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MissMiaRose ex porn star streaming.

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It's sad because i'm guessing about 3/4 of the people even watching her are league of legends nerds that see no sun hoping to see a nipple.

She seems cool(Only thing I find obnoxious is the hurr hurr look at my boobs while I enlarge my cam so you can't see my email) - I feel bad for her because she's just trying to have fun and enjoy playing games with friends.

Ex porn star playing video games with "pros", yup seems legit to me too. She is the typical stereotype of a dumb b!@#$. She is worried about stevens image after being belligerently drunk on stream but doesn't turn the !@#$ing thing off.

I feel bad for people attracted to a succubus like this chick, sorry for her my ass. You Mr. White knight who is assuming the community he is apart of is mostly nerd virgins seem to have herped bad this time.

I know its hard at first glance to see past cleavage but at least try. The biggest thing that disgust me is how insincere she is i hope all those SC2 players bang her and toss her aside.

TL;DR Porn stars real smart.