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inb4 Newbie's Do's and Dont's

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Ok I've gotten into Dominion again and I do get a little frustrated at people who don't know the standard start-up and basic tactics of this game mode. Since the leagueoflegends.com website does NOT have the Crystal Scar under "Game Info" I've decided to make a very, very concise tips.

I'm not that amazing at dominion, but these are just some things people should try to remember in every Dominion game.

* Get three people to the top. [Top will be contested mainly because it is in the middle of the map and naturally the easiest/hardest to capture being farthest from either end]
* One person to mid, who goes to top or the opponent's mid [depending on what their mid does, normally top though]
* One person to bot [this player is generally the farm/pusher who is adept at clearing minions/harassing and/or sustain]. Please do not take a Taric for this role.

Typical mistakes
*Everyone starts capturing the point
[Frankly, if you get there first, you can start capturing, and tell everyone else to go poke the enemies before they can interrupt you. Since champion damage negates a capture process, it is recommended that a selection of people should keep them away {Think of this like your turret/Nexus/*diamonds*. If you don't actually keep them away, they will get to it}
*Pushing a lane when you've already got 3
[Generally, if you have 3 you should win by time default, unless you/your team feeds incessantly. If you have 3, and say a few people on your team decide to push for their mid, you've left the top and your mid to 'backdoors'. Frankly if you/your team just stood at the top or mid, you'd be better off]
Chasing a champion who might escape
[People often have a blind spot of the actual Capture Point when chasing a champion. Here is a very serious and non-humorous example:

- Heimer (enemy) is pushing from their mid to the top, Kassadin (enemy) is going straight for the point. You see Kassadin, he's on 1/2 hp. So he starts capturing, you interrupt him. Deal some massif deeps. He decides to fight you, then when he gets low, uses his ult to get to health packs while staying close to taunt you to finish him off. You finally kill him after 12 seconds. By then Heimerdinger, who's typing "/laugh" in his chatbox, has captured the point.

Once your team has hopefully captured 3, you need to look out for ambushes and major pushes. Getting at least one person defending each post AND CLEARING MINIONS (Cannot stress this more - Like in Summoner's Rift or TT, they WILL build up and capture points if you do not take care of them), while ensuring that any major pushes are defended.

1 MID to TOP
1 BOT (Farmer)

Get someone to distract/harass while one captures.
Aim for 3 points.
Greed/chase will make you lose distance/time
Push minions (Siege worth 60, others around 30 [not sure just])
If secure, just get one person to capture.

EDIT: Thanks for the +1, I insist this be read by new players. My friends get matched up with people who go two mid...