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i just got a macbook pro

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Centerlink man

Junior Member


hey guys i need help. i downloaded it and when i clicked on it to install a whole bunch scrip came up. can anyone help me out?

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you know, the good thing about bunch of scripts is that you can copypaste most of them.

no hard feelings man, but we can't help you if we have no idea what happened to you.
and we can't help anyone if we run around bashing our heads on problems we can't solve.

guessing was possible when we were 10 total users here - it was probably possible when we had 200 occasional forum users - now that we have mostly moved to another forum and we have over two thousand forum users with two hundred frequent posters (and the number of people who know something about bugs&solutions changed from around 10 to 3), we can't listen to everyone who says "hey, it doesn't work, why?"

L2BPC (learn to post bugs correctly).

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Senior Wrenchmen


You don't download Riot's thing... It is a windows executable and it doesn't work on Mac

If you want a working Mac client, you need to download it on http://www.boompje.net
Go to the download page
Download the v.1.3.1 version
Click on "skip ad" (or something like that) on the top right of the screen after 5 seconds.
Download it.

Install it