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List of Min-maxed Runes/Masteries

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I don't mean to be rude here but......this thread is pretty useless. I feel like everyone playing this game should be able to add? If for some strange reason you can not add; there is always a calculator; or you can just buy the runes and the math is done for you?

From the description given Astrals Excel sheets would be 1000x more useful; because maxing one stat is not always the best option (which defeats the purpose of min/max). Ideally you would want to use the base stats of every champion (independently) with the damage formula. This way you can calculate things like damage per second and effective hit points. Excel really excels (!!!!) at this because once you have the formulas set up it is very easy to test the in game effects of your rune and mastery selections.

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Aqua Dragon 33



It's meant to be just a convenient way for people to view all their options. Adding a whole bunch of different numbers and multiplying them and storing them in a chart isn't especially fun for most people haha

And at the point where you're making an excel chart to store all the values, then you will find utility in the post for just saving a lot of time, or even for considering options that may have been overlooked

And of course, a large selection of runes aren't just about raw damage (movement speed, energy regen, health per level, etc.) and so on. Even if all you wanted to do was calculate raw damage, this saves the effort needed to store the values of a bunch of different options (attack speed, armor penetration, attack damage, attack damage per level, spell pen, ap, ap per level, are all the things you'd have to calculate to try ensuring maxing your raw damage, almost 80 different additions/multiplications you'd have to perform).