think should maybe happen: Make shen a tanky assasin.

Ideas for buffs are appreciated
Originally Posted by Mylon
Some changes that need to happen:
Give Shen back his heal. Most importantly, make it much stronger at level 5 so it can be relevant in a fight without dominating the laning phase.
Shen needs the flat damage blocking on his shield. When he had this, it rewarded careful timing and was very valuable as a shield. This is an acceptable compromise to having no secondary effect on his shield.
Give Shen back his old ultimate. It's a long CD, it should be powerful. The shield on himself helped allow him to do his job. And it's too easy to kill his target before his ultimate completes.
Reduced energy costs. Shen can't do much in a teamfight. One rotation of spells and that's it.
Improve his passive. Attack damage is the name and his passive only punishes attack speed. This makes the number of procs few. In addition, it also does very little damage on a champion that already only has one other damaging ability. His passive helped make him relevant in an era where many champions have multiple AoE abilities. If Shen is going to be stuck to 2 damaging single target spells, at least allow them to deal significant damage.
Improve base stats. Shen's base health is fairly low. Though with the change to his shield he ought to be fine.

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