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Pre-Released Gameplay Changes

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Fluffy Doe

Junior Member


If you think " Oh this is great; new masteries, new summoner skills, new 'balance' in gameplay...finally I get from 1600-1700.... " then this post is not what you're looking for.

The truth is, everything you have experienced for the first time so far.... are prematured and heading towards major changes, yet again. Here are a few structures of the changes so far which are for those in-depth & competitive league players - to consider carefully:

A) Do you really believe that riot games is trying to make the game better- by letting 'every-single-champ have the capability to jungle due to the new changes to the masteries? Is it honestly fair to let the noobies who didn't spend any time trying to get better in this game take as much "control of the play in-game" as players who worked their ass off learning how to play a certain char in their specific role?

B) Speaking from a small personal expedience: I have never been great at video games tbh. Even though I have reached my goal of being 1600 after half a year (from the end of season 1 i started to take on 'climbing the ladder'), I had always rely on game-preping like I do going into any competitions ( in realife or the virutal world) to achieve success. So to me, i thought it was great that Riot games had put in special runes, masteries, and item varieations for players to figure out.

Yet now, alot of the parallelism which I see in the way the key aspects of the game revolved around has been such as the following:

( has been this way since season 1):.
- every sngle burst hero build deathcaps... with no variation of ways to get a substantial amount of ap what-so-ever.
- the change to sword of divine was, no offence, pratically useless.

& alot more. but perhaaps, the most deflating thing about all the hype surrounding the new changes is that:
You STILL have champions LIKE..LIKE... vayne, kog, and now starting with the ezreals ive seen today ->such champions, who would just outight rip the other ad range carries apart at bot lane ( some xageration here, but yesss... compare to solo top or mid, there are alot more gauranted -WIN- champion options to pick from at bot lane...and still, sona everywhere as support....* why da hell did they even make karma for?!?!?!?).

[GASP-] So now, all these can be summraized to prove just one single point about League of Legends:
the gameplay developers of riot games are simply making a bigger and bigger mess with each and every newer updates. they leave a bunch of garbages like rediculous bugs to build up its hype for the 'tuesday updates' every couple of weeks...Indeed, the only reason why ppl stick around this game... because they are constantly made-blief of the fact that 'productive sht are being done..... when really, this has been just an on-going trend of riot's poor gameplay management ever since pantheon penta-kill on youtube...Indeed, old friend, indeed.

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