"General" Runes ?

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Since every new player got two rune pages for free, I suggest you use one for ad and on for ap (at least this is what I do).

ad page:
red/purple: armor pen
yellow: flat armor
blue: mr

ap page:
red: magic pen
purple: flat ap
yellow: flat armor
blue: mr

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The "general universal runepage" is considered like this:

Red: flat Mpen/Arpen
Yellow: Armor
Blue:flat CDR
Quintessences: flat HP

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Originally Posted by Drakorath View Post
These are the runes that I have found to be useful on a large variety of champions.

Marks - Armor pen or magic pen
Seals - Mana regen/lv or flat armor
Glyphs - Magic resist/lv or flat AP (for casters)
Quints - Movespeed and health are probably the best for a "general" runepage, but I usually find myself using armor pen or flat AP

I don't think it is possible to make a runepage that works well for every champion, so I would suggest 2 general runepages, 1 for AD champs and 1 for AP champs.

For example:
AD - Armor pen, armor, magic resist/lv, and armor pen
AP - Magic pen, mana regen (flat or per level), flat AP, flat AP

The only champions that these are really bad for are tanks and supports, but most supports benefit from AP anyway and you said that you don't plan on tanking.

If IP is an issue, the marks are the most important unless you plan on jungling a lot in which case armor seals are probably your priority.

I hope this helps!
I wish i had come to the forums at lvl 20 to see this post , i didn't figure out the "core" runes till lvl 27.