New WW build

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New build I tested out a few days ago. Makes for one hard core top laner.
Attack speed marks, Attack speed quints, Armor seals, MR plvl glyphs
Boots of swiftness
Trinity force
Blade of the Ruined king
Wits End
Zeke's herald
Frozen heart.

Boots of swiftness: Increased movementspeed, slow resistant for some moderate cc resistance.

Trinity force: gives every stat that can be useful.

Blade of the ruined king: allows for increased DPS, Lifesteal and general in the fray survivability. Stacks with passive, bypasses armor with magic damage.

Wits End: Deals more magic damage, end game should be dealing 70 extra damage a hit with passive and BoTRK.

Zeke's Herald: Gives additional lifesteal, damage, Health, CDR. Helps the team.

Frozen heart: Rounds out mana issues, gives massive amounts of armor, gives additional CDR.

With w proc, can get 2.5 attack speed
Deals decent magic damage to counter armor stacking teams
Lifesteal and passive make it hard to dual him 1v1
Boots with trinity force and e allows for incredible chase/escape utility, have reached up to 502 movement speed without summoners to assist.
Can out fight just about any champion.

Easily stunned/snared
Has only 2800 hp, not able to tanky entire teams.
Depends on movement speed and ultimate to close distance, no sure way to catch a fleeing enemy.
Mana hungry early on, depends on building trinity force early to help with mana issues.