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What happens next?

[NMR] Gather the forces in a central location to begin plotting. 3 9.38%
[NMR] Begin the search for our leader, Morello! We need him! 7 21.88%
[NMR] The AfA and IsC are battling. Attack them both while they are weak! 11 34.38%
[IsC] Fall back to Parrotopia. It is easier to defend there. 16 50%
[IsC] We will fight to our last man. The AfA falls here! 8 25%
[IsC] Counter-attack the AfA. Send the fleet to the Black Keep! 7 21.88%
[The Knights Who Drink Tea] Send tea-filled troops to help the Brotherhood. 7 21.88%
[The Knights Who Drink Tea] Send tea-filled troops to help the IsC. 14 43.75%
[AfA] Withdraw the army from the Brotherhood lands. Send them to Parrotopia! 4 12.5%
[AfA] Call the troops back from the Brotherhood lands. We need their help against the IsC! 6 18.75%
[AfA] Send the troops left in the Black Keep to attack both Parrotopia and the bears! 8 25%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 32 .

[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 8 - The Journey to Mt. McHuge Large

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@ANY RIOT REDS THAT READ THIS!!!! Please post something! It doesn't matter what you say. It can literally be one word like, "HI!" Simply by posting in the thread and putting this into the Devtracker, you give us tons of extra views and votes! So please, do us a favor and just poke your head in! You guys will be the one exception to the OOC rules I stated below!

Greetings Riot Warriors! Here is the much anticipated 8th chapter in this series! (I like to think that it is much anticipated, it's good for my ego) If you read this post, please vote in the poll above even if you aren't a player! The more people that vote, the more unpredictable the outcome.

A couple of important announcements before you begin:

I will be creating an OOC thread as soon as I finish this post/poll. This will become the designated spot for ALL out-of-character discussions. Any OOC posts in the chapter threads from now on will be frowned upon! If you post them, I will ask you to remove them. Hopefully it doesn't have to go beyond that! OOC tags to story-based posts are OK as long as they are contained within the same post and they are for the purpose of explaining the post itself or to tell another player how or when they may respond. This should drastically cut down on the clutter in the chapter threads, and will allow people who are just interested in the story to read it without sifting through pages of OOC nonsense!


Here's the link to the OOC thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1588857


Another thing! I'd like to remind everyone to please begin EVERY story post with your character's name, faction, and location (if it has changed since your last post) in bold and underlined. This streamlines the reading process for people who are interested in one specific storyline. It also allows people to quickly pick up on who is involved with the post before they begin.

That's all! I'll have the OOC thread and the poll up shortly. Enjoy!

The Riot War – Chapter 8 – The Journey to Mt. McHuge Large

The flickering of the hearth made shadows dance upon the cold, iron walls of the bedroom that once belonged to Morello. Eclipse Apostle dropped his face into his palm and blew a deep sigh, attempting to steady his racing heart. Veins bulging on his beet-red forehead, the warden of the Black Keep paced back and forth at the foot of the great, fluffy bed where the Troll Wizard, Zileas laid, curled up snugly beneath a pile of bear-fur blankets.

“For the hundredth time, my lord, there is no such place as Mt. McHuge Large!” Eclipse snapped as he kneaded his face in frustration.

“No… no, you don’t understand,” Zileas replied, lifting his head from his drool-soaked pillow. “It exists. I’ve seen it. It—it’s beautiful. And the Fruit Loops… so mystical. The IsC won’t stand a chance.”

The warden rolled his eyes at his master’s gibberish then turned and left the room, closing the heavy, iron-bound door behind him.

“Sleep well, my lord,” he muttered as the door banged shut.

Eclipse stood outside of the room for a few moments breathing deeply, trying to ease his nerves. Apparently the weaponized narcotics that the IsC had managed to slip into Zileas’ meals were coated for a slow, timed release. That is to say, Zileas had recently become much more incoherent than before. Eclipse looked up and pleaded with whatever deity may have been watching at the time. Hopefully the effects of the drugs would wear off soon. It was more than a little stressful to command a murderous legion of bloodthirsty minions on a campaign of wanton destruction AND tend to a ridiculously obnoxious, slobbering old troll that had recently lost control of his bodily functions. Eclipse shuddered as that last part crossed his mind. He drew in one last deep breath and held it for a moment before releasing it slowly, then, sufficiently calmed, he began to make his way through the halls of the Black Keep toward his own quarters. One, relaxing, full night’s sleep, he decided, was exactly what he needed. The minion army he had dispatched wouldn’t be arriving at Parrotopia for at least another twenty-four hours. That left him with plenty of time to rest and recuperate.

But that notion was dashed in an instant as one of his minion lieutenants came rushing up to him from around a corner, shouting frantically.

“Warden! Warden! Warden!” the minion shrieked. “Oh, thank Nerf I found you!”

Eclipse’s blood-pressure returned to its previous unhealthy level. He closed his eyes and groaned.

“What?” he grunted as the minion skidded to a halt before him.

“Sir, forward scouts from the war-party just reported in,” the minion replied, twice as fast as was necessary.

“And?” Eclipse asked, his tone disinterested.

“They were spotted,” the minion said. “Some sort of small reconnaissance aircraft flew over, engaged a trio of our drakes, then flew off. It seemed to be headed in the direction of the last known location of the IsC’s fleet.”

Eclipse’s eyes widened at the news. A thousand thoughts – scenarios, mostly negative – flashed through his mind. He had hoped that the minion army would be able to reach the walls of Parrotopia unnoticed, affording his warriors as much time as possible to take the city before the fleet arrived. Surely, if this aircraft had indeed spotted his army, the fleet would be moving to intercept immediately.

“Send word to the war-party. Tell them to prepare the summoning circle should my presence be required,” Eclipse ordered as he began sprinting toward the war-room. “Tell them further orders will be on the way shortly.”

With that, the minion lieutenant rushed off to carry out the warden’s commands. Reaching the war-room, Eclipse swept his arm across the table, knocking the things stacked there to the floor. With haste, he produced a large map of the Realm and slammed it down upon the table, jamming a dagger into the center of it to hold it still. He began pouring over the map, looking for any strategic positions that may be near the location of his army – easily defensible forests, mountain passes, abandoned fortresses, rock formations, cliffs, rivers, anything!

Adrenaline surging through his weary form, Eclipse began formulating a plan. He would not allow the IsC to catch his army off guard. As his eyes darted from left to right and back again, he hoped beyond hope that his new-found ninja commander could draw some of the Brotherhood’s forces away from the battle.

“What is this?” Eclipse muttered under his breath as his finger drifted over a small mountain range that resided to the south of his army’s current location. There was a miniscule line of text across them, too small to read. Curious, Eclipse pulled out a magnifying glass to take a closer look. “By the gods… Mt. McHuge Large. Zileas was right…”


Palpable silence hung heavily over the executive meeting room of the Albion as a small group gathered there at the Grand Marshall’s behest. Sitting around the large table at the center of the room was the Grand Marshall of the IsC, Valkyrie Lead, the Ambearsador of the Brotherhood, Soupcup, the Ambearsador’s bromantic love-interest and dashing gentleman of the Knights Who Drink Tea, Sleiphner, the werewolf called Night and her companion, Chorr, a shifty-eyed, silver-haired assassin named Phalonax, and the ever-handsome, rogue scribe himself, Sagarys. Once everyone had arrived and taken their seats, Sagarys stood.

“I am sure you are all wondering why the Grand Marshall has summoned you here,” the scribe began. “Many of you are also most likely wondering who exactly I am and why I’m addressing you instead of the Grand Marshall.”

More than one of the people sitting around the table nodded their heads. As he had done in his earlier meeting with the leaders of the IsC, Sagarys reached into the folds of his cloak and produced the black and gold metal insignia of the NMR which he then casually tossed onto the table. Phalonax and Night exchanged curious glances and Sleiphner looked to the Ambearsador. Noting that his “bro” did not appear to be worried, Sleiphner turned his attention back to the scribe.

“As you may or may not know, I was once the voice of the NMR,” Sagarys said, looking to each of the IsC members, judging their responses. “When this war began, it was I who heralded the coming of the dark lord. But I have since sought the sanctuary of the IsC. Pardoned by your parrot king, I have spent my days recounting the tales of this war.”

Sagarys paused – dramatically, of course.

“But recent events have caused me to rethink my place in this war,” he continued after a moment. “Morello’s defeat at Nikapolis and the subsequent betrayal by his master, Zileas, have sent the dark lord into hiding. But I assure you, he is not vanquished, nor is he waiting idly, hoping to one day retake his throne by chance.”

Several eyebrows raised in curiosity at that last remark.

“I know where Morello is, and as I have told your leaders here,” Sagarys went on, sweeping his arm toward the Grand Marshall and the Ambearsador, “I know what he is after. I will spare you the details for now. You need only know this – if the dark lord is allowed to obtain the power he is currently seeking, the Realm as we know it will cease to exist. I requested the best that the Grand Marshall has to offer, that they may journey with me to find Morello, to stop him… to kill him. And the Grand Marshall has provided me with you.”

Sagarys let those words sink in before he continued.

“We leave within the hour. Gather your things. We will be traveling by foot much of the way. Stealth will be a necessity. If Morello knows we’re coming, we may as well just kill ourselves and spare him the trouble. I’ll be waiting in the docking bay. You all can meet me there once you are prepared,” the scribe said.

Sagarys turned to leave the meeting room, but then a thought came to him and caused him to turn back to the table.

“One last thing,” the scribe said, his tone suddenly very grave. “There is no guarantee that any of you will return from this mission alive. Make your peace before we depart.”

With that, Sagarys turned and exited the meeting room, leaving the IsC warriors to discuss the situation amongst themselves.

EDIT: I feel like I have to explain something so that my creativity doesn't come into question. Mt. McHuge Large and the mystic Fruit Loops were the things that Zileas entered into the poll when he trolled it in Chapter 7. You can go back and see for yourself. It's the option with 10 billion votes!

EDIT 2: I'd like to let everyone know that this RP is open to new players. So, if you read this and you think you'd like to join in, head on over to the OOC discussion and talk it out with the current players. They can help you find a spot! Currently, the Anti-Fun Agenda (Zileas) and the NMR (Morello) have the fewest RP'ers. I'm sure they would welcome a helping hand were one to be extended!

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This spot has been reserved by:


For the seige to continue. Actually, heck to that, I'm going to post right now.

The Lone Chartreuser
Honorary AfA Assassin

Haeos had waited a long time for Tharus to show himself. "Come on, you bear! Are you too cowardly to make with my deal? Or are those old battle wounds acting up again?"

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Valkyrie Lead, Grand Marshal of the Iron Solari

The Grand Marshal frowned looking at the now ruined door that Sagarys trotted through. Sleiphner had acted as though nothing had happened as the Ambearsador picked himself up off the floor, the dynamic entry he had received to the face obviously a very sobering experience. He looked somewhat more alert now and hopefully capable of coherent speech and thought. The Grand Marshal shook his head. Sleiphner had set out tea for himself. With Sagarys' speech done the Grand Marshal leaned forward on the table, lacing his fingers together.

"You 5 have been chosen to go on the mission." The Grand Marshal said, frowning. "Like he said, the chances of your coming back is fairly slim. If you want to back out, now is the time to do so." Silence followed in the wake of his offer.

"If so, does anyone have any questions or requests?"

Cecilia Glasgow, Frame Pilot of the Iron Solari

"Albion Tower, this is Cecilia Glasgow of the ISC Avalon, callsign Talon-1, requesting landing permission, over." Cecilia broadcasted. She was still struggling to keep the Frame airborne. It had taken damage to one of the wings and had been struggling to stay aloft the entire time.

"Talon-1, approach the rear deck and set her down, over." The tower said. Cecilia acknowledged and brought the Frame around slowing to a hover above the deck. She lowered it to the deck, touching down gently. Troops approached cautiously, weapons raised. She threw the hatch open, pulling herself out of the compartment. She fell to the deck, falling to her knees. She pulled herself to her feet wearily. The fight to maintain control over the damage frame had been exhausting. Her knees were weak and her arms felt like jelly. She struggled to her feet, bracing herself against the leg of the frame.

"Identify yourself!" The sergeant of the guardsman who had rolled out the welcome demanded.
"Sergeant Major Cecilia Glasgow, of the Avalon." She said weakly.

"Ma'am!" The sergeant said, snapping to attention. He saluted, realizing he was addressing a superior officer.

"At ease..." She said returning the salute. "I need to see the commanding officer, right away."

"He's busy at the moment, ma'am." The officer, his eyes nervously tracking back and forth between her and the machine.

"I have news that is going to change the course of the war." She said firmly, pushing her glasses up her nose. "I MUST speak with the Grand Marshal immediately." She looked at the officer menacingly, her face dead serious. The officer turned ghostly white at the sight of her.

"R-r-right away ma'am!" He said nervously. "This way!" She followed behind him, the huge force of minions headed for the capitol fresh in her mind. Whatever the Grand Marshal was doing, it was in no way more import than the fate of Parrotopia.

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Reserved for Wall of Text

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Flamell formerly IsC

"Hold off the rest of them Flamell! I'll take down the big one! Just give me a few moments."

Flamell called upon his flames they were as eager as ever, especially now in the void, they wanted to consume, and consume they would. The smaller creatures stopped their advance when the flames appeared, and even began to show signs of fear. The Larger one roared out and the small ones looked up to it in fear. The creature roared again and the smaller creatures charged, though only half willingly.

This is good Flamell thought to himself commanding his fire to fly at the creatures. They seemed to recognize the fire and feared it, only the large one was keeping them in line. "A few moments you say I think I can do better then that." Flamell said smiling "Go I will cover you."

The black flame crashed into the group of creatures and split them into two groups. The flames began to extend upwards and created a tunnel giving Baneson a clear path to the one that seemed in control.

The creatures slightly stunned from the sudden attack quickly gathered themselves and resumed their charge. "Greavis take care of the ones still charging while I back up Baneson." Flamell yelled.

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[Location: Nikasaur Manifest – Mokoto no Sora, Ashelynn Strider]

Mokoto awoke as the morning light greeted his still shut eyes. He had fallen asleep whilst meditating and sat still all through the night. Mokoto caught a peculiar scent. The fire was reignited and something was being cooked over the flames. He opened his eyes, now looking over the campfire and there sat Ashelynn. She was already up and early at the break of dawn. Archimedes screeched as he flew back from the forest’s depths, with a small rabbit in his talons. Ashelynn took the rodent and slapped it onto the stone slab in from of her. She withdrew a knife and gutted the hare with a swift slice. One of the earlier catches was already roasting on the fire. Mokoto was quite surprised that she was able to assemble this without waking him. I’m letting my guard down a bit too much, he thought. Ashelynn ripped the hide off the rabbit as she looked up and smiled.

“Good morning, ninja,” she cheerfully said. “I’ve already made some breakfast for you.” She lifted the skewered hare off the fire, offering it to Mokoto. He stared at it for a second, but politely shook his head.

“We don’t have time to make merry and camp here,” Mokoto said coolly. He stood, stretching his limbs as he raised his palm over the fire and clenched it. Ashelynn was mildly disappointed as the flames instantly extinguished themselves.

“It’s not exactly ‘making merry’,” Ashelynn said, “It’s just breakfast.”

“We don’t have time for that,” Mokoto said. “We’re already a few days behind and if you intend to accompany me, you’ll need to keep up with my pace. Otherwise, I’ll have to leave you behind.” His emerald eyes met hers. Ashelynn’s sapphire stare possessed intense determination and focus. Mokoto was somewhat startled by the sudden fire in her eyes, but was also impressed.

“Fine,” she said, “no rabbit for you.”

She gave a sharp whistle and Archimedes hopped upon her shoulder. She picked up the raw hare and held it up to the falcon, nipping at it graciously. Mokoto already began scaling the hillside overlooking the Manifest. Ashelynn followed behind, nibbling on her rabbit. Mokoto watched carefully as caravans began leaving from what was left of the city’s wall, stained red and purple from the siege. Relief workers were rapidly moving about, trying to find what was left of the survivors and dead. Mokoto thought carefully.

“Do you know what happened here?” Mokoto asked, turning to Ashelynn. She shook her head.

“I’m aware that the IsC and the Republic are at war,” she said, “I heard rumors that the Nikasaur Manifest capital was attacked, but I had no idea that this kind of destruction was… possible…” She stared intensely at the ravaged city. Smoke still rose into the sky as the last of the fires were being put out. “Why? Who are you after?”

“The one responsible for this devastation; the nerf lord himself,” Mokoto said coldly. Ashelynn flinched at his bluntness. She figured that was determined to find someone, but she didn’t expect it to be Morello himself.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do,” Mokoto said, “We’ll need to search through the wreckage to find any clues of Morello’s current whereabouts. My guess is that since the IsC crafts are still here, they haven’t captured him yet.” Ashelynn listened intently as Archimedes finished off his portion of the rodent. “This is where you come in. Find anything that we can use to track him. Footprints, blood, I don’t care.”

“Then what will you do when you find him?” Ashelynn asked, almost sure of Mokoto’s answer.

“He has a debt that is overdue,” Mokoto said, “I’m just here to collect. What can you tell me about the battle from here?” Ashelynn took but a moment to analyze the destroyed city walls and the fallen bodies of minions, drakes, and humans.

“It was clearly a siege,” Ashelynn began, Mokoto listening intently, “For whatever reason it seems that they used minions as ammunition instead of boulders.” She paused for a second. “They were organized, kept in their formations, and advanced very quickly on the wall and into the city.”

“Very good,” Mokoto said, “Would you be able to find Morello’s footprints out here amongst the minions’?”

“Considering that it hasn’t rained in the last few days and that we’re entering winter soon,” Ashelynn said, “There is a fair chance that his prints should be intact, unless someone marched over them.” That was precisely what Mokoto wanted to hear. A sinister grin grew under his veil.

“Lead the way,” Mokoto said, “Once you find the print, I will assume leadership from there.” Ashelynn was a little perplexed as Mokoto rapidly cycled through his hand signs. In a puff of smoke, Mokoto was now replaced by a large brown wolf. Its green eyes looked to Ashelynn in anticipation.

“So, is that you?” she awkwardly asked the wolf, lightly stroking his mane. Mokoto growled at her. “Yep, that’s you,” she sheepishly said.

Ashelynn whistled to Archimedes, lifting him into the air. The raptor took flight, scouting the high above the city. Ashelynn marched off into the open fields, the site of the greatest travesty in recent memory. Mokoto followed, carefully sniffing around, thanks to his canis form. He could predominantly smell only purple minions. The occasional human stench would arise; one particular human scent need a shower and badly. Ashelynn marched across the plain, her cape blew in the air with the light breeze. The sun hung low in the sky, its beams peeking over the hilltops, pushing away the shadows of the night. Ashelynn could see just fine without it, but it certainly didn’t hurt to have the extra help from nature. She slowed her pace as Mokoto caught up. She knelt down, carefully observing the ground. After a moment of quiet observation her eyes lit up.

“These should be his tracks,” she proclaimed. Mokoto trotted over and smelled the foot carefully. Yes, this scent was very peculiar and distinct. This was indeed a good lead. He followed his nose, turning towards Nikapolis. He let out a small growl running off towards the city’s wall. Ashelynn ran after him, doing her best to keep up. They ran past a couple of the caravans departing, all of which occupied by survivors of the siege; women now widowed, children now orphaned, and men now crippled. Ashelynn’s heart sank, pity swelling up inside. Mokoto paid no notice, locked onto his imminent goal. They reached the outer wall of the city, looking into the once beautiful capital. Everywhere there was destruction. Relief workers were still busy loading up the last of the citizens, now refugees, into the caravans to take them someplace more sustainable. Buildings everywhere were crumbling and fallen. Clean up crews were still exceptionally busy. Mokoto leapt over mounds of rubble and continued onward. Ashelynn struggled to keep up but kept Mokoto in her sights.

They rounded a few street corners until they reached the courtyard of the Nikastle. Mokoto froze here. The scent was lost, another odor took priority. A large black crater occupied the majority of the remains of the courtyard. Mokoto looked around carefully before trotting off into a nearby alley. Ashelynn followed as another puff of smoke appeared and with it, Mokoto’s true form.

“What’s the matter?” Ashelynn asked ducking into the alley, “Something wrong?” Mokoto sorted his thoughts until he reached his conclusion.

“The scent was overpowered,” Mokoto said. He did not expect this. Something far more powerful than Morello was here. The scent of the beast, or whatever it was, blocked off the path to find Morello by smell. Mokoto punched the brick-lined wall, his fist going straight through the wall. Ashelynn took a step back, giving Mokoto space to vent his frustration.

“So, what’s the plan now?” Ashelynn asked. Mokoto cringed at the thought of having to use one of those techniques, but there was no other choice. He couldn’t afford to let Morello escape.

“There is one more method I can employ to track someone,” Mokoto said, “but there are a few risks involved with its use, first of which is draining my energy…”

Archimedes shrilled high in the air. Mokoto and Ashelynn looked up to him flying their direction, with something in his talons. He swooped down and dropped his cargo. Ashelynn caught it on its descent. She was rather confused at the item: a slightly singed doll, missing a button for an eye. Ashelynn looked it over thoroughly.

“Why on earth would Archimedes pick this up?” she asked, turning to Mokoto. He could only stare at the doll, then to Ashelynn, then back to the doll. Time seemed to slow as memories flashed again through Mokoto’s mind.


Mokoto pushed open the door and walked into their modest home, his sickle propped over his shoulder. Sakura held a doll gingerly in her hand, sewing one last button eye onto it. She looked up and smiled tenderly at Mokoto. Just then a young girl came waddling into the room.

“Daddy,” she mumbled, making her way to Mokoto. He set his sickle down by the door and removed his straw hat. He scooped the toddler into his arms, embracing her warmly.

“So, how is little Yuki doing today?” Mokoto laughed. “Did you miss ‘daddy’?” Yuki enthusiastically nodded. “Did you learn anymore words today?” She shook her head this time. Sakura laughed as she tied up the thread to the button.

“We’re still working on it,” Sakura laughed. She got up from her chair and showed the doll to Yuki, who grabbed it immediately, fascinated with the colorful dress. “How was the harvest today?” she said, taking Yuki into her arms.

“It’s going well,” Mokoto said, pulling up a chair at the table in the center of the room, “The crops are coming in nicely this year. We’ll definitely have enough to keep us stocked for the winter. Is Ame feeling better today?” Sakura sighed, glancing over towards the next room.

“Her fever broke earlier,” she replied, “Masura was kind enough to take a look at her this morning. He said that as long as she stays in bed and gets plenty of water, she’ll be fine.” Mokoto was relieved. Sakura played with Yuki a little more before setting her down. She resumed her work on a matching doll for Ame. It was almost complete as well, just missing a couple arms and the button eyes to match.

“That’s certainly a relief,” Mokoto said, removing his sandals. He got up and peered out their window overlooking the valley. The sun was beginning to set over the mountain, the sky slowly turning hues of purple and red. It was going to be a beautiful night. For a moment, he began to zone out, lost in thought. Sakura had gotten up and snuck up behind Mokoto and massaged his shoulders.

“What’re you thinking?” she playfully teased. Mokoto snapped back to the present.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” he teased back. Sakura laughed to herself.

“Mokoto, you are a terrible liar. I know that look. You’re up to something.” She smiled and kissed his cheeked lightly, resting her head on his shoulder. Mokoto turned away from the window back towards the love of his life.

“Okay, you got me,” he laughed. “I’ve been thinking…” He gently took Sakura’s hands. “I’ve been thinking, maybe after Ame is all better and the crop is done for the season…” Sakura smiled knowing what he was going to say. Mokoto paused at her. “Are you going to let me finish?” he teased, “Do you want to say it?”

“Nah,” Sakura replied, “I want you to say it.” Mokoto kissed her on the forehead.

“I was thinking that maybe it’s time we had another baby,” he said. Sakura kissed him back.

“You would,” she teased, getting back to work on the doll. Mokoto followed and repaid her favor by massaging her shoulders.

“Well, it’s just that I do want to have a son, after all,” Mokoto said, “There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?” Sakura laughed.

“I suppose not.”

“And most importantly,” Mokoto started, he knelt down beside her, caressing her shoulder, “we do make beautiful children.” Sakura blushed as her blue eyes stared into Mokoto’s.

“Alright, you win this round,” she said, kissing him again. They laughed amongst themselves as a ruckus erupted from outside. Mokoto stood and peered out the window again. Someone was violently ringing the village’s warning bell. Others were rushing over to see what the matter was. Yelling rose amongst the crowd. The sky was turning ominously red as lights appeared in the distance coming from the mountain pass. Sakura got up and looked out with Mokoto.

“What do you think it is?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” Mokoto said. He went straight for the door, picking up his sickle again. “Keep Ame and Yuki safe. I’ll be right back, Sakura…”

“Sakura…” Mokoto muttered. Ashelynn was poking and prodding him.

“Sakura?” she confusingly said, “No, I’m Ashelynn. Are you okay?” Mokoto snapped back into reality. His memories were returning. But why now all of a sudden? This didn’t start happening until… Ashelynn… Perhaps she was key in triggering the memories. I guess she will have some use...

“Hello? Earth to ninja,” Ashelynn said. Mokoto regained his composure, holding his head, trying to make sense of it for now. “What happened? Are you okay?” Ashelynn repeated.

“It’s… it’s nothing,” Mokoto said. Ashelynn looked at him wearily, unsure if she wanted to dig deeper than that. Mokoto needed to refocus on the task at hand: Morello.

“So, what’s this method that you were talking about?” Ashelynn asked, getting back on task. Mokoto looked around through the plaza. It was clear; everyone was away forming a straight path to the remains of the Nikastle.

“It’s too difficult to explain,” Mokoto said, “so I’ll show you. First we need to get closer to the castle. That was the direction that Morello’s scent was going. It’s a bit of a gamble, but I’m hoping it pays off.” Mokoto darted off towards the ruins. Ashelynn still wasn’t sure of him, but followed anyways. This better be one hell of a tracking method, she thought. Archimedes took off, following suit.

Mokoto and Ashelynn reached what used to be the threshold into the Nikastle. They studied the surroundings carefully. The fine art that crowded the wall were either destroyed or covered with dust now. This would’ve been a truly remarkable sight to behold mere days ago. They made their way through the grand hallways until they came to a wall with a peculiar hole in it. Mokoto stepped closer to examine it. It was corroded by something acidic. Perhaps this was the spot, he thought. Clearing away some of the debris, he estimated the amount of room he’d have and was content.

“Help me clear some space here,” he directed to Ashelynn. She complied and began shuffling away the stones and marble that cluttered the grand hall. The floor was cleared and Mokoto stood in the center of the newly formed circle. He withdrew a few kunais and stabbed them into the floor, creating a perimeter. He then stood and walked to the center of the clearing.

“All I ask is that you stand outside of this ring,” Mokoto said to Ashelynn, “and whatever you do, do not step inside.’ Ashelynn silently nodded, her interest was now piqued as to what he was about to do. There was one last preparation he had to make. Mokoto walked around and tied paper tags to each kunai in the circle. Ashelynn was again perplexed by this, but then again, she didn’t really understand the ways of the shinobi.

Mokoto returned back to the center of the ring. He calmed himself in mind, body, and spirit, and then rapidly cycled through more hand signs. Void Technique: Time Rift. He slapped the palm of his hand to the ground. Dark pulsing energy radiated from his hand and spread across the floor. Ashelynn took another step back as the dark aura crept along the tiled floor until the energy met the kunais and tags. The paper tags shot straight up, guiding the energy upwards until it met again above Mokoto, forming a perfect dome. Ashelynn looked on in wonder and suspense as Archimedes perched on her shoulder and squawked.

Inside the dome, Mokoto stood again, looking in all directions. He could see himself and his preparations of the technique. Then he saw himself and Ashelynn returning the debris and stones back to their original places. This was going to take too long. Mokoto formed more hand seals and outstretched his arm, his palm twisted a quarter turn to the right. He slowly twisted his arm counter-clockwise and the time progression sped up. His visions of himself and Ashelynn vanished. He eagerly eyed the hole in the wall, waiting for something to come out from it; Still nothing. He turned his arm even more; the cycles in sky reversed themselves going back a couple days. Then it happened. He returned his palm to its original position. The personages came into the sphere walking backwards, carrying two others with them. The rescuers returned a beautiful young woman and a bizarre creature back onto the floor, then promptly covering them with stones again. Mokoto spotted an unusual gap amongst the stones now. C’mon, give me something, he thought, before it’s too late.

Ahh… The tangled webs we weave…

Mokoto’s physical frame shook. As much as he didn’t want to admit, that voice gave him the slightest hint of terror. No, it can’t be, Mokoto thought. Time was running out. He couldn’t afford to let it back into this realm. He flashed through the spectrum of time, waiting in anticipation.

Death is not the end for you…

No… I gotta keep it out of my head, Mokoto thought. Just a little more. There! Mokoto slowed the flow of time for just a moment as Morello appeared from the hole in the wall. He crawled through it backwards, his hardened armor now partially dented and stained. He limped back into the pile of rubble. He clasped onto the strange creature and a ball of acid leapt from the wall back into his mouth, the hole disappearing as well.

I have seen to it! For eternity you are mine!

Morello returned back to the floor, reverting the buff on himself. Now Mokoto watched satisfyingly as Morello thrashed and struggled as the marble walls collapsed on him. This is all I need, Mokoto thought. He clasped his hands as the voice got louder. He had to end it now before it was too late.


“Release!” Mokoto shouted. In a flash, the dark energy of the void dissipated. Mokoto fell to his knees. The technique took far more energy than he expected. If the worst were to happen, he would’ve been as good as dead there. The kunais were still jammed into the floor but the tags disintegrated from the technique. Ashelynn hurried to his side and helped him up.

“What was that?” she asked in bewilderment. Mokoto calmed his breathing, getting back onto his own two feet.

“That…” Mokoto started, mulling over his words, “You don’t want to know.” He eyed the hole in the wall, now back in its proper place. “Let’s go. Through the hole.” He leapt up, landing on the edge, staring off into the forest, down a little ways, a small platoon of minions lay smitten on the mountain side. They were certainly on the right track now.

“Wait,” Ashelynn cried, “What’d you see in there? What was that?” She lifted herself through the hole and leapt down back to the cold earth. Archimedes flew off again to scout the area ahead.

“So many questions… Morello is still alive unfortunately,” Mokoto said calming down, “though he did manage to escape the IsC, he will not escape me.” He hopped down too, beginning his march into the woods. Ashelynn, inspected the prints again, confirming Morello’s presence. She followed Mokoto into the depths of the forest, though she couldn’t shake the feeling that Mokoto saw something else in there…

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Epicn00b, Legion of n00b. On the ground near the city formerly known as Nikopolis

"My lord! Our spies onboard the Albion have discovered some interesting news!"
"Well," yawned Epicn00b. "Spit it out. Whazzup?"
"It appears that Morello is out there alive, and is trying to revive some sort of 'Nerf' god to cause everlasting destruction all over the land."
Isn't that what the Legion of n00b is really made for? To do exactly that?
"Hmm....sounds interesting.....continue..."
"Some guy by the name of Sagarys is gonna lead a small band of soldiers to attack and kill Morello at...well...his location is unknown to us."
So much for trying to race them to Morello first, so that we can use this "Nerf" god to ourselves. Then again, all we need is Kog'Maw, God of Mercy. Say...that name....Sagarys.....sounds familar....
"Oh, well it looks like that jolly group you are talking about is going straight to hell. Hehehehe.....silly Sags. Telling others of something ridiculous just so that he can rob them in the back later. Well, lets leave them to their 'journey,' but I want a scout to keep tabs on this 'group,' just in case they use this 'Nerf' god to their own bidding, or worse! Of course, its unlikely THAT would happen, cause its Sags, the liar."
Epicn00b gave out a laugh.
"Any other news?" Epicn00b asked.
"Well, other reports tell us that there is a minion mob heading straight for the ISC. Of course, an army THAT size could easily be noticed by anyone, including the ISC. It is likely that ISC forces and their Albion are going to confront them on the way."
"Well, that is a weird tactic." Epicn00b muttered to himself. "Why would they fight them in some field somewhere, that's clearly nowhere close to their lands, even though if they fought at their capital, they would have a home-field advantage?"
"That empty field, that is the predicted place where they will fight......."
Epicn00b sensed that this place is going to be awesome, maybe as awesome as LoN!
"Well, go on. Where is the biggest slaughter of all time going to take place?"
"...........at the Legion of N00b's fields."
"...................................................................................OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH SHlT!!!!"

Epicn00b was terrified now. Oh god. LoN isn't ready for its first battle on its own ground!
He hurried to the helm of the ship, which got fixed up recently, held the microphone that transfers sounds to a megaphone outside of the ship for everyone to hear, and said:
"THIS IS EPI------------" A very loud sound echoed out; Epicn00b accidently breathed on it. Everyone near and far the N00btanic had to cover their ears. Epicn00b lowered the volume setting, then started over.
"This is Epicn00b, master of the Legion of N00b. We have gotten a report that a HUGE minion wave MIGHT be, or is going to, walk through our lands. If we are to enjoy our prosperity at home, then we need to go NOW! Finish up the repairs, and get ready to move out!"

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Sleiphner Former Neutral-person of the Knights Who Drink Tea Tea! Tea! Tea!

Sleiphner pondered the heavy words of a possible death, and it seemed he was losing his gentleman-like touch as he let out a little smirk under his breath as he sipped his tea, but was resolute, even if he did fear death a bit, as his body remembered the Soul Reaver. For the first time, the first time in a long time, Sleiphner felt fear under his often cheerful demeanor. He withdrew a piece of paper and quickly began to scribble words for a missive, it was--a most unusual missive at that, but he writes:

Dearest Mother and Father,

I know it has been a long, long time since I have last contacted you--I know my departure from our land was abrupt, but I assure you, I filled out all of the necessary legal forms, as well as did my taxes for the year. I even received permission from our Gentleman Cho'Gath as well. However--there is something of grave matters I must bring to your attention. I--I have been maimed at the hands of battle, protecting a dear friend, as you surely remember, the Ambearsador. My right arm and left leg are gone, devoured by a great beast and have since been replaced by a metallic structure. I assure you though, I continue to serve my duties in the name of peace--even if not neutral any further. I have also taken Grandfather's armor, I apologize many times for doing so.

However--I have a new mission I must attend to, one of utmost importance, and I hope you do not worry much on my behalf. If I return, I assure you, I will continue to go forth in my matters most gentlemanly, but if I pass, know that I do so with the most honor and it was most likely to save someone.

Included with this missive, I provide you with my monocle, and the tea of Memories That You Do Not Know So That You May Know About The Plot. Thank you for not dying on me as a child, as well as thank you for offering me a hug every now and then.

Please also relay this message to our Gentleman Cho'Gath, and Fair Lady Sona.

At Most A Memory,
Sleiphner, Your Son

He sealed the missive and withdrew a swallow, attaching his monocle to it, sending it to his mother and father. Yes, he smuggled a Swallow onto the Albion. Don't ask how. He quickly scanned the room, gauging the reactions of the other characters, but unsure of how they perceived everything. The Grand Marshall was probably wondering of his past, the Ambearsador, probably about his people at the Brotherhood, the Wolf--probably on dog treats or something, and the unnamed character was merely drawn into a pool of angst.

He arose from his seat, and turned to leave. Without facing the rest of the team, stated:

"I'll be in the hangar. You can find me there when we all wish to leave, I need--to contemplate things. I hope you all understand."

And with that, he left the group, Sir Chompsalot in tow.

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Phalonax 'Phalon' Valeion, Vladimist Blood Reaper and Iron Solari Assassin

Morello's in hiding and we're going to go find and kill him. Huh...

Phalon let everything settle in. The man apparently claims to be a former member of the Republic and will lead them to Morello to assassinate him.
Said mission is also quite possibly going to cost lives as he had said. It was blantly obvious, for the nerf lord must've taken so much power, not to mention he can empower his own self.

If the Grand Marshal chose me to go, I'm guessing he either trusts me or he wants me dead. Or both. But, orders were orders...

The job would give Phalon a chance to exact revenge for Vladimir for what Morello did to him, and at the same time may shorten the war by half a decade. Of course, if Phalon managed to land the killing blow, but as long as Morello was burning in hell, they would be satisfied.

Her eyes took a quick glance at Ragna, which was still tied around her belt. The weapon had never left her side since the day she got it and she wasn't going to let whatever trick someone might pull here take it now.
Ragna was also the only shield Phalon had against the power of the nerf, though it would cost her life if the fight against Morello dragged on for too long.

One hour. I've got an hour to get ready. No way in the blood-soaked hell am I going to back down.

She looked around at the others discussing the matter. Phalon could tell by appearance alone that this would be an interesting mission as much as it was dangerous.

The gentleman got up and left.

Phalon herself was about to leave when the Grand Marshal had asked for questions, comments and/or demands.

She thought for a moment, then stood up and turned around to leave. If she had been chosen by the Grand Marshal himself to do this, there was no reason to ask any further questions.

Phalon stopped for a moment, a thought crossing her mind, then began to slowly walk out of the room. She had less than an hour left, and even if there wasn't much she had to do, she wasn't going to waste a second waiting too long.

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Tharus - General of the Brotherhood of the Armored Bear - Defending the Homeland.

Tharus was truly intrigued at how Haeos was at his doorstep. He used to be considered a friend until the battle ended, when he swore to defeat him in the future. To Tharus, his alliance to the Anti-Fun Agenda showed that because of him, Haeos despised the Armored Bears.

"Oh, hey, Tharus. What a surprise to see you here! Alright, here are my demands. Firstly, I want to engage you in one-on-one combat. That wasn't my original plan, but this would work better. Secondly, if I win, I'll be granted repreive for all crimes against the Armored Bears and their corresponding allies. If I lose, though, you get to kill me, as well as all the minions I have here. If you don't meet my demands, I'll open fire, and desolate your fortress. Do we have a deal?"

Tharus thought to himself for a few moments. It was highly doubtful that Haeos could even land one foot inside the Brotherhood, though, Tharus didn't want to have any casualties in his ranks. If Tharus won, the minions would either run in fear that their commanding officer had been killed, or try to battle on their own. Either of which results ends in a failure on their part. If Tharus lost, however, the same wouldn't happen to the Brotherhood; there were many commanders that could take his place if need be. Perhaps even his life would be spared, due to the carried generosity from Tharus sparing Haeos' life. Tharus then issued his response,

"We have a deal, Haeos."

The Colonel beside Tharus looked in shock at him, as did the rest of the bears. They were amazed at how Tharus would agree to such a deal, but they didn't think it through as much as Tharus had. The Colonel and other Captains were trying to talk Tharus out of it, but Tharus simply started to walk back down to the ground. He descended the flight of stairs, and was inside of the Brotherhood's walls. He then yelled loudly,

"Open the gates!"

The bears were reluctant to listen, but did as ordered. The large, steel gates opened wide, as the equal ground was made. Tharus then walked outside of the walls, and his bears followed. They still thought Tharus was crazy, but he walked on as he said,

"I accept, Haeos." Tharus said, drawing his large axe. He stared calmly at Haeos as the air blew through his fur. He began to grin as he said, "You first."