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Mundo on Dominion

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Ebony KING

Junior Member


Jenkin Rei:
There are other items that help with that besides Warmogs. FoN, Randuin's, Stark's Fervor (This one helps while playing AS/AD Mundo as well as Tiamat), and Shurelya's Reverie.

You can build Mundo with Merc Treads, FoN, Stark's, Sunfire, Spirit Visage, and Shurelya's for a total regen of 165.93 per 5 BEFORE debuff.

Total HP: 3062
AS: 1.099
Dmg: 110
APen: 20
MPen: 0
Armor: 125
MR: 174.5
Life Steal: 20%
Tenacity: 35
CDR: 25%
MS: 421

All of that is before Masteries and Runes.

everyone is quick to throw a champ when there way doesnt work thank you for offering up another solution besides "hes broke, dont play him"

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i feel bad for th big purple guy... wondering when riot will actually buff him :[

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Haha last night I found an he has awesome synergy with Urgot. Put both of them on a point(such as windmill in this case) and watch how no one wants to come near for fear of getting double bladed in the face. Urgot and I(Mundo) were holding off Ryze, Olaf, Voli, and Talon because the second anyone got near it was QQ and they were hurtin'.