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The Riot War Character Profiles

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Name: Epicn00b
Rank: Master of the Legion of n00b
Faction: The Legion of n00b
Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 26
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 200 pounds. Why do you guys want to know?
Class: Warlord
Alignment: Neutral
Allies: none so far....

Appearance:Has a Bloodthirster at his side; robes are the colors of Kog'Maw, god of Mercy.


Strength: 9
Intelligence: 5
Battle Skill: 9
Magical Aptitude: 3
Dexterity: 7
Stamina: 5
Constitution: 4
Resilience: 8
Wisdom: 4
Charisma: 7

Powers/Abilities: As a warlord, Epicn00b can command allies to make actions they wouldn't normally be able to do, buff their stats, and otherwise, essentially, order people around. In combat, Epicn00b is a formidible force: he is a remarkable swordsman, but what makes him (or WOULD make him) notable is the ability to "get backup" as he describes it. Lastly, because he wields a Bloodthirster, he gains a small amount of attack power that 1. stacks for every creature that dies near him. 2. goes away after he is out of combat

When the Riot Wars began, Epicn00b, a rogue warlord who worshipped Kog'Maw, God of Mercy, found that he was not named as a hero of any faction in the war. Furious, he made his own faction, claiming the lands north of the Imperium for himself. He has since gathered followers to aid him in his conquest for a place in history. His faction, the Legion of n00b, is fully prepared to bring destruction to his enemies.

Before the formation of the Legion of n00b, Epicn00b was but a simple soldier-for-hire....who never got hired. He traveled all over the land to find a job, but because no one of the factions shared the ideals he had, he refused to get hired. Before long, Epicn00b grew tired of being jobless, so he decided to create a new one: master of his own land. He claimed an abandoned fortress north of the Imperium, and this place soon became a place for political refugees to take shelter. It was not long until he managed to gain followers, and some followers came with knowledge, material, and enough cookies to make the LoN a reality. Among them, he met Irongrinder whose wisdom allowed Epicn00b to form his own nation. At the same time, the fortress's secrets have been found: a mighty ship bearing the name "Gangplank's *****" and an unnamed airship, which he called the n00btanic were discovered in the castles depths. By the time the n00btanic was brought above ground, the Riot Wars were declared, and Epicn00b, determined to finally get into a war, came true.

However, there is a curse upon Epicn00b. By releasing the n00btanic, an unknown being appeared before Epicn00b, and demanded a battle. Epicn00b accepted the challenge, and defeated this being...by cheating. After defeating him, he cast the stranger far away from his land, because he fears a rematch.

Weakness: lolwut?
Can't live without: food, water, living essentials....
Likes: Kog'Maw, god of Mercy, war
Dislikes: anyone who trolls him or gets on his nerves, BIRDs
REALLY ****ING HATES: anyone questioning whether his faction is legitimate or not
Favorite quote(s):
"Prepare for destruction." - Kog'Maw, God of Mercy
"I will battle them all!" - Epicn00b, master of the Legion of n00b
HAAAAAAAX! - get godmoded to death; refuse to accept it.

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Name: ???
Rank: ???
Faction: ???
Race: Human?
Gender: male
Age: ???
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 200 pounds?
Class: ???
Alignment: ??? (possibly Chaotic Evil)
Allies: ???

Appearance: Wears black armor with a black cape, as well as a black hat. Sometimes is walking with a black walking stick. Has a black sword with him as well

Strength: ???
Intelligence: ???
Battle Skill: ???
Magical Aptitude: ???
Dexterity: ???
Stamina: ???
Constitution: ???
Resilience: ???
Wisdom: ???
Charisma: ???

Powers/Abilities: Unknown. He appears to be a swordsman, but also appears to be able to cast magic. It seems impossible to tell whenever he casts magic, because he doesn't say anything. However, what magics he does use are certain: he can make things explode by simply waving his hand around; he can teleport at will, but he prefers to walk; whether he has any other abilities remain a mystery...

The first time this mysterious figure appeared was when Epicn00b successfully brought the n00btanic to the surface. He demanded a duel with Epicn00b, who accepted it. Epicn00b was not aware of his powers, but when he saw them used against him, Epicn00b deemed the man to dangerous to be in his land. He used a curse of some sort to bind ???, and then sent him away from the Legion of n00b as far as possible. Upon waking up, ??? discovered that his main form of power was also taken away from him; Epicn00b took his gauntlet as a "prize." ??? now seeks Epicn00b, to finish him, end his false reign, and take back what is rightfully his.

Weakness: ???
Can't live without: the gauntlet
Likes: blowing **** up
REALLY ****ING HATES: Epicn00b

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((Why is epicn00b posting profiles? Now time for some copy-paste.))

Please not that the parts in parenthesis are actually attributes of his staff, this is explained in the backround.

Character Profile:

Name - Redaxe(Lord Vogalus)
Age - no one knows(about 3000)
Gender - male
Height - about 6 feet
Weight - 250 lbs
Race - orc(Immortal Sorceror)
Class - warrior(mage)
Alignment – chaotic neutral(neutral good)
Faction - IsC

Appearance - A large, dark green orc carrying a polished gold staff topped with a diamond.


Strength – 8
Intelligence – 2(10)
Battle Skill – 7
Magical Aptitude – 2(10)
Dexterity – 5
Stamina – 8
Constitution – 7
Resilience – 6
Wisdom – 1(8)
Charisma – 2(5)

Powers/Abilties –
beserker - ability - redaxe charges foward and smashes the first thing he comes into contact with, depletes stamina
throw stuff - redaxe picks up some large object and throws it at the target
(adept arcanus - passive - some of the damge delt to redaxe by magic is absorbed and added to the power of his next spell)
(phase shift - spell - redaxe's can temperarily fly and move through solid objects)
(Infernoblast - spell - redaxe shoots a large fireball from his staff)
(Fell Arrow - ultamite - A bolt of cursed lightning erupts from redaxe's staff, dealing damage and temperarily reducing the stats of the target)

Backstory – Redaxe was your typical orc, wandering through the countryside with his tribe, raiding villages for food and slaves. All that changed when his tribe decided to attck a village of the New Morello Republic. The NMR quickly retaliated, and redaxe was the only survivor. He travelled alone across Valdoran, eventually finding himself in the ruins of a long lost city. There he spied a "shiny stick" which he picked up and continued on his way. What he did not know was that the staff he had aquired was the eternal home of Lord Vogalus, an ancient and incredibly powerful sorceror. Lord Vogalus was bored out of his skull after having laid around for 2000+ years, and decided to link his mind with the orc. Soon after this, the pair met a goblin who told them of a massive war between NMR and IsC. Redaxe {with help from his staff} realized that this was his chance to avenge his tribe and to smash things AT THE SAME TIME. So it was that the orc and the immortal sorceror set out to join the IsC...

Advantages – Strong in both physical and magical combat
Weakness – Separate the orc and the staff...
Can’t Live Without – meat, smashing things,(Someone to carry him around and use his powers)
Really Likes – other orcs,explosions, watching things die messily,(songbirds, pools of water, well thought out plans)
Likes – making things burn, achoholic drinks, loud noise,(magic,gold)
Dislikes – vegtables,(locked doors, dogs)
Really Dislikes – being defeated, other orcs being defeated,(people with no ambitions)
Can’t ****ing Stand – NMR,(homework,being bored)

Favorite Quotes (This is me only, redaxe doesn't bother with remembering quotes) –
"You, sir, are an idiot" - Erwin von Rommel
"Bite off more then you can chew- AND CHEW IT!!!" - My older brother

Achievements –
Whaaat? - created a confusing caracter profile
Buffed - increased stats slightly to be on par with other major characters

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Character Profile:

Name - Andersworth
Age - 37
Gender - Male
Height - 8'10"
Weight - 790 lb
Race - Bear
Class - Bear-Magi
Alignment - Chaotic Neutral
Faction - Brotherhood of the Armored Bear
Rank - Adviser-Knight
Allies - Brotherhood of the Armored Bears members

Appearance - Long dark grey fur, a leaner body than bears usually have, wears specially coated armor that shimmers in the light and appears to shift in and out of view, as well as a matching cloak with a hood.


Strength – 6
Intelligence – 7
Battle Skill – 8
Magical Aptitude – 8
Dexterity – 7
Stamina – 8
Constitution – 8
Resilience – 5
Wisdom – 6
Charisma – 6

< As an whole, his powers lie in spacial/gravitational manipulation >

Spacial Rift - Focuses his energy into his claws, cutting through space itself, ignoring objects in the way.
Spacial Blink - Pushes his entire being (and up to three more depending on their mass) from one location to another, usually needs to be able to see where he's going, but can push himself to any location that he's memorized.
Spacial Distortion - Distorts the space within an area, causing the bodies of those he choses to be slowed due to increasing how "far" they have to travel by creating a miniature wormho- ..no one's reading this anymore, are they?
Gravitational Pull - Causes a localized gravitational shift, making objects 'fall' in the direction he chooses.

< There will probably be more, eventually >

Personality / History

Born a small cub, Andersworth was considered a runt compared to the majority of his ursine brothers. He was always slightly weaker than them, and in a community where strength is everything, that meant he was considered practically worthless. Even to his human brothers, he wasn't thought of as much, since they had trained since birth against their bear brethren. He was always thought of as less than the rest. A childhood filled with taunting, mockery, and failure led to Anders being secluded and spent the majority of his time in the library. Hidden away in a dark corner, he found books that were supposedly lost from their collection. They contained runes, spells, rituals, but most importantly: they contained power.

He practiced every night he could, sneaking away to a grove to be alone. The brothers saw his progress, he was still physically weak but it seemed like something gave him an edge in combat. Anyone he faced would find themselves feeling sluggish, heavier than they should be. The bear-magi, a group of brothers who were gifted in magick, noticed it as well. Usually they can sense when a newborn has the talent, but it seemed like he had been passed over. They put a watch on him, to try to see if he was using magick or other...less honourable tactics. The watch caught him sneaking off and saw him using magick. The bear-magi had Andersworth watched for several more weeks, noting his progress and abilities.

Finally, they put in a request to have him sent to the magi chambers first thing in the morning. Upon arrival, he was immediately tested physchologically, physically, and magickally, as well as his knowledge of history and the arts. After a stressful month of tests and lack of sleep, he was finally inducted into the bear-magi. At first he was hopeful that he could make a name for himself, become a great leader and mage. However, as time went on and he researched more, he realized that the bear-magi, no matter how powerful one is, rarely recieve recognition in the history books.

The more he researched, he noticed that whenever a great mage was born, a certain type of brother was born. A shifter, the gifted, a volibar chosen, those with the ability to change their shape between a man and a bear. The shifters, it seemed, always recieved the praise in the history books, no matter how incomptetent they were, because they were almost always amazing warriors and combat strategists. Unfortunately for Andersworth, there was a shifter in the world at that time, a warrior by the name of Soupcup.

Soupcup was five years Anders' elder, a great warrior and tactician. He was the leader of the Bear Ops, an elite unit of brothers. He was, in several ways, the exact kind of shifter than is praised in history. Over time, Andersworth resigned himself to being a footnote in the books, striving instead to maybe help achieve The Creation in his lifetime. Eventually, Andersworth worked his way up to being an knight and a member of the Bear Ops. When Volibar left on his pilgrimage, he was chosen by the Ambearsador to be one of his closest advisers, along with the Knight of Spades, a legendary warrior.

Shifters, warriors, tacticians... the only ones noted in history are those who leave only blood and death, never the scholars or mages who leave knowledge for the ages.

Advantages – Can use magick to ignore armor and inhibit his opponents.
Weakness(es) – Physically weak and small, compared to the average brother.
Can’t Live Without – Power and Knowledge
Really Likes – Books, Magick, Meditation
Likes – Tea
Dislikes – Ignorance
Really Dislikes – Stupidity
Can’t ****ing Stand – Zileas and those who stand in the way of The Creation

Favorite Quotes

Runt - Be small compared to others of your kind.
Worthless Knight - Be forced to get tea for your ruler.
The Ignored - Be left behind whenever the majority of those around you leave.
Soul-ly for nothing - Be one of the only ones not at the Battle of Nikapolis to fight the Soulreaver.
Bear Ops - Be a veteran member, or current member, of the Bear Ops elite unit.
An (not-so) Unmentionable - Be mentioned in a chapter introduction.
Misread information Kills - Mess up reading the chapter intro and end up believing you were killed off.
Scribe Enscribed - Be the reason for Sagarys to create a character profile.

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Il update the backstory/skill/spell list as I show more of them in the RP. Im also right now in the process of cleaning up loads of loose ends and useless details.

Name: Msyk Twill
Age: Late twenties or early thirties, he keeps it a secret.
Gender: Male
Height: 6”
Weight: ~180 lbs.
Race: Human
Class: Frontal fighter with some assassin features.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)
Faction: New Morello Republic
Position: Commander
Allies: Mercenaries, his companions.

Appearance & Equipment: Tall and fairly slim, with a good but not exceptional musculature. Grey eyes, dark blond or pale brown semi-long hair (at your choice). No visible traits on the face. Wears black leather boots, a gray pantaloon and a gray shirt that bears no symbols, leather shorts and armor with no sleeves, with metal padding on his knees, right shoulder, portion of the boot, and metal wristbands. Nothing of this is visible if he wears his large dark green cult-like robe, as those clothing are floaty and used to hide most physical traits. Never wears the hood of the robe unless absolutely necessary (will be specified what he is wearing during RP.). Has a belt with two sabers sheathed and a small pouch, usually holding a few potions or scrolls. A dagger handle is visible in his left boot. As for equipment, a basic assassination or throwing dagger, two enchanted sabers: Ascandar, the right hand one, has a dark look and reflects no light and drains blood to heal it’s wielder (25%) and Ishimir, the left hand one, has an azure reflection and a chilly aura surrounding it. It will slow the circulation of anybody wounded by the blade, slowing down movements. Ragniüs is a 7”6’ long spear, with a counterweight at the bottom. The tip is 6’ wide at the widest, and 11’ long in the middle, made of an unknown metal that reflects no light. Ragniüs is enchanted to be recalled at anytime by Msyk and to increase a bit his physical strength.

Attributes (some attributes are + or -, view skills)

Strength: 5 (+2 with his spear, Ragniüs)
Intelligence: 9
Battle Skill: 10
Magical Aptitude: 4
Dexterity: 10 (9+1)
Stamina: 7
Constitution: 3 (5 – 2)
Resilience: 5
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 4

-Shadowfooted (Passive): Increased speed and mobility (+1 dexterity), does no sound while moving, artificially reduces constitution and feeling of weight (-2 constitution).
-Ghost Strike (Ability, Sword(s), Spear): TBA
-Catropt Assault (Ability, Sword(s), Spear): TBA
-Air Scar (Ability, Sword(s)): TBA
-Flash Counter (Ability, Spear): TBA
-Impalewave Trusth (Ability, Spear): TBA
-Demon Slice (Ability, Spear): Immediately slices eight times all around which is further repeated and amplified after a small delay. (Spear emits a black glow)
-Plate Crusher (Ability, Spear): Unleashes a moderatly strong attack that deals extremely high damage to heavily armored targets and sunders their defenses (Spear emits a black glow)
-Icicle Shard (Spell, Ice): Collects humidity and freezes it into a small shard that will be thrown at a target. The target will receive light ice damage and will have all of its movements slowed for a few seconds. If the shard hits an object or terran, it will leave a small pillar of ice.
-Shatter / Release (Spell, Combo, Ice): TBA
-Force (Spell, Arcanic): Unleashes by the palm of the hand a strong cone shockwave that will knockback anything within 20 feet. If used on the ground, the shockwave will instead be deploy all-round in a 10 feet radius.
-Gravity Lapse (Spell, Dark): TBA
-Null-Magic Aura (Spell, Arcane): TBA
-Ice Path (Spell, Ice, Handless): TBA
-Umbra Blink (Spell, Dark, Handless): Chooses a location in sight within 30 feet, and disappears into the shadows, entering a stasis for 2 seconds, before reappearing at the chosen location. If holding the hand of somebody, that said person will also blink with the caster.
-Umbra Step (Spell, Dark, Handless): Chooses a target within sight, and disappears into the shadows, entering a stasis for 2 seconds, before reappearing in the shadow of the chosen target.
-Phantom Lancer (Spell, Arcanic, Signature move): TBA

Personality / History: Born as a Xyphuminati, Msyk and one of his friend decided to leave their native faction due to a lack of actions in their late teenage years. After traveling around the world for quite some time and making friends that shared the same convictions, he settled to join the New Morello Republic. Over time, his actions, prowess and tactical thinking led him to be promoted to Commander, even though he never wanted to. He assumes this role because "nobody else around can", or so they say. Msyk is pretty much always calm, mainly because he is cold blooded, almost literally.

Advantages: Nocturne and cold environments. Fights at best in snowy fields and at night (lethal if has both)
Weakness: Hot environments/high heat and fire.
Likes: Good fights, snow, the night, wine, books, challenges.
Dislikes: Braggers out of their places, people arguing him at the wrong moment.
Can’t ****ing Stand: Nothing rubs him off at that point, he keeps his cool too much.

Favorite Quote:
-“A man should be judged by his actions, not words.” -Anonymous
-"Honor? A fool's excuse for not doing what needs to be done - victory at all costs." -Nerflord Morello
-"Listen to logic and reason and abandon your heated passions. It will only lead to our dooms." -Xypherous

Wall of China: Make a large wall of text (5000+ words).
Radiant Historia: Be hated for making a post that contains RPing that is one post ahead of other people. Do not do this again.
Soul Blazer: Defeat a Soulreaver.
Chrono Trigger: Was forced by the scribe to change one of his posts.
Third time's a charm: Edit a single post three times or more.
Devil Survivor: Met a terrifying inhuman creature and lived to tell the tale.
First Blood: Was the first to fight someone else in the Riot War event.
Nerfed to hell and back from it: Was both nerfed and buffed several time by Morello. (Current numbers are unknown.)


Name: Xandar “Twill?”
Age: Mid or late twenties.
Gender: Male
Height: 5”10’
Weight: ~210 lbs.
Race: Human
Class: Frontal fighter.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Judge)
Faction: New Morello Republic
Position: Versatile. Scout, frontal soldier, messenger, little d*****bag.
Allies: Mercenaries, his companions.

Appearance & Equipment: Well proportioned, Xandar looks like somebody freshly out of his teenage. Blue eyes, brown short hair. Wears plated metal boots, wristbands and shoulder pads, a gray pantaloon and a gray shirt that bears no symbols, leather armor with no sleeves and a pair of short chain pants. Nothing of this is visible if he wears his large dark green cult-like robe, as those clothing are floaty and used to hide most physical traits. The said robe has a hood (it will be specified what he is wearing during RP.) As for equipment, just a single not-yet-named Claymore with no enchantments. The said claymore has a beige blade that is nine foot long and a foot wide. The guard is made out of steel and has no particular ornament, safe for a green emerald as a counterweight.

Attributes (Sometimes, most of his attributes increase. See skills)

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 6
Battle Skill: 9
Magical Aptitude: 3
Dexterity: 7
Stamina: 8
Constitution: 6
Resilience: 6
Wisdom: 7
Charisma: 5

-Dual berserker stance (passive): At will, Xandar can shift between two fighting stance: Wounded Beast and Blood Berserker. Wounded beast increases Xandar’s attributes (strength, battle skill, dexterity, stamina and resilience) by +1 when he’s slightly injured, and by +2 when gravely injured. Blood Berserker will absorb by the wielder’s weapon any blood created by the weapon wounds, regenerating anywhere between 5% and 35% of the damage dealt, depending on how gravely injured the user is.
-Ghost Strike (Ability, Sword): TBA
-Wide Cleave (Ability, Sword): Executing an extremely wide slash, the user knocks away the first person hit into any other characters inside the slash's radius, dealing more damage to the secondary target(s).
-Sonic Blade (Ability, Sword): An extremely swift slash that still does tremendous damage to a single enemy (Sword emits a green glow).
-Air Slice (Ability, Sword): Slices in the air with high velocity, creating strong wind currents that lightly damage enemies and will knock them off their feet.
-Violent Shred (Ability, Sword): TBA
-Magus Kiss (Ability, Sword): TBA
-Wind Blast (Spell, Wind): Creates a pressurized sphere of wind that will be thrown at a target to injure and disorient it.
-Cyclone (Spell, Wind): Creates a self-centered Cyclone that will attract enemies to the caster.
-Wind Surge (Spell, wind): Enhances the caster’s weapon with wind, enabling the next attack to instantaneously deal a double strike, the second being wind damage.
-Blade Oversurge (Spell, arcanic, Signature move): Locking down the use of any other spells, the caster channels all his magical might into his weapon, tripling its length and increasing by one and a half the power of the assaults. This ability can be toggled off at will and drains mental energy over time.

Personality / History: Living in the Xyphuminati capital, Xandar lost his parents in a magical accident before he could even talk, which led to him getting adopted by the Twill family. He grew up with Msyk, who was six years older than him. Despite being in the same family, neither of those two considered themselves brothers. But they did remain very close friends, constantly fighting each other to test their wits. Once Msyk reached his late teenage, his ambition became hard to hold off, so he decided to flee the Xyphuminaties. Xandar knew his companion way to well, and deep inside, he shared the same thirst for adventure and actual change that his “brother” had, so he joined in. Today, they are both working for the Lord Morello, and even though they still don’t consider themselves brothers, they keep a complicity so subtle yet deep that nobody suspects it. Beware the day that somebody will face both of those warriors at once.

Advantages: When wounded.
Weakness: Earth related magic, high heights.
Likes: Sparring, Msyk, games, outside areas, big weapon jokes.
Dislikes: Being given grunt tasks, climbing.
Can’t ****ing Stand: People minding his private life.

Favorite Quote: “Size doesn’t mean everything.” -Teemo

Soul Blazer: Defeat a Soulreaver.
Dat Weapon!: Make somebody gasp at the sheer size of your weapon.


Character Profile:

Name: Kaiko Snozy
Age: Late twenties or early thirties, born exactly three months after Msyk.
Gender: Male
Height: 5”8’
Weight: ~165 lbs.
Race: Human
Class: Archer.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral (Free Spirit)
Faction: New Morello Republic
Position: 2nd in command.
Allies: Mercenaries, his companions.

Appearance & Equipment: Kaiko is frail looking, mainly because he is. Brown eyes, black short hair. Wears leather armor from neck to toe, excluding metal wristbands. Nothing of this is visible if he wears his large dark green cult-like robe, as those clothing are floaty and used to hide most physical traits. The said robe has a hood (it will be specified what he is wearing during RP.). Kaiko has a special pair of glasses that amplifies his vision beyond regular range, and the right lens has a reticule carved in it, which he is more than accustomed to use. He also has a glaive attached to his left leg, but he is almost never seen using it. Should you ever face him while he’s using it, it’s because he is considering you a joke at fighting. A dark red longbow can almost always been seen overlapping his right shoulder, all the way down to his left hip, with the appropriate quiver on his left shoulder, which would see use in long range sniping. On his right leg is attached his modified, smaller version of the R-F25 developed by BaronVonWalrus a long time ago, which is a compact crossbow used for closer range confrontations. A small pouch with quarrels can be seen on his belt. Never seen on him unless it’s being used, Kaiko can conjure Strendïel, a blade bow that is magically enchanted to create arcanic arrows as the string is being pulled. The blade bow can also be sundered into two pieces, the string magically disappearing, and both parts can be used as curved blades.


Strength: 6
Intelligence: 9
Battle Skill: 10
Magical Aptitude: 1 (is 0 allowed?)
Dexterity: 8
Stamina: 7
Constitution: 4
Resilience: 4
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 2

Powers/Abilities: Not everything has been seen of Kaiko yet. He knows no spells, but a decent array of abilities.
-Barrage fire (passive): Due to his immense focus and practice, the character is capable of very rapidly firing ranged weapons, sometimes before the first projectile reaches its target.
-Double Shot (Ability, Bow): Stretching two arrows at once, the caster can fire two arrows or bolts at the same location.
-Spellshot (Ability, Bow): ?
-Flèche de Force (Ability, Bow, Signature move): Focusing all the strength of a magical bow into a single arrow, the user can shoot a swift explosive arrow that gains strength and size proportionally to the distance it travels. {yes this may look a lot like ECA}

Personality / History: Kaiko left his village of the Imperium in his late teenage, leaving his family and little brother behind. He wanted to live his life the way he wanted: always to the limit. He didn’t get any formations from the Imperium to deal tons of damage, so his potential is yet fulfilled. He travelled far and wide, meeting multiple types of people in his adventures. One of his favorite activities was a test of wits through many types of board games at inns. In the area that he was travelling on the eastern continent, people started to whisper his name as an unbeatable chess player. Those who opposed him quickly saw that he was also a very solid archer and a not too shabby fencer, but he had a short fused. That all changed one day, when two travelers entered his favorite inn, the Prancing Pwny, specifically to challenge him. This chess contest was one of the tightest even witnessed by the people in the area, neither side losing any pieces, and both sides shutting down all doors at potential traps. The owner even decided to stay open much later than usual, since both of those man’s contest had drawn to her more customers. As the dawn was rising, both players were still on even fields, the none-playing traveler was sleeping at one of the tables, and both players were still at it, when Kaiko lost his temper. He was about to challenge his opponent to a more hardcore game, when they all realised that their belongings had been stolen by local bandits during their battle of wits. Settling on a truce, Kaiko began what was only the beginning of a new adventure with his two companions.

Advantages: When out of reach of an opponent or outwitsing him.
Weakness: Easily emotional (read: rages a lot), very frail character all around.
Likes: Tactical warfare, tactical board games, killing & fighting, woman
Dislikes: (currently) IsC, (always had) people telling him to calm down.
Can’t ****ing Stand: Being left aside.

Favorite Quote: “Let your rage consume you, empower you.” – Rage God Guinsoo (not the actual Guinsoo)

Soul Blazer: Defeat a Soulreaver.


Name: Hareve Spallrius
Age: Early thirties.
Gender: Male
Height: 8”
Weight: ~325 lbs. (pure muscles baby)
Race: Human
Class: Demolisher, frontal warrior.
Alignment: Neutral lawful (Judge)
Faction: New Morello Republic
Position: Frontal Soldier and enemy troops mower. Also likes the 69 position.
Allies: Mercenaries, his companions.

Appearance & Equipment: Hareve was a colossal character, with muscles on his muscles and rugged good looks. Brown eyes, black semi-long curled air hair and a two days beard (think Armenian stereotype). Wears a sleeveless chain vest and a pair of short of the same material, plated boots and metal wristbands. Also has a grey short sleeved shirt, to reveal his stature. Nothing of this is visible if he wears his (VERY VERY!) large dark green cult-like robe, as those clothing are (somewhat, on Hareve) floaty and used to hide most physical traits. The said robe has a hood (it will be specified what he is wearing during RP.). Hareve only had one piece of equipment: Mashzor, his ten feet high metallic mace. The head was a spiked ball of four feet of diameter, the pole had the remaining six feet, and a very heavy counterweight could be seen at the bottom. A little button on the pole near the position of the thumb will release the head of the mace, keeping it still attached to a chain hidden inside Mashzor. This extendable feature temporarily transforms the mace into a flail.


Strength: 10
Intelligence: 4
Battle Skill: 10
Magical Aptitude: 4
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 9
Constitution: 10
Resilience: 8
Wisdom: 5
Charisma: 7

-Grounded fighter (Passive): Retaining extreme control of himself, Hareve is very hard to incapcitate.
-Earthshaker (Ability, Mace): Slams his weapon on the ground with extreme force, creating a cloud of earth/dirt/sand/stone that will cloud vision for a brief period. Needless to say, anybody under the weapon at the moment of the impact will be severly injured.
-Power Fist (Ability, weaponless): Hareve is cool enough to give his punches names. This ability does nothing special, but it has a name.
-Quake (Spell, Earth): Focusing into the earth itself, the caster creates a localized earthquake that will make anyone in it's zone fall down.
-Destruction (Ability, Mace, Signature move): TBA

Personality / History: Hareve has always been traveling for as far as he can recall. His parents were nomads refusing to be associated with any factions. Much to his father's image, Hareve trained day and night his body to be as strong as humanly possible. His dream was to change to world, one way or another. At the age of 19, his family was assailed by bandits. Him and his father fought them bravely, but his parents died in the end and he was left at agony. After a long recovery on his own, Hareve decided to keep his nomadic style, and swore revenge to his father. He achieved this much later with unexpected help. A spear fighter by the name of Msyk, a swordsman called Xandar and an archer named Kaiko joined him, in hopes to recover some of their lost goods by those same bandits. With the strength of these four, they easily overcame the bandits, giving them due punishment. Not knowing what to do next, Hareve settled to follow Msyk's gang into their next adventures.

Advantages & Weakness: Outsides of puzzles and heights, Hareve has no real fighting strengths or weaknesses.
Likes: Combat, drinking, horrible puns and jokes, cooking, casual chatting, Smubaiky.
Dislikes: People hurting his friends, complicated conversations, cowards
Can’t ****ing Stand: People messing up his meals.

Favorite Quotes: (to be implemented)

Bloodring Conqueror: Come out victorious of the most challenging event of the Coliseum.
Why'd you hurt your friend?: eliminate an enemy by throwing one of his allies on him.


I will post Smubaiky and Lucia's later, in a different shot.

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Name: Luminesia (loves the prefix "lady" also)
Age: 30 (looks younger than that though)
Gender: Female
Height: 5"7'
Weight: 140 lbs
Race: Human, Catalyst magus.
Class: Semi-support. Light & fire Sorceress.
Alignment: Neutral good (benefactor).
Faction: ?
Allies: IsC (recruited by), all allies of the IsC.

Appearance - Long white hair, blue eyes, yellow & orange light clothing that is enhanced by magic. She also has a bag with magicaly improved space. Can conjure a special wand to help her casting spells or a shortsword for hand to hand combat.


Strength: 2
Intelligence: 10
Battle Skill: 8
Magical Aptitude: 10
Dexterity: 6
Stamina: 7
Constitution: 3
Resilience: 2
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 9

Powers/Spells: This is not everything.
-Dual casting (passive) - In moments where high concentration is possible, Luminesia can channel two seperate spells through each hand.
-Light/Fire Ball (spell, light/fire) - Can pressurise one of the two elements into a ball to use for different purpose, including but not limited to: lighting, damaging, teasing, coded messages.
-Light Ray (spell, light) - Luminesia processes the power of light into her palm, creating a pressurized laser beam that will decimate anything in it's path.
-Fiery Nova (spell, light) - Luminesia creates a highly pressured zone of heat at a distance, shortly followed by a devastating "firework". Can be used for show off.
-Photon Shield (spell, light) - Luminesia creates a sphere of variable size and durability that will protect anyone inside from damage.
-Divine Sphere (spell, light) - Luminesia can create an indestructable, unpassable sphere for several minutes. While anything inside cannot interact with the outside (and vice versa), there is no way of going through the sphere.
-Grand Heal (spell, light) - Channels for a certain moment different powers of the light, destroying almost any injuries into the selected target.
-Flaming enhancement (spell, fire) - engulfs into majestic flames any weapons that Luminesia chooses.
-Shackles of binding light (spell, light) - unleashes from nowhere several chains that will entangle the limbs of a target.
-Photon Axis (spell, light) - yet to be seen.
-Shining Orb/Light Spear (spell, light) - yet to be seen, two part spell.
-Aureola Zone (spell, light) - Luminesia creates a zone of smoothly radiating light, slowly healing allies and damaging enemies who are in it.
-Mass teleportation (spell, arcanic) - Teleports several hundreds of persons.
-Elemental banishement (spell, varies) - negates the use of a spell of a certain school of element (outside of arcane) in a certain zone for several minutes.
-Luminesia's wrath (spell, fire) - yet to be seen. "Ultimate".
-Luminesia's fortitude (spell, light) - yet to be seen. "Ultimate".
-Luminesia's swiftness (spell, light) - yet to be seens. "Ultimate".

Personality / History


Advantages – Daylight, open areas, allies.
Weakness – Any physical assault. She is extremely frail.
Can’t Live Without – Sunshine, magical energy.
Likes: Magic, learning, nature.
Dislikes: Anything reminding her of her childhood, failing, physical efforts, machinery.
Can’t ****ing Stand: Womanizers.

Favorite Quotes: Turn to the light. Don't be frightened by the shadows it creates.

Achievements: To be implemented

I will update this profile very regularly. This character has many spoilers that I must not show yet.

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Character Profile:

Name: veter muzhchin nimfu (goes by muzkya)
Age: 18
Gender: male
Height: 5’11
Weight: 165
Race: Aurai (Air nymph)
Class: AD, support
Alignment –Chaotic good
Faction: Iron Solari
Rank (if applicable): unknown
Allies: the brotherhood, the nyans and anyone in the IsC.etc…

Appearance – His hair is a long length of white hair that frames his face and reaches to the torso his eyes are a hazel green and blue he has an almond shaped face he is muscular and he wears robes also has four wings basically as so:



Strength –6
Intelligence – 10
Battle Skill –5
Magical Aptitude – 5
Dexterity – 6
Stamina –6
Constitution – 7
Resilience – 5
Wisdom – 10
Charisma – 9

Wind’s healing whispers: Muzkya whispers to an ally or himself the secrets of the healing power of the wind healing his ally or himself
Shielding clouds: Muzkya sends a could that shields an ally or himself
Thrashing winds: Muzkya sends a wave of razor sharp wind that slices at his enemies
The wraith of the nymphs: Muzkya channels with extreme focus and then create a hurricane that drags his enemies into the eye of the storm dealing damage stunning them
Traveler of wind: Muzkya summons great winds that teleports him and his allies to places but can't be used often.
Swift as the wind: Muzkya whispers the secrets of the wind that speeds himself and his allies up
Crippling blow: Muzkya summons a gust of wind that blows on his enemies dealing damage and slowing them
More to come since i'm in training :3

Personality / History –Muzkya Is the first male born of his kind no one but the elder nymphets knew about his coming for he was a prophet to bring peace between his kind the aurai (air nymphs) and the Gorgyra (underworld nymphs) his being of the wind born nymph gave his abilities attributes of the wind as he grew older the elder nymphs trained him for the big battle and when the time came about he fought long and hard against his enemies to bring peace between his kind and theirs when peace was brought upon them he learned of other evils in the world and he felt the need to bring aide to people seeking peace.

Advantages – the air
Weakness(es) – underground and darkness hatred, vodka
Can’t Live Without –love, air
Really Likes –the wind, happiness, music, games, sweets
Likes –cute people cute things basically anything cute dancing and singing
Dislikes –seeing people being treated badly.
Really Dislikes –evil people, unfairness, dark chocolate
Can’t ****ing Stand – being tricked, being picked on/gang up on annoying children

Favorite Quotes
“Madame, bear in mind that princes govern all things–save the wind”
A breeze came wandering from the sky, light as the whispers of a dream; He put the overhanging grasses by, and softly stooped to kiss the stream, The pretty stream, the flattered stream, The shy, yet un-reluctant stream of wind’
I hear the howl of the wind that brings
the long drear storm on its heavy wings.
Wind is the fate we are facing
Wind is the life we are touching every second
Wind is the love we don’t understand but feel
Wind is the bridge we cannot see but feel

Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there

Peace seeker: sought out peace for his kind.
Great healer: was told was one of the best supports ever.
Originality: being an original back story (Thanks Valk)
First male nymph: being a male nymph
Joy riding the back of the wind’s wings: bringing smiles to people where ever I go.

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((Man, with all the profiles you guys are posting, I'm thinking of 'recruiting' people and making my solo troll faction into more of a actual faction. How about 'The Chartreuse Embassy,' or 'The Chartreuse Ninjas?' I think the second one works better, unless I start recruiting mages and such...and certainly no pirates. XD))

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{{Epicn00b, get your profiles off my thread, now!
You're not welcome here anymore!}}

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Character Profile:

Name: Salvatore
Age: 29
Gender: male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185
Race: Noxian
Class: Assassian/Melee
Alignment – Evil (Likes to be told what to do)
Faction: NMR
Rank (if applicable): Merely hired help
Allies: Apparently the Bears.....

Appearance – Standing at roughly six feet, Salvatore weighs in at about one hundred and eighty five pounds of pure muscle. Toned and slightly lanky, Salvatore has black hair he keeps cropped short to his head, and a pair of slate grey eyes and seem like stones. He wears pants that allow freedom of movement, and shirts that open at the chest, and cinch at his wrists, in black. His boots come up to his knees, and fold down, quite like a pirates. His sword is worn strapped to his back, the hilt going over his left shoulder.


Strength –9
Intelligence – 9
Battle Skill –10
Magical Aptitude – 0
Dexterity – 7
Stamina –10
Constitution – 6
Resilience – 8
Wisdom – 4
Charisma – 3

Powers/Abilties –
1: Archer abilities: Uses a bow with a skill akin to an Archer who’s just started to be trained to use one.

2: Sword Abilities: Used to be a knight for the Noxian lords. Has all sword training associated with it.

3: Blending: Can fade into a crowd and become inconspicuous. Moves from town to town without anyone able to remember him exactly.

Personality / History –Born and trained in Noxus, Salvatore was trained to be a knight since he was the second son of the family. After all, the Second son is always destined for the military of some sort. Salv renounced any and all claims to his family titles, and only ever goes by his first name. Stubborn and harsh since that was the country he grew up in, Salv never learned kindness unless he wanted something, and even then he wasn’t all that kind.

He trained and became a knight at the tender age of 18. He defected from the Knights (not the Knights who drink tea, just regular Knights) he grew up with at the age of 26, and became a mercenary because it paid better. Thirsty for money and anything that can prove a challenge, Salv is always on the hunt for the next big thing.

He's cold, and calculating. He doesn't care for what people think of him, and he only gets women because he plays hard to get. Actually he doesn't play Hard to get, he is hard to get. That *******. Anyway, he's got a soft side, but it takes the right kind of thing to get him to show it. That soft side is only if he's alone and it's only if it's kids. He loves kids for some reason.....

Advantages – Close range fighting
Weakness(es) – Ranged Attackers
Can’t Live Without –His blade, nor his bow.
Really Likes –women, booze, and fighting
Likes – Killing people making mass amounts of chaos
Dislikes – Loosing a contract
Really Dislikes – those he can not defeat
Can’t ****ing Stand – Watching Children die

Favorite Quotes –
"Never fight what you can not kill. You'll wind up dead yourself." - Salvatore

Achievements –