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Can someone please help:

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I have some questions:

- How do you counteract/compensate for a feeding team member?
- What do you do when your jungler does not gank or is bad?
---- in top lane solo
---- in bot lane
---- in mid
- If your team starts raging at each other, do you coach the people into calming down or just ignore it?
- can any team composition (within reason) be effective at 1000-1200 ELO?

just asking because i'm trying to get out of ELO hell and failing and need help.

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1:Sometimes switching lanes with them can help, but the best way is to win your lane really hard so that you become the focus, then kite/not die, this will allow your feeding teammate to deal damage because they're all going to focus you.
2:Winning your lane is the most important thing, if you have a poor jungler, it isn't that big of a deal, ward your lane, beat your opponent and dont get caught by the enemy jungler.

If someone in lane is bad, you could use a mobile champion and try to gank, if thats not possible, the best thing to do is to smash your tower so that you can be roaming even more and take down their tower for them.

3:I usually will say "Chill out" or something like that, after that i ignore it.
4: Pretty much, don't play support, if they pick all the roles, try to get like a GP support, some sort of bot duo lane that you can be useful with some farm(since the carry will miss alot of it)

This low in ELO there is a really wide range of skill in laning, honestly you should be able to beat them all, some harder than others