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The Angel Exile

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Cpt Shiba

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How I read Anivia's voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-krjtmuNlDg :O

Anyway, nice job.

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How I read Anivia's voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-krjtmuNlDg :O


Wait a sec... that's a terrible pun (not that I can outdo Vlad). Anyway, because of you guys, I really gotta finish Chapter 7 - and don't worry... Kayle keeps her clothes on this time.

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...and don't worry... Kayle keeps her clothes on this time.


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Oops, now I remember what I wanted to tack on in my other post. In chap4, she's the Cryophoenix, not Cyrophoenix.

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Oops, now I remember what I wanted to tack on in my other post. In chap4, she's the Cryophoenix, not Cyrophoenix.

Eh? I was certain I used 'the Cyrophoenix', not just 'Cyrophoenix'. The only time I would break this rule is when a character is talking directly to a champion and uses their epitaph (say when Mjore is talking straight to Kayle - Kayle would be called Judicator; whilst if Mjore was talking to Ashe, Kayle would be called The Judicator).

Anyway, hope that wasn't too confusing. Wait a second... a chapter approaches! (I admit, it did sound better as I was typing this it, although I'm certain the wall of text would have ruined any traces of a surprise). Sadly, this chapter lacks any action given it is a feast although it does give a better impression of Freljordian politics.

Chapter 7: The Feast

An hour later

Kayle sat quietly on Ashe’s right as she addressed the silent crowd. Nearly everybody within the city appeared to have arrived so the feast was no longer held inside the palace. Instead, everybody sat under the stars, illuminated by the roaring fires. Huge tables were found throughout the courtyard, each cut from the gigantic trees found outside of Freljord. They were all gifts from the Noxians, as a peace offering after Freljord became part of the League.

“Tonight,” Ashe announced to the waiting crowd. “We will honour our pledge again to the union of Freljord. As the head of the Archers, I welcome the Winter’s Claw and the Ice Devenish to our sides again, and may our bonds last eternally. To Princess Lissandra and Princess Sejunai, I thank you for honouring your pledge. Tonight also mark the night where we celebrate the Judicator’s victory over the Cyrophoenix.”

Ashe paused as she noticed murmurs of dissent. Kayle could understand the citizen’s concerns - as far as they were concerned, Kayle had attacked a champion of Freljord and Ashe appeared to be condoning such an action. Worse, she was sure that some of the citizens here would have also read the Journal of Justice and remembered Morgana’s bitter condemnations against her.

But, why else are they are here? Kayle suddenly thought. Unless Tryndamere only told the townspeople that there would be a feast and neglected to tell them the reason for it. Ah, that's typical of him...

“Please,” Ashe said, smiling. The murmuring stopped as everyone returned their undivided attention to one of their most beloved rulers.

“I understand some of your concerns, but I was there to personally witness the events. Anivia had been overwhelmed by a source of darkness, and in her distraught, attempted to crush the whole of Freljord with ice. I feared she would have been successful if not for the Judicator’s timely intervention.”

Alarm coursed through the citizens as they realized they were all very close from dying. Kayle hoped Ashe had a reason for suddenly alarming the citizens; otherwise, it would take a lot to calm them down. Some of the citizens who were also connected with those that had transported Anivia’s egg back also looked troubled as they thought that the darkness within Anivia’s eggs was still there.

Ashe smiled again before she continued. “My apologies for alarming you. However, the crisis has been averted, so there is no further cause for concern. I would also like to thank the loyal men who transported the Cyrophoenix’s egg back to the castle despite her constant attack. Rest assured, the Judicator has removed the darkness from Anivia. I’m sure within no time, and the Cyrophoenix will be back as Freljord’s protector and champion.”

At this point, a person in the crowd gave a hearty cheer. It proved contagious as the rest of the crowd was now clapping and cheering. Kayle only noticed one person wasn’t cheering as a woman in front of her as frowning slightly into her plate.

She must be Princess Sejunai of the Tribe of Winter’s Claw, Kayle thought. She was surprised that the Journal of Justice hadn’t bother with mentioning how Freljord was finally united as Sejunai finally joined her tribe with the other two, albeit very grudgingly.

I guess she still has some of her old grudges against The Tribe of the Frost Archers – after all, if Ashe lost one of her best allies, then Sejunai would be in a better position of power. But I wonder, does she have something to do with the attacks and the potential hire of unknown Noxian mercenaries?

As Kayle pondered through her thoughts, Ashe allowed the cheers to ring through the night before putting a hand up to quiet the crowd.

“Finally,” Ashe began. The crowd made a good-hearted mock groan. Most of them were here for a feast and not a speech.

“Finally,” Ashe continued, as if she wasn’t interrupted. “I would like to announce the shadow that has attacked Anivia, and thus Freljord has been found and incapacitated. For the best course of action, we have decided to send it to the League for further answers. Now that the tedious speeches are finished…”

The crowd erupted into cheers and began looking around for the food to come up, but they all saw that Ashe was smirking slightly.

“Now that the speeches are finished,” Ashe said after a dramatic sigh. “I believe that it’s time for the feast to begin!”

Cheers again as the servants finally walked up. Kayle briefly wondered how much the Freljordian ecosystem would have to suffer to ensure that nearly everybody here was fed. The quick flash of worry soon disappeared as the delicious scent of the food wafted over to Kayle and overwhelmed her senses.

“Goddess, I hate speeches,” Ashe murmured as she sat down next to Kayle. “I still can’t get over how much people listen to me. Back then, it was just Mjore and a few other chosen friends.”

“Maybe you should just drop the title of Queen and let the real rulers rule in place,” Sejunai said icily. “Rulers that undergo the proper trial.” Tryndamere stiffened slightly, but Ashe shot them both a warning look.

“This is no time to discuss such unpleasantries,” Lissandra said firmly. Kayle saw that she was young – even younger than Ashe, but she her voice held a quiet authority.

An authority I doubt Sejunai would ever have, Kayle thought frowning at the open hostilities displayed by Sejunai. Sejunai noticed Kayle frowning at her, and quickly replied by turning her frosty attention towards Kayle.

“Is there a problem, Judicator?” Sejunai asked, barely holding her sneer in place. “Or do you intend to interfere further with Freljord with your so called agenda of peace, even though you will do well to stay out of our business.”

“And you’ll do well to remember I here due to the authority of the League and your Queen,” Kayle responded coldly in return. “I suggest you know your place whilst I investigate the source of these rumours regarding the Noxian insurgence in Freljord, Princess Sejunai.”

Kayle felt a brief surge of triumph as Sejunai flushed angrily as she was reminded yet again that she lacked the authority or power to unite and rule Freljord, let alone hold power over a champion of the League of Legends.

“They’re just rumours,” Sejunai replied stiffly. “I fail to see why they would send a champion to chase frivolous rumours, or is that how much you are worth, Judicator? That, and the fact you are milling about, doing a slave’s work! Or are you doing your best to live up to your sister’s rumours and do your best to prove that you are a tyrant?”

“That is enough!” Ashe yelled. Several citizens looked up nervously, wondering whether their feast would end so abruptly. Ashe shaked her head impatiently and waved on for the citizens to continue. They happily agreed, their minds already forgetting about Ashe’s sudden outburst.

“Kayle, please,” Ashe pleaded with Kayle as Kayle looked on murderously at Sejunai. Kayle relaxed slightly as Ash intervened, although she kept glaring at Sejunai. Sejunai looked supremely pleased at herself, having broken through Kayle’s calm after Kayle’s taunt.

“Why bother with defending her?” Sejunai continued. “She isn’t even Freljordian, and nothing more than a puppet of the League.”

“She is a friend who has saved my life,” Ashe began through gritted teeth. “If you keep insisting on the Freljordian way, I don’t see why I shouldn’t repay a life debt to Kayle.”

“Please stop,” Lissandra interjected suddenly. “There’s no point to all this infighting if it continues to weaken Freljord.”

“Bah!” Sejunai spat. “Are you siding with her now? I suppose that will always be the case given that you’re in bed with her!

“I am siding with nobody, but for the good of Freljord,” Lissandra sat calmly, while Ashe spluttered on the sides.

“For the good of Freljord,” Sejunai repeated, sneering. Kayle looked sharply at her and realized the bitter tang of alcohol was coming of her.

She must have drunk too much before she came here, Kayle thought bitterly. No wonder she’s acting this way. Drunk or not, I doubt Ashe or Tryndamere will forgive her if she continues to transgress further.

“It’s natural for the Tribe of the Ice Dervish to ***** after any strong tribe since they don’t have the natural military to defend themselves, while the Tribe of the Frost Archer happily shows off its military forces now that they’ve slept with the barbarians!”

Kayle groaned inwardly as Sejunai continued on with her angry tirade. Ashe and Tryndamere were growing paler while Lissandra waved away the servants to prevent them from eavesdropping on the nobles table. Down a few tables, Kayle noticed that Nunu was sitting stiller than normal, making a pathetic attempt to pretend at eating.

“Would you stop it?” Kayle hissed. “Any further and the Freljordian alliance will break.”

“No doubt due to your hand,” Sejunai said scoffing. “Yes, I see it now. Ashe will use her influence as a champion to convince you and the other Freljordian champions, and maybe that fat drunk Gragas to lay waste to Winter’s Claw and the Ice Dervish, and then proclaim herself as Empress of Freljord. Not even the Ice Dervish will be safe, *****,” Sejunai finished, shooting the last part at Lissandra.

“Stop calling her a *****,” Ashe snapped at Sejunai.

“It’s no matter,” Lissandra stated quietly as she stared at her plate. “The ranting of a drunk can be easily ignored.”

“I will not let Freljord come to ruin because of you and your stubborn pride and thirst of war,” Ashe continued, ignoring Lissandra. “I will drag your tribe to glory whether you wish for it or not. The old days where we fight to determine the ruler of Freljord is over!”

Sejunai stayed silent, glaring defiantly at Ashe. Kayle stiffened slightly as she noticed that Sejunai had her hand on her weapon – a massive flail that she hadn’t encountered before during her fights in the League. However, Sejunai eventually desisted and looked down, although she still looked mutinous.

“If that’s all finished,” Tryndamere finally said, breaking the silence. “We should start on with feast.”

Ashe shot him an exasperated look.

“Is eating all you…” she began.

“No,” Tryndamere said, cutting across her. “Some of the townsfolk are wondering why we aren’t eating, and are arguing instead. Believe me, if you don’t want any more outrageous rumours flying abound, I suggest that we act natural.”

Ashe and Kayle made a quick glance towards the crowd and noticed some of the people were staring at them and not eating. Ashe forced a smile and waved at them. The members of the crowd began to relax and continued on with the feast. Looking at each other, they shrugged and pretended to start eating. Across her, Lissandra was doing the same. Sejunai glared balefully at the boar, occasionally poking at it, but not taking any bites out of it.

No doubt that her argument isn’t finished yet, Kayle thought, sighing to herself as Sejunai glared down mutinously. Kayle was about to bite into her share of food, but the strong smell of cooked flesh started to invade her memories and brought back an old memory that had been recently violated.

Kayle began to choke on the increasingly unbearable smell of the roast boar and placed it gingerly on her plate. A brief image of the dementedly grinning girl was coming back to her, as was the smell. Abandoning all pretence, Kayle pushed the plate away, and grabbed a new one before piling it with a Freljordian salad.

“Isn’t the boar to your liking?” Ashe murmured. “I thought you didn’t mind meat.”

Kayle shook her head.

“I’ll explain later,” she said tersely. Across her, Sejunai scoffed slightly. Kayle began to wolf down the salad, trying desperately to ignore the choking smell of the boar. It didn’t help as more servants came across to bring more food – predominantly caught fish from the Freljordian waters. However, Kayle noticed that she wasn’t the only one who wasn’t touching the roast boar – Sejunai was also looking at it with distaste.

What’s her problem? Kayle thought, irritated. She’s done nothing this whole night but sulk.

Looking around, she also saw that Nunu was staring carefully at Sejunai. However, he continued to devour the boar without constraint. Next to him, a barbarian was also doing the same, though with more gusto. In fact, as Kayle looked past the noble’s table, she saw that a majority of the barbarians were doing the same. The rest of the townspeople were caught between eating and talking loudly to each other.

I think shouting is the right word, Kayle thought ruefully as most of the townspeople were speaking on the top of their voice to ensure they were heard. With her enhanced sense, she tried to listen to specific conversations. However, she didn’t hear too much that proved to be useful. As far as everybody as concerned, most of the townspeople weren’t too worried about the recent attacks. She did notice that there were several others that shared a similar opinion as Sejunai - they weren’t pleased with Kayle for interrupting the Freljordian way of life.

But it shouldn’t have led to these ‘Noxian mercenaries’, Kayle thought, frowning. They are extremely hard to hire given they only work in the best interest of Noxus, so why would they be here in Freljord? The creature that attacked us before may hold the key; otherwise I’ll be in for a long wait in Freljord before anything surfaces. And if I stay here any longer, tension between Sejunai and the rest of Freljord may rise.

“…be coming to Rakelstake?” Lissandra asked, interrupting Kayle’s thoughts.

“I’m sorry?” Kayle asked, confused.

“I asked whether you might consider coming to Rakelstake during your visit in Freljord.”

“I’m sorry,” Kayle said, this time shaking her head. “I’m afraid I have to retrieve my armour, otherwise it might become buried underneath the blizzards. I’ve also got other commitments, so I’ll have to unfortunately decline your invitation.”

“Oh,” Lissandra said, looking disappointed. “Of course, you’re always welcome into the halls of Rakelstake.”

Sejunai snorted, but Lissandra and Kayle ignored her.

“It’ll be a pleasure, assuming I find the time.”

“Time away from the summoner’s leash?” Sejunai asked bitterly.

“You really should visit Rakelstake,” Ashe added, ignoring Sejunai’s frosty remarks. “It’s truly a beautiful city.”

“Ten years on Valoran and I still haven’t find the time to explore the beauties of it,” Kayle sighed. “If the summoners haven’t recalled me back to the Institute of War after I retrieve my armour, I would be pleased to pay Rakelstake a visit.”

“That’s great,” Lissandra beamed. Sejunai only looked more sullen than ever as it meant Kayle would be staying longer in Freljord as an unwanted guest.

“I can also keep an eye on Anivia,” Kayle added thoughtfully. “She might share more insight on the creature that attacked us.”

“That would be for the best,” Tryndamere agreed. “I doubt the summoners will be pleased though. They do not like the idea of using poor mimics of us for their summoning magic.”

Kayle laughed. “I suppose. But personally, I’m glad I’m on a rest. Too many fools believe they can control me, and half the time, I find myself trading stares with the store merchant while I wait to be respawned again.”

“Speak for yourself,” Ashe said sighing as she pushed a strand of hair out of the way. “For the matches where I’m constantly summoned, there are times when the summoners fail to do their jobs. And for the times when I am on a rest, I cringe every time when I see a mimic of me die due to poor control.”

“That’s the problem,” Tryndamere growled, slamming his goblet down after taking a hearty drain from it. “Some of these summoners believe that’s it’s a game while they solve their petty arguments. Look at it from my point of view: I do not appreciate dying just so some summoners can settle a dispute about a blasted piece of jewellery.”

“At least you’re appreciated,” Kayle grumbled. “Every time a summoner fails, the blame is placed on me as opposed to the fool that fails to send out the proper commands. Who dives past a tower when the opponent clearly has set up a stun? Then again…”

“You can’t complain,” Ashe cut across her unsympathetically. “I heard rumours that you deliberately limit certain powers so you would be more undesirable – so you can focus more out tasks outside of the jurisdiction of the Fields of Justice.”

“There were complaints in the early days,” Kayle admitted. “So we all decided to limit more of my powers to ensure equality.”

“If you are done,” Sejunai suddenly interrupted. “I would like to take my leave.”

“You are more than welcome,” Ashe said, with a slight scowl on her face. Lissandra hesitated for a second before she got up too.

“Forgive my rudeness,” she said smiling. “But I wish to attend to some of my servants to ensure they are properly settled tonight. There are still some lingering hostilities between all Freljordians and I wish to ensure that my servants would not do anything rash.”

“It’s alright,” Tryndamere said before he took another drain from his wine.

“Leave her to attend to her servants,” Sejunai muttered before her guards pushed through the crowd to part way for her. She left without a backward glance.

“I better leave as well,” Kayle said after a while. “The fights are still tiring me and I would like to have an early rest before I go and find my armour tomorrow.”

“I should order you to stay,” Tryndamere said, sighing as he gazed longingly at the castle. “We have to stay until the feast is finished.”

Kayle smiled. “I don’t envy you two.”

“Rest well,” Ashe said laughing as she turned her attention back to the crowd. Kayle smiled briefly before she jumped up in the air and flew up to the castle. She heard many cheers and whoops as she departed from the townspeople as she flew.

A/N: As I said, this chapter doesn't hold much action, but I was hoping to show the tension between the three tribes of Freljord. As for the last parts, it was a pitiful attempt to explain how there are mirrors (as in a clone of your chosen champion on the opponents team - just think of them as glorified bots/ minions) as well as the power discrepancies of champions (Kayle was stated to be able to shield 5 champions at the same time during Maokai's awakening where else in game... well, let's just say I can expect a few angry words if I choose Kayle as a champion - even though I prove most of them wrong by mid-game).

Well, hoped you enjoyed it, 'cause I'll be back soon with a new chapter. Unless something also comes up, this also marks the ending of the Freljordian arc. Until next time

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Cpt Shiba

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bump in hopes of an update

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Oops did not realize this story was updated. Thanks Cpt Shiba for bumping.

Eh? I was certain I used 'the Cyrophoenix', not just 'Cyrophoenix'.

Oh I was noting that it was Cryo and not Cyro because people Cry OP! hoenix. Just something minor that I saw.


“Finally,” Ashe continued, as if she wasn’t interrupted. “I would like to announce the shadow that has attacked Anivia, and thus Freljord has been found and incapacitated. For the best course of action, we have decided to send it to the League for further answers. Now that the tedious speeches are finished…”

The crowd erupted into cheers and began looking around for the food to come up, but they all saw that Ashe was smirking slightly.

Ashe for biggest troll queen of Freljord.


. “I will drag your tribe to glory whether you wish for it or not. The old days where we fight to determine the ruler of Freljord is over!”

I feel like I've seen this quote before from somewhere but I can't place where. It is an awesome quote and has great context in this setting.

(Kayle was stated to be able to shield 5 champions at the same time during Maokai's awakening where else in game... well, let's just say I can expect a few angry words if I choose Kayle as a champion - even though I prove most of them wrong by mid-game).

Well, hoped you enjoyed it, 'cause I'll be back soon with a new chapter. Unless something also comes up, this also marks the ending of the Freljordian arc. Until next time

Wow Kayle's real powers are OP. Then again, I'm pretty sure all of them have some ridiculous power thats just limited by the League.

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Bump for great justice! Nothing like resurrecting a dead story, right? After a few victory sprees as Kayle, I've decided to continue on this story. Yes, I'm aware that it's been a long time, but I hope you guys will bear with that. This story should mark the end of the Freljordian arc, with the next arc starting very soon. Once again, I hope you guys will enjoy it.

And by the way, multis, regarding Ashe's quote, think Krogan and the answer should come to mind.

Chapter 8: Within the Freljordian Halls

2 days later

Kayle finally relaxed as she took off her armour and laid it carefully on the floor of the bedroom she was currently borrowing from the Freljordian castle. Despite lying in the snow for almost for four days, the armour remained spotless. Not for the first nor last time, Kayle wondered how the mysterious race of craftsmen was able to create such perfect armour.

For now, she made sure to lift the armour’s ‘weight’ incantation off, otherwise she would have a hard time explaining as to why her armour had caused major damage to the castle. In its current state, the armour was no lighter than her robes.

Once Kayle was satisfied with her armour, she picked up the main breastplate and hung it on an armour rack. However, she put on her gauntlets and arm protectors before she allowed the armour’s unnatural weight to return. Finally she picked up one of her slender swords and its sheathe and placed it on a belt. Satisfied that she could defend herself in the event that she was attacked, Kayle walked out of her bedroom and locked the door.

Feeling there was nothing better to do, Kayle moved towards the throne room where Ashe and Tryndamere resided as they dealt with the affairs of Freljord. She knew that the Freljordian summoners have arrived just near the end of the feast and were prepared to use their magic and move the creature of shadow back to the Institute of War. From her mental calculation and Ashe’s reports, the summoners would have sent the creature back to the Institute at the same time she reached her armour. Until the summoners at the Institute of War had news, Kayle remained at the Freljordian castle.

She moved casually aside as a servant rushed past her. Despite its size, the Freljordian castle was quieter and less populated compared to the Institute of War where it constantly bustled with the summoners and their problems. The Freljordian castle was also less decorated as she suspected that Ashe would have devoted her kingdom’s treasury towards Freljord’s advancement as a city state as opposed to trivialities such as paintings and statues. However, she did notice several Piltover machines that clashed with the older looks of the castle.

I suppose Ashe cares less about Freljordian traditions if it meant the comfort of her subjects, Kayle thought wryly as she noticed the machines warmed the air around it. These machines will mean there is less of a drain on the environment since they rely on a mana source as opposed to the burning of wood.

Kayle finally stepped into the throne room to find Nunu and Ashe in a tight argument.

“The yetis will not wander Freljord needlessly because of a rumour” Nunu said, shaking his head.

“But if they do exist,” Ashe returned. “They would make excellent allies.”

“The Judicator has arrived,” Mjore said mildly on the side. Both Freljordian champions looked up to see Kayle approach them.

“Who would make an excellent ally?” Kayle asked, curious about the argument.

“Her Majesty believes that we should be pursuing rumours of intelligent bears that live in the mountains,” Nunu said exasperated. “Like I said, wandering about in the mountains is dangerous, and what would happen if the bears prove hostile?”

“Intelligent bears?” Kayle asked, hiding a smile. “Ashe, are you really going to waste time and effort to pursue rumours of intelligent bears?”

Ashe sighed. “It’s in my interest to truly unite Freljord together – not just the Tribes, but the other beings that call that harsh place a home. When you two put it that way, I guess it’s folly to pursue such rumours.”

“Don’t worry,” Tryndamere said, somewhere hidden in the back. “If they wish to pursue an alliance, and are as smart as you say, they’ll come to us.”

“If you say so,” Ashe said, rubbing her temples. “Goddess, running a state is harder than I thought.”

“It is if you are a proper ruler,” Kayle said firmly. “There are many others who would do nothing for their land until their castle burns around them.”

“Thank you,” Ashe said tiredly before she brightened. “I’ve see you got back pieces of your armour, but where’s the rest?”

“It’s all in my room. I didn’t think it was necessary to wear the full set – after all, surely there aren’t any assassins here.”

“You move better in your armour,” Mjore said. When Kayle gave her a questioning look, she added, “It’s just that you move far too fluidly without it. Every movement of yours almost appears instantaneous. Truth be told, it’s a bit unsettling.”

“She is telling the truth,” Ashe said, looking at Kayle when Kayle looked surprised. “I suppose without your armour, you’re unused to controlling your speed and movements. But don’t worry too much about it; I suppose it adds more to your image of graceful and alien beauty.”

“Beauty? Graceful?” Kayle asked, crossing her arms and glaring at Ashe and Mjore who were grinning. “If you still truly think that, you are crazy.”

“What has passed remains in the past,” Ashe said, shrugging. “I don’t blame you nor do I begrudge you of your actions. Everybody has a past they wish to hide. It’s all a part of who we are.”

“If you say so,” Kayle said uneasily, traces of the burnt girl still in her mind. “Personally, I believe it is folly to completely forget about the past.”

“Remaining stuck in the past is no way to go in the future,” Nunu interjected. “If I had obsessed endlessly about my last family, I would have never survived nor flourished in the Freljordian wilds.”

“I guess,” Kayle sighing. Deep inside, she knew Nunu was telling the truth, but in her heart, she loathed to abandon her sins until she had fully resolved them.

“But I doubt you are here to discuss philosophy,” Tryndamere said, finally stepping out from the back. He was dressed in his royal attire and his greatsword hung loosely by his side.

“No. I came here to check on the progress regarding the creature that attacked us. Have your summoners given a report yet on the matter?”

“They have,” Tryndamere said, looking surprisingly grim. “Their teleportation spell was misaimed and the creature found itself free in the Nexus of the Twisted Treeline. The summoners were able to recapture it, but they did lose several of their members in the process. However, they’ve also…”

“Also what?” Kayle demanded as Tryndamere hesitated.

“The creature,” Ashe said, taking over. “Well, the summoners decided that as a price for attacking Freljordian civilians and the summoners of the League, the creature will be bounded onto this plane, and it will be introduced as a champion.”

“You have to be kidding me,” Kayle said, holding a hand to her temple. “Why is such an abomination allowed in the League?”

“The summoners sensed its power and decided to take advantage of it. However, they were extremely careful when they restrained it so it should be of little threat. The summoners decided that you should be with them when they interrogate the creature, since you were able to successfully defeat it.”

Kayle sighed, still not believing that the summoners would actually use such a creature in the Fields of Justice.

“Wait, did they say they want me back?” Kayle asked. Ashe nodded and Kayle sighed again.

“They’ve also said that since this is a vital matter, they’re willing to provide transportation in the shape of teleportation.”

“Why didn’t they do this earlier so I didn’t have to fly all the way over to Freljord?” Kayle muttered.

“Nobody knew about this creature so I don't think the summoners were willing to expand all their energies in teleporting you," Ashe replied.

"What about the Noxian rebellion here?"

"Well, with the revelation of Anivia attacking us, many of the trackers began putting the clues together, and assumed that is was Anivia who was attacking the Freljordian scouts... unless the Noxians have found a way to freeze their enemies solid."

Kayle cringed briefly at the description. During her war, she had remembered how some of the angels used ice magic against mortals. The results were utterly brutal and messy.

"How are the people reacting to it?"

"We made all the trackers swear oaths of secrecy. Many of them don't like it, but I cannot hold Anivia responsible for her reactions if she was controlled."

"Very well then. I'll check on Anivia's progress one more time before I depart back to the Institute of War."

“That will be for the best,” Ashe said. “I would offer to come along, but I have to attend to the rest of my subjects.”

Kayle knew that Ashe allowed her subjects to hold an audience with her for an hour every day (assuming she wasn’t away), and nodded her head once.

“I’ll come back later to say more farewells properly,” Kayle promised before leaving the throne room.

She slowly made her way to Anivia’s room. As she walked, her thoughts drifted back to the shadowy creature. It’s appearance and been sudden and alarming, with no explanation as to where to came from, except…

The creature mentioned killing a summoner, Kayle thought. If that’s the case, then I can probably find out who was killed and their affiliation with the city-states. That means Noxus may still not be in the clear if the poor sod was Noxian.

Her mind slowly shifted to analysing her battle with the creature. She quickly pondered on its weaknesses and capabilities – from her prior experiences on the battlefield, she knew she had to constantly devise new strategies in the even that her enemies have adapted to old ones. She muttered the names of different spells under her breath, pondering each of their effectiveness against this new enemy.

Before she knew it, she was standing in front of Anivia’s door. All thoughts of the shadowy creature disappeared from her mind as she stared at the door apprehensively. When she was recovering her armour, Nunu had offered to watch over Anivia. So far, there had been no complications as Anivia had remained in her clear blue egg form. However, Kayle was worried that Anivia might react badly to her presence. Taking a deep breath, Kayle opened the door.

Two glowing red eyes greeted her as the door opened. The egg was now gone and Anivia has somehow returned back to her full phoenix form. She was sitting on the altar, staring at the intruder. Kayle’s hand went to the slender sword by her side as she kept her eyes on the blue phoenix.

“Peace, Judicator,” Anivia said, her voice echoing through the room. “I mean no more harm.”

Kayle’s hand rested on the hilt of her sword as looked carefully over Anivia. The Cyrophoenix appeared to be normal again as she was radiating her usual calm.

“How are you?” Kayle asked warily, worried that the creature might have a stranglehold in Anivia’s mind.

“My mind has never felt clearer. It is a great debt that I owe you.”

“It was the least I could do,” Kayle murmured. However she had other pressing issues on her mind. “Do you know what attacked you?”

Anivia hissed angrily. Kayle’s hand tightened around the hilt of her sword, but Anivia made no move to attack her.

“It was an element of darkness. Just as I represent the element of ice, that creature is of the darkness. How it got to this world, I do not know.”

“It was summoned, just like you,” Kayle said, still not relaxing. “It broke free and begun a murderous rampage. Do you know how it attacked you – I need to know, otherwise I cannot fully prepare against it.”

“It attacked me physically during my meditations. When my physical shell was weakened, it chose to assault my mind mentally. I did not know how long the battle lasted, but in the end I succumbed to its corruptions.”

Kayle shuddered briefly. She had a fleeting suspicion that keeping the creature as a champion of the League would not end well for many of the Valorans.

This creature is far stronger than I gave it credit for if it was able to overwhelm a being like Anivia. The **** thing nearly overwhelmed me as well….

“That would be all for now,” Kayle said, breaking free from her thoughts. “I will tell Ashe that you are awake.”

“Until the next time I see you,” Anivia said, dipping her head. Kayle stepped out of the room and breathed a sigh of relief, glad that she wasn’t about to be frozen in a chunk of ice. Taking one last look at the door, she made her way to the throne room again. Several people were queuing outside of it as they waited to see Ashe. When they saw Kayle, they all step back, allowing her a clear way through. She walked through with muttered thanks.

Ashe and Tryndamere were on their thrones and both looked tired already, although they were speaking with a man in rich furs. From the looks of things, the two royals were engaged in a heated argument with the man in furs.

“We will not be using the treasury to compensate for the Cyrophoenix’s attacks,” Tryndamere growled, looking almost as if he was about to lose patience.

“But,” the man began protesting.

“Our trackers have already determined that none of your livestock were killed when the sky fell, so there is no need for us to compensate on the Cyrophoenix’s behalf,” Tryndamere cut across.

“What about my business? The ice is blocking the road to the southern lands!”

“Your business has already ended weeks ago,” Ashe said, looking completely bored. “Winter is about to end so there will be no demands for your furs in the southern lands.”

“Bah,” the man spat. “What about…”

“What about your life?” Tryndamere began dangerously. “If you truly value it, I suggest you leave my sights unless you have something important before I personally throw you off the highest battlements.”

The man’s mouth opened and closed as he tried to find words. However, words eventually failed him and he spun around and marched angrily to the door, jumping slightly as he saw Kayle.

“Barbarians,” the man muttered under his breath. Kayle watched the man pass, irked at the man’s attempt to swindle money out of people who needed it. She was tempted to follow him home, where she suspect that the man have completed illegitimate business in the pass. However, she had news for Ashe and Tryndamere, so her need to exact justice would have to wait.

“Kayle,” Ashe said, looking more energetic than before. “You are about to leave?”

Kayle closed the distance to the thrones now that the court was temporarily on break. “Yes. I’ve also come to tell you that Anivia has awakened. Nothing appears to be wrong yet, although you may want to check up on her yourself.”

“I would do that once court has finished. Did you by any chance count how many people were outside?”

“I guess it would be about ten to fifteen people.”

Tryndamere groaned but Ashe kept her composure.

“Thank you,” Ashe said. She stole a brief glance at the door before she slid down from her throne. She gave Kayle a quick hug before saying, “Freljord is forever in your debt. We could not ask for a finer protector.”

Kayle returned the hug, and murmured, “It was a great pleasure to know the Frost Archer better.”

The two let go of each other. Kayle stepped back and gave a brief bow to the two royals before smiling and waving farewell. Ashe returned to her throne while Tryndamere motioned for someone. Mjore stepped out from the shadows, carrying a thin blue sword.

“Please accept this,” Tryndamere said. “While it cannot compare to your sword, this Freljordian blade will be a strong reminder of your time here.”

Kayle took the sword from Mjore and gave it a curious look. It was very cold to the touch and shared the same intricate design as Ashe’s arrows.

“Thank you,” Kayle said, bowing again. “Thank you again for your hospitality. I may see you soon on the Fields of Justice, and hopefully as allies.”

The two royals smiled briefly. Kayle turned around and left, leaving those two to finish their court. Mjore, on the other hand, chose to follow Kayle out.

“I’ll have to guide you to the summoners,” she said, smiling apologetically.

“Thank you,” Kayle said. She hesitated before asking, “How are you? I mean after that night…”

Kayle trailed off when Mjore’s face darkened. She bought her hand to the scar on her right eye.

“I’m fine now,” she said quietly. “But I’ve begun to have nightmares about that skirmish and the storm that followed.”

She paused before asking, “Is it true that creature will be entering the Fields of Justice?”

Kayle nodded; annoyed that she will have to face this creature again on the Fields of Justice.

“Make sure it suffers everytime you see it,” Mjore growled. “Thaldor still hasn’t recovered from that creature’s attacks, nor did I wish to have my nightmares brought up again.”

“Justice will arrive on swift wings,” Kayle said, putting a hand on Mjore’s shoulders as she tried to calm the woman down. Mjore took a deep breath before recovering her composure.

“That will be good to know,” Mjore said. “Come, the summoners don’t have all day, although they can wait for all I give a ****.”

Kayle suspected that the Freljordians will not be too eager to accept this shadowy creature within the League, but there wasn’t much that can be done when the summoners’ will have passed.

They walked quietly to the back of the castle, but not before making a detour back to Kayle’s room to recover her armour. Once outside, they say that the sun was at its zenith, causing the snow to glow bright white. A slight mist was swirling as some of the snow melted and the harsh Freljordian winds blew through the lands. The castle stood upright, covering the rest of the city-state of Freljord in its majesty.

Kayle didn’t have to look far before she saw the purple robes of the summoners. One of them was elderly while the other was relatively young, looking as if he had only just reached manhood. She suspected that the younger summoner was here to learn his craft from the older one. The younger summoner was fidgeting uncomfortable, although Kayle couldn’t tell whether it was from her presence or because of the task that lied ahead of him.

“Just relax,” Kayle told him. The young summoner jumped and began shaking harder. Kayle frowned slightly – she didn’t want to end up in a different world because the summoner has misjudged his reverse summoning spell due to nerves.

“Judicator,” the older summoner greeted. “We’re glad you made it.”

Kayle dipped her head in response, but gave nothing more in return. Instead, she turned around to Mjore.

“It was a pleasure to know you and to fight by your side,” Kayle said, extending her hand. Mjore grasped her hand and shook it.

“It’s my pleasure, Judicator,” Mjore said warmly. “I pray that you’ll come back to experience the beauties of Freljord soon without the burden of more fighting.”

“Maybe one day,” Kayle laughed. “Farewell, and keep safe.”

“You too.”

Kayle moved back to the summoners. A purple glyph with tinges of orange had appeared on the fresh snow. She paused and gave Mjore a slight wave before stepping into the glyph. The familiar sensation of a summoning tugged at everywhere on her. She closed her eyes as her vision turned into a swirl of orange and blue.

Her feet crashed painfully into a stony wall. She muttered a curse as she opened her eyes. The curse gave way as she found herself inside her bedroom. She smiled as she took off her armour, glad to be able to finally rest properly. She placed her armour carefully on her armour rack, took off her bindings then went inside her bathroom.

“A warm bath,” she breathed, growing ecstatic at the prospect of having one. She had held off from taking any more baths after her first bath in Freljord to conserve energy for those who needed it. The bath filled quickly with scented water. Without any more ceremony, Kayle slid in groaned in pleasure as the warm water lapper at her. She closed her eyes and quickly ignored everything about shadows, summoners and fighting.

A/N: Personally, I'm not exactly pleased with this story. There has been such a large gap between the writing period that I suspect that there is a slight dissonance between my writing styles. One of my friends gave me critique on writing dialogue, so I've been trying to streamline, or making the characters' dialogue more natural, as opposed to them spewing more narrative.

Whatever the case is, I hope you enjoyed that. I'll do my best to come up with another chapter within a week (knowing myself... I wouldn't be holding my breath). See you another time

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Love this story and the way its been written so far.

The way you've portrayed Kayle is amazing and I absolutely love her!

I do hope in the end she makes up with Morgana somehow. Poor Kayle, all the trouble she's been put through and she keeps the truth to herself as punishment.

Hope to see more!