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Ashe Support Guide (Made in 60 seconds)

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Marks: AD or ArP

Seals: 9 Flat Armor

Glyphs: Flat Magic Resist

Quints: Gold per 10

Reasons - You're gonna support people and shoot stuff in the face more early damage you can do the better since late game you'll be a stun/slow/CV bot, since you're not last hitting you need the GP 10, the Seals and Glyphs are for defenses so you can be more agressive.


9/0/21 or 0/9/21


Good hands Vs. Whatever the mana one is called (Expanded mind?) +Summoner's insight

Tier 2: Run Speed

Teir 3: Greed

Tier 4: Wealth + 4 in Insight

Tier 5: Ward + Sage

Tier 6: Mastermind

Offense: Go for the AD

Defense: Go for da health


Boots + Ward or pots or something, whatever just shoot stuff. Get a Doran's if you wanna be really agressive.

Philo Stone for volly spam.

Get Aura items now to screw people on the enemy team over since your damage is **** outside the early game and you're just there to slow people into oblivion and initiate with your ult.

Buy wards like a boss.

/all to the other team and say you're not trolling so you don't get reported


Spells: CV/Heal and Ghost/Flash

She has a short range CV, so in low elo games like where I'm stuck where honestly CV isn't utilized that well you can get away without it. HATERS GONNA HATE.

Remember to trololol all the way home after you win, because we all know carry ashe is worthless so all you can do know is support people and feed them kills.

If you need proof of support Ashe being viable, just look at my history and elo level.

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I don't see a single ashe game in your profile haha...

What I do is build ashe as a carry and play like a support, normally I only have doran's blade, boots and infinity edge by 25 minutes, but it gets a lot faster after that. give your lane mate the kills so he get strong very early and go around ganking after getting ulti. normally by end game I can kill tanks in 2 seconds with surge