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To those of you who are *****ing about the jungle:

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More champions CAN jungle, but I think he means that only a few excel at it right now. Mainly hyper fast clears like Skarner & Udyr.

This is exactly what i meant. People that are complaining about being behind on levels are using the wrong champions. It is probably these people that downvoted because "OMFG I DONT KNOW HOW TO JUNGLE SO THERE IS NO JUNGLE PATH ANYMORE" that are still trying to jungle fid. Yes, you can jungle with a lot more champions now. No, you won't be effective, and will probably fall behind because your champion needs a leash on blue in order to jungle without dying, which probably means your champion doesn't fit in with the new jungle.

Once again, you won't lose levels while ganking. The trick is to always have one side of your jungle cleared. For example: You are going to gank top (and blue buff is in your upper jungle). Clear wolves and blue, then gank top. You only added an extra 30 seconds max to your route, and possibly got a kill or an assist, which benefits your team, makes up for the lost xp, and gives you even more gold. On your way back down to wraithes and red buff, gank mid if you can. It doesn't add any time to your jungle route and once again, could be extremely beneficial to your team. Then clear the bottom jungle, and if available, gank bot. By now the wolves are definitely up, and its time to b and get some of those lovely boots.

If anything, the jungle is now MORE aggressive, because you can clear it faster and gank much more often than before. Which, by the way, could have to do with why people fall behind: they DONT gank, because they are stuck on the fact that staying in the jungle will grant you more xp because of faster respawns. When, in fact, it is easier to clear the jungle, so you will still have lots of time after clearing it to do absolutely nothing. Nothing, or gank? I think ganking is probably the better option.

Tl;dr: Use the right junglers, and incorporate ganks INTO your route, and NEVER stand around. Also: try not to go back very often. You can always grab blue for your mana and the smaller camps give you health if you kill them. Going back to get boots, of course, is always an exception.

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kayle is a pretty fast jungler too, fire sword and heal speed boost can keep up with jungle spawns, she is a fun jungler, first round of jungle is slightly slower than when i jungle skarner, but i clear insanely fast after that