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Announcer in general

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Well he announces a lot! Every team battle there is spam of "a champion has been slain". This makes him feel "unUNIQUE". I don't feel satisfied when I hear dominating between 10 more announces. You should put out all audio announces except "dominating, killing spree, godlike" and such. Seriously you made this feature boring. Also all the kill sounds are the same. Just the word is replaced. I want to hear the guy tear his voice when saying GODLIKE!

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I agree, he does get highly repetative! Those big fights where the announcer has to catch up with all the kills takes away from the event. I liked how DotA announced the kills, announcing only streaks versus announcing every single kill dramatically.

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At this point I tend to ignore him completely, I look up and realize half my team is dead and then I think back to 5 seconds ago and remember that he was ranting about a bunch of heros being slain but i didnt pay attention. His voice doesnt have any character originality. Not to mention, letting us know that his brother just sneezed and his GF has baggage...dont have him talk that much, let players be responsible for knowing that there is 30 seconds till the game starts, or that if somone was beyond Godlike last kill, they are probably still beyond godlike unless they have died...just a couple thoughts.