When two worlds collide

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Chapter 1: The true begining.
100s of years into the future science has made great progress. Scientist that have survived zombie apoclyps and destroyed the robots when they tried to take earth over desided to make another thing that would cause great danger. They created a divice that combinded both internet gaming and biology to make a machine that can create new life forms from games. On a shelf that was filled with old computer data they selected a random disk that contained infomation of a game played by people 100s of years ago, League of Legends. They had hoped that the characters in the game were friendly but the were not.
As soon as they activated the device a small creature with a blow dart gun came out with a bunch of bushes around him. "Captian Teemo is on duty!" The little man had said. But then he had realized that this place was unframiliar and what he learned by instinct was when teleported to a random place attack the people as soon as posible. So he said "Attack!!!" and creatures/people attacked the scientists. When they killed them they walked off looking for a crystal called the nexus but they never found it but they had found small deivices that were teleporters and time machines in one and poked at them randomly. When they did they all were teleported randomly to different spots in the world at the present time. Some cases these beings were friendly at the begining but it all ways ended up unfriendly.
Chapter 2 first encounters.
In Japan three of the creatures apeared. Their names were Malzhar,Cho'gath,and Kog'Maw. These creatures were evil and saw the people tremble in fear seconds after they appeared. In japanesee one of them shouted "Look its godzillas little brother run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
These creatures did not know what godzilla was sothey thought it was good and good to them was killing so they started to kill everything they say. Cho'gath screamed in peoples faces,shot spikes out, made spike ruptures, and ate people whole sometimes which made him grow and that scrared people even more. Malazhar open places in the ground that hurt people and looked like space, opens portals to "the Void" that shoot out little lines of who knows what, gave people visions so horrifing that it hurt, and singled out people and shot lazers at them. Finnaly Kog maw spit at people at various distances, spit ooze that slowed and hurt people, and a spit out artirary shoots that seemed to be alive. Japan was chaos. They tried every thing to take out these beast forcusing on cho gath though. Helicopters were brought in. Thoose were either shot down by Kog'Maw or eaten by cho'gath. The whole town tried to shoot cho gath at the same time. He had fallen but got right back up. Everything in Japan was in chaos. Cho 'gath had gotten so large that a he appeared a a dot on the horizion in hawia. Soon Japan's flag was all red from blood and not just a red dot in the center. So this was First encounter of japan.(will add more to this chapter)