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Jungling is a joke now...

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I have only played udyr since the change, but it makes me sad and now i dont like to jungle. I play junglers solo top and mid kass cuz he is lolzy. But with udyr i noticed
1. I used to be on par with solo top for level and now im outleved by the dual lane.
2. I just buy a vamp scep and right click camps, i dont have to watch my hp i never lose more than 100. So boring.
3. Ganking hurts my team more than it helps. Overextending is no longer punished because red buff got nerfed.
4. People like talon are jungling. Anyone can jungle now. Smite isnt even helpful really.
5. Am i expected to take the experience mastery jungling? I thought riot didnt want that.
6. Low level players are gonna get so outleveled, fix didnt help.