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The Angel Exile

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lol lightning works because of friction of something I think :P

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Well, sorry for that ridiculously long wait for the next post. I have been on a break, but I guess I'm now back. From now, I swear I will post at least once a week - after all, I really should quit procrastinating. Whatever the case is, I hope everyone will enjoy this - it may not be the best, but I'll try.

Chapter 5: Fire and Ice

2 days later

“Come on, Sister,” a figure in front of her giggled. “Faster!”

“I’m coming,” Kayle laughed back as she flexed her wings. She looked around. She was back at home, the war nothing more than a terrible nightmare. She smiled amusedly, wondering how she could possibly break up with Morgana. Nothing separated them.

“Be safe,” a voice called behind her.

“Yes, Mother,” Kayle smiled warmly before she jumped into the air to follow Morgana. She soared freely into the warm sky and looked back at her family’s states that sprawled throughout the clouds. After flying in a small circle, she raced ahead to catch up with Morgana.

“Finally,” Morgana teased. “I thought I had to wait till the end of time for you to catch up.”

Kayle responded by sticking out her tongue at Morgana. “You’re too eager. You might hurt yourself one day.”

“But I always have my sister to save me,” Morgana responded, giggling again. “Come, I want to buy more ingredients to bake again.”

“What will it be this time?” Kayle asked, wondering whether it would be cake or pie. Morgana only smiled slightly in response.

Morgana never smiles like that… Kayle thought, frowning.

“What’s the matter, Sis?” Morgana asked, this time a cruel smile was clearly plastered across her face. “Do you really think you could live such a carefree life, after what you’ve done?” Morgana spat her last words out, malice crossing her angelic features.

Kayle flinched, almost as if she Morgana’s words physically hurt her.

“Where are we?” Kayle demanded after a while as the two sisters stared at each other. Morgana only smirked as she slowly transformed. White wings and hair slowly deformed into the present Morgana. The robes of white transformed into a dark dress.

“Nowhere that is safe,” Morgana hissed. Without warning, she launched a purple bolt straight at Kayle. Confused and hurt, Kayle lacked the reflexes to dodge the bolt. Her screams of pain was now suddenly matched by the screaming chorus that now surrounded her. Looking up in horror, she saw the scene had changed and a dead girl reaching towards her, a brutal burnt slash across her chest and face, marking the terrible souvenir of the past. Kayle closed her eyes. She didn’t need to know that the other dead inhabitants of the city surrounded her, all determined to punish her for her cruelty and weakness. She didn’t resist as the girl struck her hard across the face, yielding strength that should have been impossible.

“Wake up!” a loud voice shouted. Kayle’s eyes opened and saw the worried faces of the Barbarian King and Ashe staring at her. Breathing heavily, she realized she was drenched in sweat.

“Are you alright?” Ashe asked, clearly worried. Kayle closed her eyes for a second. An image of Morgana and Kayle’s guilt flashed in front of her.

“I think so,” Kayle lied, smiling. “It was just a nightmare.”

“That’s good,” Tryndamere said gruffly. Ashe narrowed her eyes in suspicion for a second before smiling as well.

She knows about my nightmares, Kayle thought. I told her myself during our trip.

“Well, if everything is fine,” Tryndamere boomed. “We should prepare a feast for our Queen and her saviour.” Along with several other servants, Tryndamere left the room, no doubt to prepare for the upcoming celebration. Ashe remained behind and stared closely at Kayle.

“You had them again, didn’t you?” she asked quietly. Kayle nodded.

“It was more vivid this time,” she explained, shuddering. “It had never been that clear before. The fight must have taken a lot out of me.”

“I saw the aftermaths of the destruction. We are all lucky beyond belief to have you there when Anivia began her skyfall. About a two kilometre circle of land was completely crushed by ice. If it had gone further, our tribes would have been no more. It was lucky that there were no villages that were crushed.”

“I’m glad then,” Kayle said, breathing a sigh of relief, glad that nobody else was hurt. “What happened to Anivia?”

“She reverted back to her egg form, but,” Ashe hesitated for a second before continuing. “You should see it yourself. Here.”

Kayle caught the robes that Ashe threw at her.

“Any idea how I put this on?” Kayle asked, pointing at her wings. “Where’s my armour?”

Ashe hesitated again before she responded, “Back at the borders of Freljord. We had to leave it – it was heavier than it looked and the men had no choice if they wanted to lift you back to the tribe halls.”

Kayle’s face fell, before she made a careful incision with a concentrated ray of light from her hand. It seared through the robes before forming two slits where her wings could fit through.

“I hate doing this,” she grumbled, knowing that her back was always exposed due to her careless tailoring.

Morgana was always better with this…

Kayle followed Ashe as she left the room. She noticed that the Freljord castle was built carefully with stone. All in all, it wasn’t a cold place, despite that it was probably found in one of the coldest area of Valoran.

“How did the rest of Freljord find us?” Kayle mused aloud.

“The yetis noticed that something was wrong with the weather. By the time the ice landed, they were on the edge of the ice mass. They then moved to the centre of the ice mass to found out what caused it. They saw me there and quickly alerted the Freljordian militia to rescue us.”

“And the rest is history, I suppose.”

“You could say that, except that several of the men suddenly fell during the return trip. They were hearty to begin with, so I doubt it was a coincidence. Many are saying that Anivia was cursed, and thus cursed all the men for being near her.”

“Sounds really bad then,” Kayle said, her brow furrowing at the mention of the cursed egg. “I really wondered what happened to her. The summoners may have an answer, but I don’t want them to link their minds with a dangerous and cursed immortal.”

“True,” Ashe said frowning. “I’ve sent the Institute of War a message, asking them not to summon us three until the crisis is over. Many of the summoners were not happy.”

“Better finish this as quickly as we can,” Kayle said.

“We are here,” Ashe said as she moved to remove the locks barring the huge door. “You go in, it’s not safe for me.”

“What do you mean not safe?’ Kayle asked, beginning to panic. Her initial fight with Anivia was already taxing and she still hadn’t fully recovered. She didn’t have her weapons on her either, so she had to rely purely on her magic, wits and luck.

“It should be fine for you,” Ashe said encouragingly before opening the door. A blast of pure cold hit her as the door opened. Kayle automatically responded by warming the area around her.

“Let’s see what’s happening,” Kayle muttered to herself. The room was dimly lit as the only light that appeared was from a small window located near a corner of the room. However, she could see clearly that the phoenix egg was situated snugly in the room central, raised high by a small altar. She grimaced as she noticed a person lying face down near the egg. Kneeling slightly, she felt for a pulse. She found none.

Who dares disturb my domain?” a voice hissed menacingly.

“Your victor,” Kayle said coolly. “The one who has vanquished you.”

YOU!” the voice raged. “HOW DARE YOU!”

Kayle ignored Anivia and strolled calmly towards the egg. She felt a slight tug at her mana, and knew that the fallen phoenix was desperately assaulting her magical defences. So far, Anivia was failing and Kayle hastened her pace. As she reached the altar, she grabbed the egg and looked at it coolly. The tug on her mana grew stronger as Anivia grew more and more desperate as she concentrated her assault against Kayle.

Closing her eyes, Kayle began to direct healing energies, hoping to reverse whatever affected Anivia would be stopped. She cried out in pain and stopped as her mind was suddenly assaulted.

You can not beat me, the voice hissed darkly in her mind. I have already consumed the mind of one immortal. What is yours, but another?

Growling, Kayle pushed her healing magic deeper into the black egg. In her mind, she felt the assault falter as it was pushed back by divine magic.

Stop your empty boasts, Kayle taunted in return. I am Justice. I am Light. I am the greatest of my race! YOU ARE NOTHING!

Concentrating deeply, she released a burst of light. In my mind, she heard screaming, screams of the dark presence as it fell before her magic. With the final efforts of a dying beast, it lashed out furiously against Kayle, slamming her against the wall before disappearing. The black egg slowly turned back to a clear blue.

Groaning, Kayle slowly got up and readjusted her wings. She approached the egg cautiously, but there were no more attacks against her or her mind. She moved towards the door and glanced once more at the egg. There was no indication that nothing went wrong as the blue egg stared innocently back. Sighing, she left the room, only to see Ashe staring at her, as well as a gathered crowd.

“What happened?” Ashe demanded. “It sounded like a storm happened inside.”

“I supposed that was what happened,” Kayle said ruefully, rubbing the back of her neck as she tried to massage the pain away. “Whatever possessed Anivia still put up a strong fight, but it is no more.”

“Thank the Goddess,” Ashe murmured. The crowd around her murmured their thanks as well.

“I guess we have doubled the reason to celebrate tonight,” Ashe said, smiling. “You have restored an important part of Freljord – I’m certain Anivia won’t forget this for a long time to come.”

“I’m just glad that I’m still moving and not in the possessing of some power-hungry… thing.”

“Thing?” Ashe asked curiously. “What thing?”

“There was some dark presence that stole her mind and possessed her. It tried to steal my mind when I tried to cure Anivia’s egg. I guess I got the jump on it. The question is: where did that thing come from?”

“Who knows?” Ashe asked, shrugging. “Now is not the time to be burdened by such troubles. Now is the time to celebrate.”

“Agreed,” Kayle said, laughing. “But, I better find myself a better set of clothing.”

“Surely such a petty trivial is below your notice,” Ashe smirked. “But if you insist, Mjore, can you take the Judicator to our best tailors? You may pay from the treasury.”

One of Ashe’s handmaidens detached herself away from the group and walked over to Kayle. Like all Freljordians, she had blonde hair and was wrapped securely in a layer of fur. However, she also bore a slight scar that ran down her right eye and cheek.

“Not yet,” Kayle said shaking her head. “I want to clean up and rest for a bit. I’ve done nothing but fighting over my last few conscious hours. I don’t want to see anything else that isn’t a warm bath.”

“Right this way,” Mjore smiled. “We should be able to get everything ready soon.”

“Thank you,” Kayle said, finally relaxing. There was no more fighting to be done. No more situations that would drain her of mana.

“The feast begins in three hours,” Ashe called out as Kayle departed. Kayle almost didn’t her as nothing but thoughts of a warm bath in her head.

As Kayle walked behind Mjore, she looked down at herself. She almost blushed as she noticed that her robes were completely torn up from being in the storm, exposing her bindings.

And possibly more than my bindings, Kayle thought, embarrassed. Around her, there was movement everywhere, as couriers rushed about, spreading the news of the upcoming feast. She drew gazes as lack of dress and wings brought attention to her.

Please let me get to the baths as soon as I can, Kayle thought, mortified. And please don’t let this get released to the Journal of Justice. Janna already had a hard time with journalists. The League Adjudicators will never let me hear the end of it.

“Here we are,” Mjore announced. “When you are done, Judicator, please call me and I will take you to the tailors.”

“Thank you,” Kayle murmured. Walking into the bath halls, she heaved a sigh of relief. She was finally able to relax, although the bath hall were heated slightly too much for her to feel completely comfortable.

I guess it’s a luxury for many people to be able to come to these bath halls, Kayle thought. There weren’t too many people walking about the bath halls. The very few that were about walked in a way that instantly signified them as nobles. Ignoring them, just as she did for many of the more pompous summoners, Kayle looked around until she found an empty bath.

After she collected a new set of robes and a towel, she slid in the water and sighed blissfully – the warmed waters were cutting away all of her pain and worries. She couldn’t help but smile slightly now, everything was peaceful and there was no more fighting to worry about. The waters began to become even clearer, to the point where it started to sparkle lightly. Closing her eyes, Kayle’s mouth began to water at the prospect of the incoming feast.

After half an hour later, Kayle opened her eyes and reluctantly got out of the water. The cold didn’t bother her – it was just slightly uncomfortable but she would have preferred to remain in the warm waters. Sighing, she dried herself off and shook her wings, hoping that they would become as dry as possible. Folding her wings in, she struggled to get into her robes, before she finally gave up and sliced two slits into the robes again.

Satisfied that she looked marginally presentable, she walked out of the bath halls and was surprised to find Mjore waiting patiently for her.

“Have you been waiting here the whole time?” Kayle asked, feeling slightly guilty for having to make the poor woman wait while she relaxed freely in the bath halls.

“Do not concern yourself over it,” Mjore said smiling. “Please, this way.”

Still feeling guilty, Kayle followed the young woman through the main capital of Freljord. Looking around, she saw that the capital was built so that the main hall presided over the other streets. The bath halls that Kayle had come out of were located near the main hall. However, the tailors and other traders were located downhill amongst other streets. Firm stone houses and shops were located near each other, protecting each other from the snowy winters of Freljord.

It’s almost like a snowier and primitive version of Demacia, Kayle thought. But at least it’s more cheerful.

Everywhere, she saw that people were talking cheerfully and without constraint, without fear of nearby guards who were watching the citizens with a bored eye. Some of the guards were also chatting amiably with the citizens as the bustled about for the incoming feast. She noticed that some of the guards were taller than usual and wore different armour in addition to a different hair colour.

They must be Tryndamere’s barbarians, Kayle thought. They appeared to be slightly wilder than the average citizens as they constantly gazed about and seemed to remain near each other as opposed to the other guards who freely mingled with the other citizens.

The view of the guards slowly disappeared as Kayle walked into the tailoring district of Freljord. Mjore steered Kayle towards one of the shops an ignored the others.

“This one is the best,” Mjore explained. “I know the owner as well, and I’m sure he is more than willing to help a champion of the League.”

“Thank you,” Kayle said. The shop was the same size as the others, but she noticed there was a greater inflow of customers into the shop compared to the others. Some of the displays were also more extravagant, showing and promising rich colours and patterns.

Those cloths can definitely rival the angels’, Kayle thought, impressed. Whoever did this must have put a lot of passion into it.

“Come on,” Mjore said, tugging at Kayle’s hands and pulling her into the shop.

“Mjore!” a voice boomed from inside the shop as they walked in.

“Thaldor,” Mjore responded, smiling. “This is…”

“No need for introductions,” a man said, coming forward. He was a strange creature. His armswere broad, indicating a military past, although his fingers were long and delicate, indicating someone of a gentler craft.

Unless he’s an assassin, Kayle thought, observing the man. However, she quickly dismissed the thought. They were more likely the hands of a tailor, and nothing more sinister than that.

“The Judicator,” Thaldor said, looking up and down at her. “What brings you two legendary warriors to my humble shop?”

“Two?” Kayle repeated, looking at Mjore. Mjore shrugged, looking embarrassed.

“I used to be part of Ashe’s personal regiment, the Frost Guard” Mjore said shrugging. “I was the only other person to survive the massacre that nearly took Ashe’s life.”

“You’re too modest,” Thaldor said, smirking. “If you hadn’t lost sight in your right eye, Ashe would have used you to represent Freljord and not used herself in the League.”

“Really?” Kayle asked, her curiously rising.

“You heard how Ashe can hit five birds with one arrow?” Thaldor asked with a proud tone. “Well, Mjore here one upped her! Ah, if only that snow storm hadn’t taken you out of commission. And she didn’t need divine intervention to survive.”

“You must have quite a life,” Kayle said, impressed by this ‘handmaiden’.

“It’s nothing really,” Mjore said embarrassed. “I served when called to, and personally, I prefer to live a peaceful life as opposed to one that’s filled with hardship. Anyway, this night is meant to be yours, so Thaldor, if you can, would you kindly create a dress for the Judicator to wear. The Freljordian treasury is happy to pay for the cost.”

“Bah,” Thaldor spat. “There’s no need for money. I have enough to live richly ‘till I die. No, I work as a tailor because it means I can hone my craft. And it is my honour to apply it for a League champion.”

“Thank you so much,” Kayle said gratefully. She bowed slightly before asking, “How long would it take? The feast will happen soon.”

“Not to worry," Thaldor dismissed. “I already have a set of Ionian robes ready. I only have to adjust it to your size and create room for your wings. Not to insult you Judicator, but I’ve seen your works and your ability to create wing room is terrible.”

“I’ve never found time to practise in other arts,” Kayle said worriedly, trying to look at her back and was dismayed to see that the slits for her wings were frayed and widening. Sighing, she turned back to Thaldor and hoped that he would do a better job than her.

“Stand still,” Thaldor commanded as he took her measurements. Kayle looked around and noticed that some of the other customers were staring back or were browsing other sets of robes. Embarrassed, Kayle wondered why Thaldor didn’t do his measurements in a more private area.

“Done,” Thaldor announced as he wrote something down on a piece of parchment. “You may as well go back out onto the streets and do some shopping while you wait. It’ll take at least half an hour to fully adjust it for you.”

“Thank you,” Kayle said, bowing. “But I don’t really have anything to buy.”

“I’m sure Mjore can convince you otherwise,” Thaldor laughed, shaking his head as he led Kayle to the front door.

“I’m coming,” Mjore announced, following Kayle out. “We’ll be back.”

“Off to the markets,” Mjore said cheerfully. “They’re bound to be open – lots of people would want to buy gifts for the King and Queen. Either that, or it’s some last minute adjustments and repair to their formal clothes.”

“Did news of the feast spread that quickly?” Kayle asked amused. “It seems like only an hour since I’ve woken up and this feast was declared.”

“You did do a major service for Freljord,” Mjore replied. “Without you, the whole of Freljord would probably have been covered and crushed by ice.”

“I did what I had to do,” Kayle said. “It was the least I could do…”

“You’re too modest,” Mjore said smiling. For a second, Kayle felt a pang of guilt – this woman in front of her didn’t suspect anything about her past.

She must think I’m a saint, Kayle thought bitterly.

“Is something the matter?” Mjore asked, glancing at Kayle.

“It’s nothing,” Kayle smiled back, if not a bit forcibly. Mjore frowned a bit before smiling again.

“This way then,” Mjore said pointing towards the markets.

She’s more than just a former soldier, Kayle thought as she walked in front. She read too fast into other people’s emotions and suspected something was wrong far too quickly.

The smell and sounds of the markets quickly assailed her heightened senses. The onslaught of senses made her eyes water a bit as the strong smells of spices and leather floated towards her. There were other products such as meat display, not to mention there were several animals bleating resignedly, almost as if they knew their final fate. Vegetables and fruits were also on display, adding brightness and colours to the markets.

“Hi!” somebody exclaimed behind her. Turning around she saw that it was a boy.

“Nunu,” she said, surprised as usual whenever she saw him without Willump. “What are you doing here?”

“Well,” Nunu said, almost slightly embarrassed. “Queen Ashe insisted that I join the feast. I’d rather not, but she said that as someone should represent the yetis.”

Shaking his head, he continued, “However, yetis don’t attend feasts. But it’s best that we remain connected to our sovereign and not insult her by rejecting her invitations.”

“Is Willump with you?’ Kayle asked, although she was sure that he wasn’t – it wasn’t exactly hard to miss a yeti amongst humans.

“He’s with the other yetis – apparently they’re trying to recovery your armour. They say it’s as heavy as Void.”

“Sorry,” Kayle said apologetically. “It’s enchanted so it would grow heavier as my power grows – it’s meant to help me and my magic grow stronger naturally.”

“But to the point where three yetis can’t carry it?” Nunu asked, disbelief in his voice.

“It’s been a long time,” Kayle replied, shrugging. “I’m sure I can recover my armour in my own time, so there’s no need for the yetis to trouble themselves.”

“If you insist,” Nunu said, also shrugging. “It would save the yetis a lot of effort. THey've got something else on their hands - there are reports of intelligent bears wondering about. Well, if there’s nothing else, I’ll see you at the feast tonight.”

“Goodbye then,” Kayle said to the boy’s departing back.

“Done,” Mjore announced suddenly from behind. Turning around, Kayle saw that Mjore was carrying several parcels, and from the smell that was coming from it, Kayle suspected that it was food.

“How did you…?” Kayle begun to ask. She was surprised that Mjore was able to buy so much in the time while she was speaking to Nunu.

“Get everything so quickly?” Mjore finished. “You tend to learn the quickest way around when you grow up in Freljord. I’m certain that Thaldor is finished with your robes, so it’s best we return. We want to get you suited up as quickly as possible, don’t we?”

“Yep,” Kayle murmured in agreement. Walking quietly, she followed Mjore all the way back to Thaldor’s shop. She noticed that the streets were emptier now as many of the shoppers have returned home to prepare for the incoming celebration. Many of the shops were also beginning to close as well. Looking up, she noticed that the sun had mostly set, bathing the city in long shadows.

“We’re back,” Mjore called as they entered the store. However, her smile was quickly replaced with a look of horror when she saw the bloodied and lifeless form of Thaldor on the floor. Staring at them was a shapeless shadow – although the blades on its forearms were certainly not shapeless. Dark blood slid down the length of the blade. It flitted carefully around the shop, it's flaming eyes glaring balefully at them.

A formless mouth opened and began laughing. Kayle’s face fell. She was weaponless and not prepared for a fight yet.

So much for no more fighting, Kayle thought as she raised her fists up in defiance. The shadow roared back.

A/N: Firstly, the several weeks of procrastination has resulted in a slightly longer story than usual, so sorry for the extremely long read. The whole idea was to get Kayle to wake up, fight Anivia again, get some new clothes then attend the feast, but that all took longer than I expected. Secondly, I've written this before Nocturne (who else would it be?) was introduced as a League Champion. Since this gives me a relatively exact date in the Lol-verse, I can probably pinpoint important events and relate them to the story. Finally, for the few who actually enjoyed this, thank you for your wait.

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Cpt Shiba

Senior Member


Loving it, don't care if its a long read (actually better imo), keep up the good work . The only thing that somewhat bothered me was kayle leaving her precious armor in the middle of the woods for such a long time.

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Don't worry, she intends to get it back. Not that most people can easily lift it up.

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Ouroborous HD



personally i think you have made a masterpiece of a fanfic and i would be extremely pleased if you would check out my fanfic and share your thoughts

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I'll be happy to ckeck out your fanfic. But, me, a masterpiece, that's way too much praise for now. Rest assured though, I'll do my best to not disappoint all the readers.

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Bump! Ah, just kiding. Here's a new chapter as I promised. For those who actually do enjoy long chapter, well, this isn't as long as the last one, but does still hold up. Well, go and enjoy!

Chapter 6: Shadows over Freljord

Kayle began to open her mouth to put an incantation over the creature. Before she can finish though, it lunged suddenly at Mjore. Cursing inwardly, Kayle desperately changed her incantation to one of protection. However, to both the creature and her surprise, Mjore grabbed something from her pouch and in the flash of an eye, a loud clang sounded between her and the creature of shadow.

Growling angrily, the shadow swiped with its second blade as its blade was blocked by Mjore’s dagger. Before the swipe landed, Mjore was already out of position and standing next to Kayle.

“What is that?” Mjore whispered to Kayle. Kayle shrugged, still focussing on the creature.

Was this thing that stole Anivia’s mind? Kayle wondered. She wasn't given much longer as the creature decided to lunge again, this time at Kayle since she lacked a weapon to defend herself. Since magic would require more precise work, Kayle opted for an easier option and rolled out of the way. The creature chuckled, amused at their defiance.

“I am the eternal nightmare of all men,” it hissed. Kayle shuddered slightly – the creature’s voice was uncannily similar to the chorus of screams she heard once upon a time.

“When all is done, I’ll have you both all your knees, begging for death!” it continued as it slowly circled around the shop. “Come mortals; show me what you’ve got!”

Mortals? Kayle thought. Then this creature doesn’t know about the League.

Next to her, Mjore threw her a brief glance before staring at the creature again; making sure that it wouldn’t attack again. She carefully sidestepped so that she had more room to fight. Kayle looked on, fustrated that she hadn't brought her greatsword along.

“Kayle,” Mjore called, correctly guessing that Kayle was in need of a weapon. “The chest next to you, it should hold Thaldor’s old gear.”

Firing a small burst of light at the creature as a feint, Kayle dived for the chest. However, the creature looked like it was barely affected before it melted into the shadows. Before she reached the chest, the shadows churned and before both women realized, the box disappeared in front of their eyes.

Did the thing just eat the box? Kayle thought stunned. Unfortunately, the creature wasn’t done yet and suddenly launched itself at her. Kayle yelled in surprised and raised her arms to protect herself. She grimaced lightly as the blades cut into her flesh – fortunately due to the angel’s natural resistance; the blade didn’t cut far, even though Kayle suspected the creature had swung with all of its strength in an attempt to kill her.

Muttering an incantation, she felt the familiar golden shield envelope her body. It also trapped both the creature’s blades as the shield held the two blades in place.

“Mjore!” Kayle shouted. “Now!”

Without wasting a second, Mjore launched herself at the shadowy creature and aimed directly for where the throat should be. The dagger sunk deep, but the creature was clearly unaffected.

“Fear me,” it hissed. Mjore suddenly froze, staring at the creature in horror.

“Mjore?” Kayle asked hesitantly. She noticed that the young woman’s breathing quickened, although she remained frozen in place.

“No!” Mjore suddenly shouted. “By the Goddess, Ashe, run! Safe yourself! It’s coming!”

A mind trick, Kayle realized as she turned back to face the creature. It was glaring at them both the uttermost malice. Only its arms were moving as it tried to dislodge its blades from Kayle’s arms.

“So it’s a stand-off,” Kayle stated, hoping to fool the creature, given that she still had the advantage. She began to mentally reach out to calm Mjore down, but the creature started laughing madly.

“That’s what you think,” it hissed, its mockery of a mouth grinning wildly. Kayle started as her mind was assaulted by the creature.

The world disappeared around Kayle as a cruelly familiar smell came back to her – the smell of burning flesh was one that she would never forget. She opened her eyes and saw that she was lying down, face pressed against rubble. She looked up, and the ever familiar nightmare returned back to her. She stared blankly as the girl advanced on her again. This time though, the details were horrifically clearer than usual. The brutal burnt slash that marked the girl was wider and clearer, showing a stopped heart in the girl’s chest. However, that didn’t stop the girl and the other townspeople advancing on Kayle. The girl smiled once, a smile that sent chills down Kayle’s spine.

Getting up, Kayle retreated slowly, watching the townspeople advance. Kayle looked behind her and to her terror, saw that there were more people surrounding her. Spreading her wings, she jumped up and proceeded to fly higher to escape the townspeople.

Kayle cried out is pain as a crossbow bolt protruded from her right shoulders. Her wings froze temporarily in pain at the surprise attack and she plummet straight back to the ground. She caught a wild glimpse of one of the ‘undead’ townspeople holding a crossbow that had been aimed at her.

She closed her eyes and hit the ground hard. Groaning from the pain, Kayle slowly got up and looked carefully around. The circle of undead was closer now. Some of them began growling and moaning as they moved closer. The front lines of undead didn’t hold crossbows so she suspected that the weapons were held behind.

Muttering an angry incantation, Kayle was prepared to launch a fireball into the townspeople. However, the broken girl stepped forward again and the spell was caught in Kayle’s throat. She watched helplessly as the girl grinned with malice and stumbled forward. Kayle stepped backwards, only to be caught from behind by the townspeople. Kayle struggled briefly before going limp.

I had enough, Kayle thought in despair as she watched the undead advanced towards her.

“An eye for an eye, right?” the townsman cackled behind her. “Blood for blood, life for life.”

The irony of it, Kayle reflected as she stared warily at the advancing girl. She was but two feet away, and the hungry thirst for revenge was shown clearly across her face.

My phrase, my way of shunning other people in fear that they would discover what I have done. I pretend to be an angelic avenger and lawbringer - when I’m the guiltiest of them all.

The girl was now standing right in front of her, hatred written across her face as she stared hard into Kayle’s face. Without warning or hesitation, she plunged her hand right where into Kayle’s heart was.

You stole my heart and life, Judicator,” the girl said in a whisper. “Now it is our turn to judge you. This is but the beginning of your eternal nightmare.”

Kayle didn’t respond, what was there to do but to admit to her own guilt? Grinning, the girl tore Kayle’s heart out before the world collapsed into shrieks.

The hearts of angels are different from those of mortals, Kayle thought, looking up in surprise. It doesn’t function physically to move blood across the body. Instead, it serves as a source for mana, fuelled by the angel’s existence, eternally generating mana – and like all magic, shows the true emotions and motives of the bearer. As for my motives...

Kayle winced as the girl dropped Kaye’s heart – a shining crystal in the shape of a tear. It burned brightly, forcing the undead onto their knees and causing them to shriek in unholy wails. In front of her, the girl was crying, from both pain and her lost vengeance. Hesitantly, Kayle placed her hands around her heart and placed it back. The brilliant light stopped and the undead slowly got to their feet.

“Please forgive me,” Kayle whispered to the girl, before grabbing her. “Atheial.”

Healing energies flowed from Kayle and into the girl. Hissing angrily at first, the girl eventually fell limp, her body becoming whole again.

“Why?” the girl whispered. “Why did you kill us?”

Kayle closed her eyes before answering in a whisper, as she tried to hide the truth from herself and the girl.

“I was weak,” Kayle finally answered miserably.

The girl nodded before closing her eyes before resting her head against Kayle.

“Just don’t forget about us, Judicator,” the girl’s lip curling in a mocking smile as they shaped Kayle’s epitaph. “Please come back, there is so much to be said and done.”

Before Kayle can respond, her world disappeared again. Pain returned sharply as she realized she was curled tightly in a ball like a child. Above her, the creature of shadow attacked savagely as it tried to dissect the biggest threat in front of it.

Arvare,” Kayle cried out. A burst of light sliced right into the creature, before it shrieked loudly and backed away in pain. Wincing Kayle slowly got up and saw that she was lacerated with bloody scratches. Her angelic resistance had protected her from most of the harm, but it still hurt a lot.

Atheial,” Kayle muttered. All the wounds closed, leaving behind perfect skin that bore no evidence of the savagery it suffered. She risked a glance at Mjore. She was still alive although she hadn’t broken out of her nightmare. Mjore was lying prone on the floor, limps occasionally thrashing to fend off an imaginary threat.

“You’re a persistent one,” the creature hissed as it slowly recovered from Kayle’s attack. Kayle didn’t bother returning the compliment – several thousand years of experience told her that when fighting, the best to do was the most pragmatic thing to do. Without breaking stride, she shot another beam of light at the creature.

“You little…” it began as it backed away again. It never got to finish because Kayle fired another beam. The creature was prepared and fired a dark projectile in the shape of a claw at her. She noticed that it was leaving behind a trail of midnight black. Hissing, the creature launched itself across the trail and straight at her. Jumping swiftly, she caught a beam that held the ceiling up.

“Do surrender,” Kayle called back. “It would save me and the summoners a lot more time if we didn’t have to clean you from the walls.”

“Summoners?” the creature hissed. “One of them brought me to this world, but he never got far before I cut him down. Why don’t you be a nice girlie and come down so I can do the same?”

“Girlie?” Kayle asked, amused. “Arvima!”

Burning light shone from her, and from her height advantage, it illuminated everything. The creature, using its dusk trail was caught in the middle of the room, and lacked a shadow to return to its hiding spot. An unearthly scream punctured the room as the creature dropped down onto the floor.

Kayle stopped her light and stared at the creature. It was no longer fearsome as it resembled more a black blob with crooked metal sticking out of it. Smoke appeared to be coming out of its body, as if the light was actually raw fire to the creature. Deeming it no threat, Kayle strode over to Mjore and placed her hand on Mjore’s forehead. Concentrating briefly, she tried to mentally calm Mjore. The young woman stopped thrashing and took deeper breaths before she tentatively opened her eyes.

“Are you alright?” Kayle asked. Mjore shook her head, looking sick.

“I thought,” she began. “I thought I had left it all behind. All that fighting, but it was still there.”

Kayle nodded sympathetically before saying, “We’ve all had our moments of terror in war. I’m sure that’s what the creature was exploiting.”

Mjore struggled to get up to take a look at the fallen creature.

“Is it dead?” she asked.

“No,” Kayle said, shaking her head. “I left it alive so the summoners can find out what it is.”

“Wait, Thaldor!” Mjore suddenly said. Kayle turned around in alarm, realizing that she had forgotten the tailor during her battle with the creature of darkness. She rushed over to the man and placed a finger over his pulse. To her surprise, a very weak pulse was found. Without wasting another second, Kayle began to mutter a more complex chain of incantations, stealing him from Death’s grasp and returned him to the land of the living.

“He should be better after rest,” Kayle finally announced as she broke away from Thaldor. Mjore breathed a tremendous sigh of relief before she smiled slightly.

“That’s good,” she said. As she looked again at the shadowy creature, she frowned again.

“But why would it attack us, let alone Thaldor?”

“I don’t know,” Kayle said gently. “That’s why we should get this thing to the summoners.”

Before Mjore answered, they both jumped as the front door of the shop crashed open. Surrounded by guards, Ashe walked forward, bow in one hand and arrow in the other. Her mouth dropped as she surveyed the scene. Right behind her, Tryndamere held his sword, poised to strike down the poor fool that got on the wrong side of him.

“What is that?” Ashe finally asked weakly, pointing at the twitching blob that was once the bloodthirsty creature. “What happened here?”

“That creature attacked us suddenly without warning,” Mjore reported. “I thought it killed Thaldor before we found it, but he appears to be safe after Kayle healed him.”

Kayle opted to close her eyes and lean against the wall to recover. It was simply too much excitement in terms of preparing for a feast.

“Why did it attack?” Tryndamere asked. “Was it an assassin?”

“We really don’t know,” Mjore replied. “I’m sorry, my lord, but we only know that it’s hostile. I believe the Judicator wishes to send this thing back to the summoners to determine what it is and why it attacked.”

“Is that so?” Tryndamere grunted before poking the shadowy blob on the floor. As soon as the sword made contact, Tryndamere yelled out and jumped backwards. The guards moved forward, alarmed, but Tryndamere held out his arm to stop them.

Kayle opened her eyes in alarm, ready to attack the creature again if it managed to restore itself to its former power. However, she saw that the Tryndamere was mostly safe.

“The creature that attacked you,” he growled. “Was it roughly a humanoid, but lacked legs and had two blades protruding from its forearms.”

“Yes,” Mjore answered, in surprise. “Did it try to attack your mind?”

“So, is that what it can do as well?” Ashe asked, looking at the creature with distaste across her face.

“I think this is also the creature that attacked Anivia and overwhelmed her mind,” Kayle commented. Everybody spun around to look at her, silently asking for an explanation.

“When it attacked my mind,” Kayle continued, “I was sure that it held the same mental signature when I mentally duelled Anivia. It was hard to grasp during the confusion, but I’m certain they’re one and the same. It would have overwhelmed Anivia and implanted a small piece of itself in her.”

“If this thing can hold victory over champions of the League, then I’m absolutely certain that the summoners must see this,” Tryndamere finally said over a lengthy silence as everybody pondered on Kayle’s words. “I don’t like using their technomaguty, but it is the fastest the way to communicate.”

“I’ll get to it at once,” one of the guards announced behind Tryndamere. He rushed out of the shop and headed straight back to the palace.

“I know you would probably want to rest again,” Ashe said gently. “But I think that it is best if you do attend the feast, Kayle. Many Freljordians have shown up to honour you, so I don’t think that you can disappear too easily without attracting attention. It’s also best if the people don’t know if there is a creature of shadow attacking random civilians and champions, otherwise there might be panic.”

Kayle sighed. “When you put it that way, I don’t think I have too much of a choice.”

“I’m sorry for forcing you through do,” Ashe said apologetically. “But…”

“It’s for the best,” Kayle finished. “But I think it’s best if I cleaned myself again.”

“Agreed,” Ashe said, looking at Kayle properly for the first time.

“Do I really look that terrible?” Kayle asked as she noticed Ashe’s horrified look. Several guardsmen were also averting their eyes.

“Well,” Ashe began. “On one side, your whole body is covered in blood. On the other hand, I’m sure your lack of clothing is causing quite a bit of distraught for the men present.”

At this, Kayle looked down furiously and saw that the creature, in its attempt to severely wound her and nearly destroyed her robes. The guardsmen present also rushed out, and Kayle noticed their faces were bright red.

Oh… Kayle thought, also going red as well.

“Here,” Mjore said gently and took off her fur coat. “Best if you cover yourself, Judicator, while you go to the baths. I’ll take Thaldor’s robes for you after the rest of us take him to the palace healer.”

“No thanks,” Kayle said. Mjore frowned slightly before noticing that Kayle was pointing at her wings.

“My mistake,” Mjore grinned. She walked over to roll white cloth and then used her knife to cut through some of it.

“Cover yourself at least,” Ashe said as Mjore threw a long piece of cloth at Kayle. “I can’t have my guardsmen dying of nosebleeds because of you.”

Kayle said nothing as she wrapped the cloth around herself, still embarrassed. When she was certain that the cloth was secured, she stood up. For extra measures, she wrapped her wings around herself.

“Don’t you look cute?” Ashe teased. Tryndamere stifled a laugh, although Mjore was grinning broadly.

“Quiet, you.” Kayle said as she moved towards the door. She received gales of laughter in return. Doing her best to look dignified, she continued out and headed to the baths again.

Let’s hope the fighting will end soon, she thought as she looked down again and frowned at the mess.

A/N: <Sigh>, I guess I have more on my hands now - attend the feast, retrive Kayle's armour, return Nocturne to the summoners (and find a way to fit it in with the current lore) and finish the Freljordian arc before I plan to start the Void arc. Anyway, I hope the description of the 'angel's heart' wasn't too hard to grasp. If not, well, I guess I have some explaining to do.

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Darn it .My next chapter intends to be the great big feast, and during that time, the three 'Princesses' of Freljord would meet up, with the third one, Sejunai finally reconciling with the rest of Freljord. Unfortunately, the next champion HAPPENS to be Sejunai. In other words, I'm gonna put the story on hold until they release more. However, I could also continue and shape this fanfic to suit the canon. Either way, tis new champion really ruined the flow of my story.

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Hmmm... after reading the lore,I think I can fit in with what I've written to match it. I just have to make a few adjustmnts, that's all. Well, sorry for the false alarm: the next chapter should be up soon.