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enough qq about gameplay changes already

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That Other Guy

Senior Member


I am really sick of all the complaints about reworks, new champions, changes to masteries, new maps, etc. Well I have news for all of you whiners; LoL is alive and it is always changing, keeping things fun and trying to maintain balance. If you don't like it then don't play it; don't whine and try to get LoL changed into a stagnant game that people will just get bored with and throw away.

Don't get me wrong; constructive feedback and intellectual discussion are very positive forces for the game, but what I'm seeing is mostly people who just say "I don't like this", try to treat similar abilities as if they're identical, don't bother to actually read, can't be bothered to counter or in some cases just L2P, complain about stuff before they've even tried it, complain about an OP champion getting balanced, etc.

This game is constantly changing; if you don't like that or are too rigid to adapt you signed up for the wrong game and that's YOUR fault.