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When will the Mac beta open again?

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I have a friend who wants to play but they have a mac and I want to know a couple of questions.
1. When will Mac beta open again?
2. Is there a way now to get them into beta now?
3. When is the approximation date (or month) Mac will open?
Thank You

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1. who knows. best best are on "next december", others instead are for "january 2013 maya calendar".
2. Riot's beta client has been disable and it is no more supported. however, it never really worked good. fanmade versions were better, and they're still updated and working.
3. Soon(tm).

for the fanmade version, wich means basically the only one that works, visit www.boompje.net (or our official forums at http://leagueoflegendsmac.proboards.com/index.cgi).

this forum has never been about beta testing. it has been about "riot? where are you? hey? can you hear me? ...wait, what is this? a support community? a better client? oh, thanks. and how do i solve this? oh, good to know". at least, since january.