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[GUIDE] AP Kog'Maw - Destroyer of Worlds

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well imo W is superior to use as kog combined with madreds and ap/as items u just nuke down squshes and tanks alike

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I've been playing Kog for a good while now and is by far my favorite champion. While i see the benefits of your build, I'd like to state that I can do it better. While you are right that you do have to get close for MAdred's/Bio-Arcane Barrage to be any kind of useful, I'd like to point out that % based damage will 9 times out of 10 beat most champions. Anyways, enough rambling. I usually start something similar to you, but instead i take a meki pendant. I like to spam my abilities like a good Kog'Maw should, so i take the pendant instead to make up for the lack of overall mana. Witht the pendant i also take a health and mana potion. I do the same as you for Tear of the Goddess, except here is where our styles differ. From there i get the basic boots, cause lets face it Kog is really slow, plus he needs it for positioning and out manuveuring your opponent. Next, I rush Madred's Bloodrazors. Yes, it expensive but its really worth it. After I finish Madred's, I make a Nashor's Tooth. Attack speed, Mana regen, Ability power, and most importantly Cooldown reduction. With this item, Kogs ult is now on .66 second cooldown, and with the extra mana regen you shouldnt need mana potions anymore(Golem buff is still fun to have, but its not as necessary). After that, I see how I am doing. If I am tearing the other team apart at the seams, I make a Malady(that's right Malady). With Madred's, Nashor's Tooth, Malady, nd Caustis Spittle's passive, you should be somewhere around 2.0 arttack speed. If you need more movement speed to get away or your not doing enough damage upgrade your boots to Sorceror's Shoes. Unless your enemies have more than 34 magic resist then youll be doing true damage to them, and if you have both the shoes and Malady, youre only making yourself more of a terror to the enemy( unless they have already targeted you). After Malady, I see where my mana is at since i haven't upgraded my Tear of the Goddess yet. If you have more than 2000 mana you should go ahead and upgrade it. If not (depending on the state of your towers/inhibitors) stand in the spawning pool and spam your ult. The max mana you'll be able to achieve is 2373, at which point upgrading is the best option. From there, we build Zhonya's Ring. With all of these items, and the masteries stated above you'll have about 400 ability power. This means that tanks will weep as you tear through them as they foolishly stack health. And since you went out and got all that attack speed and ability power, you have the options of being both a burst and constant damage source. Your W skill will hit for 14% health per hit(unmitigated, of course). Sosay you have a 4000 hp Cho'gath approaching you team. Your teammates are sweating the long match ahead of them. You calmly smirk, knowing whats to come. He initiates, with his team not far behind. You pop your Bio-Arcane Barrage. He doesn't know what hit him as his health is casually chunked away as you ht him about 1/3 of his health in he first two seconds, while the rest of your team quickly dispatches his allies(True story). So lets do some quick math. Since most champions have around 2000 hp well use it for our example. Assuming they haven't stacked magic resist, you'll do about 560 damage per scond with just one skill. Now if we add in the damage from one Living Artillery(424) and Void ooze(669) we have roughly 1653 damage per second for the first second which will be enough to make even a tank second guess going toe to toe with you. As far as runes go, I prefer flat magic pen marks and quints, and mana regen per level seals and glyphs. Well, I've said my peace. Hope this helps someone out there. -Allmyrage

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Actually, have to agree with several other posters, I play AP Kog much differently.. items and abilities... but still a decent guide.