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My game keeps crashing

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hello my names isaac and i have a mac. my game keeps crashing and i play ranked so i get reported plz help me if you had the same prob and got rid of it thx

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This has been doing this since September 30th,2014...
My game keeps crashing at random moments and says attempting to reconnect but never does.
When I exit out to reconnect either I come back in and have the same problem happen to me in a matter of seconds or the game crashes telling me to reconnect all over again. And the process repeats.
And although my league crashes everything else on my computer is perfectly fine.
(Keep in mind I play in secrecy because my parents don't like me playing league)
I'm forced to leave the game for good and my account gets banned.
This only happens to MY computer and games work perfectly fine on other computers.
I think that my parents firewalled league but that's a low possibility since I'm still able to log on and join games just that the reconnecting thing and crashing thing happens whenever I do.
Please anybody that knows what is going on be sure to reply ASAP.
Remember, league crashes but everything on the computer runs smoothly as if it never happened