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Stacking Tiamats!

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It all started with this silly idea of stacking Tiamats. Since the passive of splash damage is not unique, stacking would be a possibility. I know I am not the first to come up with this idea, but I had never seen or heard of anyone actually trying this. Then, I had to decide which champion I wanted to try this with. I decided to use Tristana because I figured that weakening surrounding targets with the splash effect would allow them to be easily wiped by the Explosive Shot.

It worked.

I do not yet think that it's an exceptionally powerful build, but it was very funny. I only wish that I could have finished the match, but three enemies ragequit, so the other two surrendered.

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I've tried it, and it does not work very well because it is not cost effective. The cost of a tiamat is around 2300. Two would cost more than an infinity edge, frost mallet, or bloodthirster.

Having 3 was pretty silly, with 150% AOE damage. The game ended well before I could get 4.

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Another problem is that tiamat sucks as it is currently.