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Singed Build?

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I'm not quite sure how to play Singed. Every time I attempted him, I sucked miserably. But when I face a good Singed... I don't think I have ever been rocked so hard by someone other than Singed. People can play him crazy i've seen' but what does he need? Is RoA a good item, so he gets his AP and his health and mana? Great AP/Tank item.

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RoA and boots(swiftness/merc) is really all you need, and after that build ap/tank items according to situation.
for AP void staff, rylais, and Will of the ancients are decent, and Tank get FoN, GA, Frozen heart and omen etc.

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Couple of thoughts: (edit: rearranged some of it)

Speed. It is the only real thing that matters when you play Singed. Because of his unique play style, people who systematically do well rely on speed as both a reaching and an escaping mechanic.

That means you want to grab all the speed bonuses you can, and I means ALL of them.

Ideally, you grab Speed Quintessences, the speed bonus in Utility (defense for the rest of the mastery works well, up to 3/4 veteran's scars).

Summoner spells: ghost (speed, what else) and cleanse because it's just so strong in the metagame at the moment. Note that teleport is great when you're still learning the gameplay because it lets you do one trip really quickly to the base if you're being harassed early.

You start off with a regen pendant, and 1 point in Fling to help if something good or bad happens at level 1. But, once creeps are in, you basically do nothing but defending, and trying to get last hits. At level 3 you have poison 2 and fling 1, you can start setting up a gank by ghosting, charging the target with poison trail active, fling immediately back, then let your team mate do the rest, while you are preventing the target from fleeing by staying ahead. At level you got your first point in Mega adhesive, so that helps too, just grab the dude fling him back, then mega adhesive pretty much where you are to stop him from fleeing.

For items I recommend Regen pendant, then, to give you an order of buys depending on the gold you get, I go Mana Sapphire > Health > Boots 1 > Catalyst > Boots 3 > Rod of Ages.

From there, pretty much what Indigoaqua said to the letter. The key is to adapt to whatever damage out put they have. If they have a lot of stuns, or disables in general, immediately after RoA, you can build a second Catalyst into a banshee's veil, and just watch their faces melt as you reach silly amounts of HP so early in the game.

A couple of tips: don't grab golem out of your teammates who need it more than you, because if you manage your poison correctly, you don't need golem after catalyst.

Having so high amounts of HP is great, but hard on your regen. If your opponents have a decent amount of magic damage dealers, after RoA, build 2 regen pendants quickly, then force of nature as a third item. It is waaaay more powerful than it looks like on Singed, because of the movement speed, and because it keeps you toped off between ganks. Then after, just build HP, and some armor if they have phys champs. Guardian Angel is pretty awesome because with Ghost active, you can actually escape most of the time after resurrection. Haunting guise is actually good because you will hardly fill all your slots, so it is a solid quick upgrade too.

Hope that helps!