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Voli bear my build idea for him

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Fairly standard tanky dps build but still
Triforce = good dmg proc seems like he has low cds already have movespeed increase skill , frenzy prob works with the proc gives attack speed slow mana lots of things he needs
Warmogs = hp for passive, and his frenzy
Atmas = more dmg since your alreay gonna have over 3.5k hp with triforce warmogs and hp from defence tree add in fort pot to troll even more
Merc Treads = atmas is your armor and this is your mr along with wits end
Wits End = good item overall on any tanky dps lots of dmg, free mr and attackspeed and voli needs attack speed to trigger frenzy more often
Last item could be one of wriggles, spirit visage, sunfire cape, banshees veil, force of nature, blood thirster, ie since you already have good crit chance from triforce and atmas or madreds