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Beating ryze?

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When I play Rammus, I DBC, then taunt him...my Tremor will kill him, but his barrage won't do more than 30% of my HP, since he can't finish his combo if I taunt him into me.
As Sion, I have enough HP to last through a lot of his dmg. The shield helps a ton, and I burst it mid fight to hurt him back, followed by stun. Dead Ryze.
As Kat, I plop a ward nearby, let him pull his combo, then Shunpo to the ward--his combo would be wasted after he pop Rune prison, leaving him an easy target. Usually I don't initiate though, so I just Shunpo in and destroy him while he tries to combo down our initiator.

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How to counter Ryze?

1) Don't take him on 1vs1. He's a champ designed to be strongest against 1 champ (ult kinda changes that but he's still best 1vs1). LoL isn't about every champ being directly equal. Some are better pushers, some support, others surviving and some, like Ryze at killing. Don't play to Ryze's strengths and be a hero.

2) Be a good buddy. If you see your team mate get prisoned and ryze isn't using his ult jump in close. You'll significantly reduce the amount of damage your buddy takes and since Ryze generally has to use every ability he has to kill someone that leaves him pretty well boned.

3) Snares != stuns. If your champ has a stun, a bump or a defensive ability you can use them while snared. Ryze snares you? Pop him with a stun then back off or pounce if it lasts long enough. I main Gragas and if I'm engaging Ryze I always keep my ult up so that if he prisons me I bump him after he uses his bouncing skill so that it gets wasted as he moves out of range and the thing has nothing to bounce on.

4) Banshee really busts the prison which he needs to ensure max damage.

5) Harass him. Ryze has low range with his abilities and you can often harass him into not feeling safe enough to make a move as if it doesn't work he's toast.

6) Cleanse. Cleanse -ruins- his prison and that's all you need to escape.

Blam, you've counter Ryze. Good ones will still kill you (he's not a horrible champ) but he's an assassin, it's kind of his job. Play smart though and he's actually not particularly tough to deal with. Champs with better CC like Fiddle are the real powerhouses.