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Want to work at Riot? Speak a foreign language? We have support positions available!

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I'd love to be your customer rep Riot, but I'm Canadian.
I speak 3 languages and already work as rep for a well known beer company.

Oh wells

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Junior Member


Hi a serious inquiry I'm rather fluent in french having visited canada many times, english is my first language and I'm in school now studying spanish and am able to speak it decently well. By next semester I will be speaking spanish and french fluently. Je voudrais travailler pour vous beaucoup parceque je sais beacoup de langues, y tambien voy empezar tu applicacion para la trabajar.

I'm sorry but I'm french (as you can see my bad writing) and your level in that language is definitely poor. It'd make us laugh if someone write french like you on our forum. ;-)

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Ben hurdur

Junior Member


i live in mexico :O 30 years, self employed guy with an internet cafe, 40 computers, and i speak fluent enlgish/spanish

im not tryign to apply to the job, rather offering my position, does riot need advertisement? some sort of riot card sales? we play daily lol at our cafe, we got around 15 customers, im sure riot could check the ips XD

maybe get the word out, theres a lot of dota players in our city that are slowly converting to lol , and avoiding HON lol

:greets: XD