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review and comment

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Alright Brand is one of my favorite characters and I consider myself to be good with him. I would like to figure out how to become better with him. I've got the character skills down for order to level them up. Now just remains the item order and ruins. I wrote this as a commentary to myself for the build. Any tips and suggestions I am open for. And please do not flame me about why are you doing that you stupid idiot. Thank you for all who reply.

Skills: Normally I have Flash and Teleport. I feel that this is a good combo but for the sake of trying something new I would recommend Ignite and Ghost(or keep flash) Teleport is a nice skill but for the cool down to use it and I can move fast enough without it. Ignite will help get that boost in killing in the start.

Alright so for starters, need to figure out some good ruins to put into place. Right now I have no setup for this. Just a half asked attempt. So we are going to focus a few keys about Brand to decide where to get ruins. He runs out of mana way to fast so mana regen wouldn't hurt, def a good point. His is a power house and needs a ton of AP to stand a chance, Ability cool down is another vital point. Brand with out his skills...ya is just an empty glass cannon. Magic pen is also one I would consider adding.

Pros and Cons: Starting with Magic pen, very nice to have helps get that extra damage in there and great for starting, I feel for this first revamp of my build I should focus some ruins in it. Ability Power...Brand is a power house already going to have a ton of AP mid and late game, meaning that the more I have in the start should help me get extra kills but swapping teleport for ignite should help over come the start of 7 AP and ending of 32 AP at level 18. Ability cool down ruins are nice to have seeing as I run and damage off my abilities the most. I think we can make due without AP ruins. and Magic Pen and mana regen are the two areas that i will be lacking in as most of my items already focus AP build.

As for items I want to try this build.
Start- going mid will need the boots to move fast/dodge. and the pots to stay out as long as possible.
Boots, HP&MP pot

After this I should focus on getting a tear of the goddess, I will need a sapphire crystal (cost 400) and a Meki Pendant (cost 390) reason starting with this item. Stacks mana so I have it the sooner I can get more mana, and when I upgrade it to an Archangels staff gives me more AP from having more mana.

Before I buy the archangel staff i should buy an item to give me AP. As we have come to the conclusion that I need that most of all. If all is going well I should buy a Needlessly large rod (cost 1600) or a Blasting wond(cost 860).

After the buying an AP item focus on completing my boots. Boots of Lucidity if I'm doing good and have no real issue damaging the other team. If I am having issues go for Sorcerers shoes ( cost 750) for the magic pen to help damage them.

After this focus on the finishing the Archangel's staff then go right for the Rabadon's deathcap.

After the following has been done start building more AP if everything is going well focus on Zhonya's Hourglass (total cost 3300) or Void Staff (total cost 2295) after either is complete start the other. If having a hard time getting through magic reist go void if no issues go Hourglass.

Last Item go for Deathfire Grasp or Randuin Omen if having issues staying alive.

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156 views and no one has any words of advice?