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Dodge-Worthy Dominion Allies

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Did a RED just say that Ashe's arrow is not worthy of Dominion?

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Gonna have to disagree about Malphite being a bad pick. He is an excellent counter pick champion against teams stacking heavy AD. Other team have Xin, Riven, GP? Malphite becomes a great pick. Sure in many cases Malphite is sub par compared to other options but given the right ones he is fantastic.

Vlad is decent at best I find. Certainly not dodge worthy, just nothing really special either.

Leona is pretty good I think. She has very good ability to setup kills for your team and push points for your team. The best champ on Dom? No way but she has her uses and I have seen them do very well when backed up by high damage assassins for example.

Karma....someone said she is amazing bot. I do not dodge based on champ picks, I may groan or cringe. I have yet to see a Karma do anything. I have fought them and they have been free kills and on my team I have yet to see them do much of anything. I would really like to see someone play her well.

Ashe also not worthless just outclassed by Vayne, Kog and so on who bring far more damage and usable utility. However under the right circumstances ashe can be very strong and her arrow is still great on Dominion.

I really do not think any champ is Dodge worthy honestly...

Yes I die inside when I have a Yi on my team but that is mostly because the people who play him are normally immature and terrible and he simply offers nothing outside damage to the team. I cringe when I have a Mundo but to be fair I have seen some pretty good ones, the problem is how fast he trails off into obscurity.