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One sad panda.

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You guys are making it INSANELY hard for me to continue playing your game. I want the segregated servers like asap. I'm forced into games with not only players that don't speak English, but players that don't even understand the game where as I'm at 900+ wins (not to count the freaking losses they cost me when I play with them). You're not losing a customer just yet, but l'm losing interest in your game. I've invested in to your game to make my gaming experience much more worth while. You're listening all of these "kids" that are complaining about how hard the game is but not giving us "valued" customers anything in return. I understand that you're trying to meet the needs of many rather than the few that pay for it, but come on. Enough is enough. When you call into a phone company and get retention and they try to persuade you to stick with the company, that's about where l am with the teammates l'm playing with. Can't just play premade all day err day cause most of my friends don't even bother with this game at all and just stick to WoW which is an even worse example of a good game gone bad.

Could you please just give me a CSR to talk to while they calm me down