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Too easy to counter a fed champion in TT?

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hypothetical situation (probably bad comp, but just a recent game):
7/2/? olaf
1/5/? morgana
1/5/? tf

basically, if it's just one person who's fed in your team like olaf, you're thinking "good, olaf is good fed. he can probably carry" except your olaf will inevitably get focused hella hard in a team fight because the other team realizes this and makes sure you die before you dish out your damage. once you die, you pretty much lose the team fight and your team runs around like headless chickens. you can build tanky but ****, there's just something about having 3 champions focus you that just takes you out of the equation.

another thing, all the opposing team has to do is build frozen heart or thornmail and then it's bye bye olaf.

this is something i call "jaximitus" because someone like jax is SCARY fed but in a team fight he will get destroyed if bursted down quickly before he can really do anything.

there's only 3 champions in tt, so you can't just hope that your team will clean up like in 5v5. once your main source of damage is gone, you really can't do a lot

i don't know if anyone understand this but this has been happening to me A LOT recently and i don't know how to deal with it. I can stay back and let my team get baited and die or I can try to go in and get instagibbed. basically what i'm saying is, how the **** do you stay alive if you're fed lol

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means your team sucks

in twisted treeline if you gain a lead its very easy to extend that lead

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D Dragneel



if they are able ot kill you then more than likely your team member that are 1/5 gave the enemy team a lot of kills therefor canceling out the feed you got....i was an 18/3 poppy vs a 12/6 voli...i took out the yi and malzahar like nothing since i could take out their surpress / meditate (thank you ult for that )