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Team Compilations [Variations and Strats]

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So going on the AoE Team Composition, Would:

Katarina----AD/AP bot
Sona---------bot Support

make a good AoE team?

I've thought about it, and haven't tried it yet, but it would go like this.

1) Sona/amumu would initiate via activating her/his ult [with a high priority to center on the champion/s with the capability to silence]

2)amumu/sona would follow up by activating his/her ult, so as to stun their team/small group for a longer period of time

3)Nunu flashes in after a successful cc ult to activate his own ult. This would keep any champions from speedily running away after the eternity that will be the amumu/sona stun. so if they did wish to get away, they would have to burn a flash to do so.

4)Anivia plants her ult in the best position to damage all enemy champions.

5) (same time as 1) Katarina shunpo's in and activates her ult, burning through each champions hp, possibly killing the squishier champs, setting up for Nunu's ult

All this should (in my head) set up for a near gauranteed nunu, katarina, anivia triple/penta kill if done right. and should be enough cc, damage output, and tankiness to effectively play while their ults aren't up. What's your opinion on this possible team comp.

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Quick, get the holy water.