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Groups to play with?

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Hello. On youtube I see groups of 5 people who are about all the same age who play LoL competitively together. It seems really fun that everyone is English and works together, so I would like to do that. We could gather a group of 5 on Skype to play together:

Skype Name: Jason.trackter
Age: 14
Timezone: Pacific coast Timezone, (USA).
In-Game Level: 19


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Senior Member


There is a problem with your premise.

You are not summoner level 30.

It's sad, but true. Until you are level 30 and have rune pages for all the roles in the game, no one is going to risk bringing you into a ranked game.

Try General Discussion, and say you're hoping to play competitively but are leveling up to 30 with normals.

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Senior Member


I don't think having rune page for every role in the game is a requirement to play ranked.. You only need 1 rune page for one role hoss. And 14 champs..