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[Suggestion] about announcers

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i know you are adding more voices to test in the near future but... why not make a lot of announcer voices and add them to the game, so we can choose any of them in a menu, maybe the audio menu, so everyone is happy and we can stay with the announcer voice we like, and not stay with only one voice and listen to it over and over, a good one could be a woman voice just for variety.

If that idea was not too good then.. why not mixing the voices, i mean an annoucer for the champion kills, other for turrets, another for being killed etc... that should be cool too.

Well i hope any riot member read this.
Thanks for this amazing game keep the good work .

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The problem right now is that there are many people who do NOT like the current announcer or the previous one. So an option between the two current one wont be that astounding. What you could've suggested was an option for us to use our OWN sound files for certain events. But that can lead to some busy work that (i assume) Riot does not require at the moment.

Many of these ideas have been posted in my thread that has been pushed back a little bit in the General Discussion forum but could have easily been found with the use of a "search" feature up there. It already has posts from Riot staff which means they are more likely to follow it. If you end up putting your ideas in there then perhaps you have increased odds in getting you voice heard.

Here is the thread that I speak of:

Or you can stick to the original thread that the staff have already made concerning the "New Announcer"