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The Angel Exile

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I've been thinking of writing of a LoL fanfic for a while, but it just never occured. However, I finally got my lazy ass moving and began one, revolving around my favourite character. Anyway, my ability to develop a plot isn't exactly great, but please bear with it. Hope you guys enjoy!


Kayle stood on the edge of the portal, hesitating to step in. The magic of the two worlds flickered and clashed with each other, and yet they remained in almost perfect harmony as it created the portal that bridged Valoran and Kayle’s world. The armoured angel turned around and looked at the figures standing behind at a safe distance. All of them were solemn as the magnitude of the task loomed before them.

Kayle turned back to look at the blue oval that hummed with energy. Who knew when she would return to her own home before her task was complete? The Valoran summoners had agreed to a temporary truce after a vicious clash between the magicians of the two worlds and opened a portal to allow a diplomatic solution to be reached.

If only I had… Kayle thought bitterly, but stopped her thoughts quickly in fear of the silent figures behind her. Sighing, she flexed her broad wings and gripped her broadsword tightly before she walked into the portal and allowed the energies of the portal to consume her. The previous humming quickly rose in pitch as Kayle disturbed it. It continued to rise in pitch and volume, piercing through Kayle’s heightened sense. Pain began to grab at her head as the blue world around her moved in an unceasing maelstrom.

Just like the one trip to the Void, she mused as the world spun. Kayle had once led a legion in quick retribution against the creatures of the Void as they dared to invade her homeland. The battle was eventually brought to the opening of the Void where Kayle decided to take the battle into the enemy’s world. The wild chaos and monsters quickly brought despair to the idea, but a silent rule was quickly established between the two worlds – the creatures of the Void avoided the deadly angels on Kayle’s home world and the angels would stay out of the Void.

Kayle closed her eyes to stop herself from having to watch the ending swirls of the portal. She willed the ****ed journey to quickly end, and with a sudden halt, it did. Kayle stood disorientated on the majestic grand hallway, surprised at the slight similarities to her world’s architecture. Unfortunately, the journey had created other troubles – namely in her stomach as tried not to ruin her first impression by vomiting on the marble floor. She only barely succeeded as she looked up, holding her hands to her mouth. Large doors were in front of her, and without anybody to do so, they quietly opened and beckoned towards her.

Moaning quietly, she moved towards the door, wondering how long it would be before she had to step back into the portal. Swallowing the last bit of uneasiness, she walked through the door, straightening up and vowing to quickly finish her task regarding Morgana.

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I would love for you to write another story of her fight in the void, would be a very interesting one. This one is so far good, would love to see where it goes.

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Thanks for the reply! I haven't exactly thought up of a Void fight, but now that you mentioned it, it definitely sounds interesting. I guess I better start making plans for it, right after I finish this story arc. Anyway, here's the first chapter, and as usual, enjoy!

Chapter 01: Mission to the North
11 years after Kayle’s Judgement

Kayle’s breathing was labored as she slowly moved to her right in an attempt to reposition herself. She kept a constant eye on the two seven-eyed masked warriors as they shifted their grip on their own weapons. One was dressed in black and the Ionian colours of red, and continued to analyze her through his goggles. His signature broadsword was quivering slightly.

A good sign, Kayle thought. It means he is getting tired. Disappointingly, this did not apply to the hunched warrior who was shifting beside him. They were on the sparring grounds so Jax had no reason to stick with his lamppost and had fought with blinding speed with a greatsword. The two warriors had offered to spar with Kayle and she had (foolishly) accepted. She gave the two men a slight handicap – they would fight unrestrained, and she would avoid using her magic and stick with swordcraft.

Without warning, Jax leapt high. Kayle readied her sword and frowned as she realized that the Armsmaster had jumped higher than usual.

Wait a second… alarm coursed through her body. Jax wasn’t meant to attack her with his leap… it was to reposition himself behind her. Without wasting another precious second, she leapt in the air as well, wings beating to quickly catch up with Jax.

A muffled chuckle sounded from somewhere behind the mask as the two warriors traded sword blows with each other until Jax had to surrender to the forces of gravity. Biting her bottom lip, Kayle had a brief urge to cheat and rain fire and light from above. It was the pragmatic thing to do, but she sighed and dived back to the ground. She may win, but she will never hear the end of it from Jax and Yi.

At least it allowed me to position myself again, Kayle thought ruefully. By the Goddess, no…

Yi was now rushing towards her as Jax remained behind to calculate his next move. Kayle barely had time to counter with her weapon before Yi pulled back and tried to strike again. Cursing his Wuju style under her breath, she quickly launched her own flurry of blows to match Master Yi’s attacks. The attacks were by now a clear indication that she had fallen behind in terms of her own swordwork as she had recently became increasingly dependent on magic to suit her needs.

Yi quickly made a lunge to the left. Kayle swung her sword to match it… only to cut through empty air. Yi gave a mirthless laugh as Kayle fell for his feint and quickly punished her mistake. She let herself fall backwards, using her wings to support and push herself back up as soon as Master Yi's sword went overhead. Using her forward momentum, she stroke hard with her sword and was rewarded with the fall of a sword as the spar had finally taken its toll on Yi. She barely had a second to celebrate before Yi pointed behind her while grinning. Cold steel was pressed against her throat as an arm grabbed her from behind.

“You lose,” Jax growled in her ear.

Idiot, she reprimanded herself for allowing Jax to attack her from behind.

“I guess I owe you both a drink,” she replied ruefully, grinning now that the draining fight was both over. “No wait, only Jax gets it. You lost your blade Master Yi.”

“Fair enough,” he said, shrugging. “I really shouldn’t drink anyway. And who knows, maybe I dropped my blade to distract you…”

Biding the other two warriors farewell, he left the sparring grounds, parting aside the gathered crowd of wide-eyed guards.

They’re going to remember this for years, he thought, allowing a smile to creep up. But my meditation calls…

“I only want Graggy Ice,” Jax told Kayle, back on the grounds.

“Didn’t you demolish a whole bar last time?” she asked frowning. It was more of a warning. She didn’t appreciate being dispatched to a common tavern by the League to clean up after two drunken champions.

“Gragas isn’t here this time,” Jax said in a guffaw. Apparently he must have heard rumours about Kayle’s furious tirade against drunks while she was cleaning up vomit, blood and ale.

“If I have to clean up again…” she left the threat hang in the air. They both know it would probably cumulate in Kayle performing what she called her ‘experiments’ as she calmly explained the chemistry of burning ethanol as she burned the entire stock of Graggy Ice in front of horrified patrons and the bartender who lamented the loss of his massive investment (Graggy Ice is expensive). She was certain that there were no drunks in the vicinity of the Noxus bar for at least a week after her fiery vengeance against alcohol.

“See you on the Rift later,” he called back as he exited, attracting the stares of the guards who had came to practise now that the champions have left. Kayle shook her head and followed Jax after a moment. She noticed that several of the guards had averted their eyes as she passed. She frowned behind her helmet… what had she done to inspire such fear within these guards? Without paying them further attention, she moved back towards her sanctuary. Unfortunately, a messenger found and intercepted her path.

“The High Summoner wants you to report to the Chamber,” the messenger boy stammered. Kayle let out a quiet sigh. She really wanted to rest, but she did sign herself to the summoners eleven years ago.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling. The young messenger muttered something and left red-faced

She frowned again, wondering why she almost gained such a response, especially from the younger staff members of the Institute. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she moved through the unusually quiet halls of the Institute of War.The Institute was home to thousands of summoners, each brought together to share ideas and solve petty disputes. But then again, the day was getting old and the summoners were no doubt retiring. Her footsteps echoed out throughout the otherwise silent halls that have became her home for the last eleven years, and will be so for the next nine hundred and eighty nine years.

A purple figure brushed passed her. Nodding her greetings to Ryze, she continued to move on. The mage was muttering under his breath, probably planning his speech on techmaturgy to the Heimerdinger’s students at the Piltover Academy. Kayle had planned to make a trip one day to Piltover when she wasn’t running errands or other tasks for the summoners.

She finally stood before the huge doors of the Chamber of Antiquity. The summoners like to make their meetings in this place as few disturbed the peace. Without knocking, she pushed the doors open.She raised her eyebrows as the full council was standing gravely at attention.

This can’t be good, she thought. Something important has come up.

“We’re glad you came,” High Summoner Heywan Relivash greeted warmly. Still, she detected a trace of unease in the summoner’s voice.

“What is the task?” she asked briskly. She was brought up to get to the point when around officials, unless things required more tact. It just made things smoother and faster.

“We need you to go to Freljord. We heard rumours of a hidden Noxian insurgence in the area and we would like to determine the veracity of these rumours with your assistance.”

She frowned. “What do the Noxians hope to gain? The barbarians are pacified with their marriage into the tribes and are no longer disturbing the Noxians. The Noxians can only hope to gain vengeance or their perverted sense of justice for their fallen brethrens during their failed exterminations.”

“We deny these claims,” a summoner burst out angrily. Kayle didn’t even bat an eye at the greasy Noxian summoner.

“And that is why I’m being sent to investigate such claims, so I see no reason for any argument,” Kayle replied evenly.

“Precisely,” the Demacian summoner beamed. Kayle ignored him as well. These warring city-states were none of her business.However, her hatred of the Noxian corruption amongst the upper echelons was well known amongst the Valoran public. She would be almost be happy to find proof of this Noxian insurgence just so she could rub it in the Noxian summoner’s face.

“Bah,” the Noxian summoner spat out in response. Kayle resisted the urge to punch him, knowing that it would have dire consequences. She wasn’t exactly pleased when she had been temporary assigned to him two years ago. The arrogant summoner had forced her to commit to work that was usually reserved for servants. Kayle had yet to find an appropriate punishment, but she believed that his time would come.

“When should I set out?” Kayle asked.

“In a week’s time,” the head summoner replied. “We are waiting for the Freljordian guide to arrive. Until then, you are free to finish whatever remaining tasks and participate in necessary League matches.”

“Very well,” she said, bowing as she left the Chamber.

“Don’t forget to clean my room,” the Noxian summoner shouted after her. In a completely unangelic response, Kayle responded with a sign that she learnt in her 11 years in Valoran. It would satisfy her for now until she worked up a necessary plan to completely humiliate the smug summoner.

She made her way towards the Noxian summoner’s room and kicked open the door with more force than necessary. She had been furious when she discovered that the Noxian summoner had slipped the fine-print into her thousand year contract, forcing her to obey virtually all orders from the summoners. Until she found a loophole and abused it for all it was worth, she was stuck cleaning this pig-sty. Growling under her breath, she threw the clothes in a basket that would be sent later to the servants’ quarters and then made the bed.

This is servants work! She almost screamed out in anger. Still, servitude was servitude, and there was nothing she could do unless she was willing to break her contract. However, her sense of justice kept her from simply knocking out the Noxian summoner the next time she saw him.

Once she finished, slammed the door and stormed back to her sanctuary. Her wings beat furiously as she finally made it into her room without any more distractions. She let out a frustrated scream and took off her helmet. Without exception, the Noxian summoner was always able to anger her and she couldn’t take actions against him without seeing consequences when he controlled her on the Fields of Justice. Without a word, she took off her armour and her bindings before slipping into her bath.

At least this gilded cage is still comfortable, she thought moodily as the waters lapped against her body, easing her pains for the week. Her League matches had not been well recently as the older summoners raced to summon other champions as the sneered down on her lack of impact on the Field while the newer summoners bumbled their way through, failing to realize each time they made a mistake, her body paid for it. Her reflection stared back gloomily as the water around her became clearer and clearer.

The joys of being an angel, she thought as she stared into the purified water. She had half a mind to take some and store it in a bottle so she could throw it into Vladimir every time he turned into a pool of blood. The hemomancer would probably be placed in for shock treatment if she did that.

She eventually got out and did her best to dry herself. Her wings made it difficult to dry everywhere, and the wings themselves would remain wet for a while. She refused to dry her wings using a fire as she was worried they might burn. Instead, she sat almost naked in the dying sun, hoping the remaining rays will dry her fully before night truly came. She flexed her wings and sat back.

As the beautiful sight of a disappearing sun was over, Kayle rewrapped herself in her bindings. It would have been really awkward if she had to wear her armour every second. Normal robes and clothes didn’t fit over due to her wings, so she was forced to make crude clothing from her bedsheets.

Without any further thoughts, she flew into a hammock that served as her bed. It gave the feeling that she was flying freely and back at home where the angels rested on clouds. It also meant that it would be extremely hard for an assassin to attack her while she was high up. Closing her eyes, she finally fell asleep, glad that the day was finally over.

Author's Note: I know that Kayle seems more docile than other interpretations, but don't worry, I've got my reasons for it. It would be explained later (hopefully, assuming if I don't procrastinate or anything), but for now, please bear with it. Thanks for reading this!

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Captain Bird

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Obviously I have to comment on yours sense you did mine. Great story. Far more pleasant than my own, obviously, but still great. Hope to see more.

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Nah, I think you've got the greater idea so far. The Void destroying the angel's home-world? Sounds more exciting than a boring trip to the North. If you expand your idea, I'm sure you would do really well. Not that I would allow you to beat me :P , so I've got to keep trying. Sorry if I sound like a constant ****, but I do learn best from criticism - and here's more criticism for you. I've mentioned it before, BUT WATCH YOUR SPELLING! Once again, sorry if I do sound harsh, but that's me.

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Chapter 02: The Queen’s Flight

One week later

Kayle sat silently on the front steps of the Institute, watching the sun slowly climb up, wondering when the Freljordian guide will arrive. Two short swords laid by her side – her only weapons on this trip as wielding her greatsword would have been too cumbersome for the trip. A packed bag of provisions lied with the two swords. She planned to go light and hoped that the Freljordian guide was able to keep up with Kayle’s method of reaching Freljord.

In the distance, the huge gates of the Institute of War began to open ever slightly before they closed again. There was no reason to waste excessive energies to fully open the massive gates for one lone individual. Kayle got up and began stretching her wings. Looking down, she counted her meagre belongings and tied them around her waist.

The lone guide finally made it to the front entrance of the Institute. Kayle frowned as she surveyed the figure before her. The guide wasn’t dressed in the usual Freljordian white. Instead they were a dark brown – a brown that only corresponded to one Freljordian.

“They sent the Freljordian queen as a guide?” Kayle asked amused as Ashe arrived.

“I know my lands best,” Ashe countered as she sweeped back her hood and white hair. “I also had business with the League so I decided to take up this journey.”

“Without bodyguards?”

“I travel quicker when I’m by myself,” the Freljordian beauty said, shrugging. “You’ve seen me on the Fields of Justice so you know I can handle myself.”

“I daresay,” Kayle commented. “You have business with League? Why don’t you finish your business then we can leave.”

“Fine, but aren’t you going to take more belongings? Freljord is a harsh place even in her finest days.”

“I’ll be fine. Now go, if we want to find evidence of this supposed insurgence in your lands.”

“If you insist,” Ashe said smiling. She shifted the bow and bags that she carried and went inside the Institute. Kayle returned her gaze towards the gates and leaped towards the skies. She had better warm up if she planned to carry the Frost Archer and herself towards the freezing tundras of Freljord.

A smile slowly appeared on Kayle’s lips as she the cool air rushed past her. There was almost no substitute for the joys that flying brought, and if she was to be stuck on Valoran, she would take every bit of joy that was offered. She flew back towards the Institute and looked down on the massive building and its surrounding lands that sprawled on for as far as the eye can see. The sun shown down lazily as Kayle made one last loop in the air before she descended back onto the front steps of the Institute.

A few moments later, Ashe stepped out onto the stairs. Kayle noticed her bags were fuller than before and her quiver was full with pale blue arrows. Ashe began to walk down the stairs but Kayle blocked her path.

“We won’t be walking,” Kayle said, almost barely suppressing her grin.

“We’re going by horse?” Ashe asked, surprised and pleased at the prospect. “That would make the journey easier.”

“Actually, we’re flying,” Kayle spread her wings out to accentuate her point.

“Uh… I can’t fly, Kayle,” Ashe joked. “Wait, I’m meant to ride you…” The grin disappeared from both women’s face. Ashe was worried about flying through the air when her whole life had been on the ground, while Kayle was annoyed at the term ‘ride’. She hadn’t expected this response from Ashe.

I suppose grounded beings have a different response to flying, Kayle sighed to herself.

“It won’t be that hard,” Kayle offered. “Just hold onto around my neck and we should be able to get to Freljord within several days.”

“This better work,” Ashe muttered as she flung her arms around Kayle’s neck, hoping that she wouldn’t die in the process.
“Relax,” Kayle replied before she launched herself into the air again. Ashe’s grip tightened significantly, almost regretting her trip to the Institute of War. Kayle beat her wings hard and allowed herself to keep climbing until she was at a comfortable distance. She then angled herself forward, putting Ashe on top so she wouldn’t fall. The wind currents and Kayle’s release of magic was enough to keep both women high up in the air without too much effort from Kayle’s part.

The sprawling grounds of the Institute of War soon changed to the lush forests of the north. The greening trees soared passed them as Kayle kept up her pace towards Freljord. Ashe remained silent on her back and still hadn’t relinquished her death-grip.

It’s going to be a quiet journey, Kayle sighed to herself. The Freljordian queen was too scared of her unorthodox method of travelling and wasn’t saying a word yet.

She would get over it soon. Hopefully.

The flight continued on until Kayle was beginning to feel uncomfortable. By now, the sun had begun its descent and the shadows of the forest grew darker.

“I’m going to land now,” Kayle shouted to her silent passenger. Ashe gave a muffled reply as she had buried her face in the back of Kayle’s armour, determined not to see the world from above. Kayle took the reply as a yes and began her descent. She slowly angled herself the right way up. Ashe gave a small cry as she was no longer supported and tightened her grip.

Ignoring her, Kayle continued to angle herself while slowly descending. The forest had a few clear areas and Kayle aimed for one of them. As she landed, Ashe finally let go and dived for the ground and kissed it once.

“I’m alive,” she whispered to herself. “And I’m back on the ground.”

Kayle rolled her eyes and began her survey of her surroundings. The forest was thinning as the temperature of the North grew cooler. She still had to find food if she wanted enough energy to continue her flight tomorrow.

Looking back, she saw that Ashe was steadying herself. The Frost Archer had almost composed herself, but Kayle noted that she was still shaking lightly.

“Are you all right?” she asked gently. I suppose I had a bit too quick in taking her to the skies.

“I should be,” Ashe replied, the slightest of tremors in her voice was disappearing. “Have you got any idea how far we are from Freljord?”

“I saw the marshlands right up ahead before I descended, so I’m guessing two more days of flight. However, finding ground on the marshlands may be hard…”

“I didn’t go through the marshlands. I went by the long way so I ventured very close to Noxian territory. They didn’t see me, so I went by unnoticed.” Ashe had begun strolling around the clearing, trying to get some feeling back into her legs after the long flight.

“We better find some food and set up camp before it gets too dark.” Kayle begun to stroll off but was stopped by Ashe.

“Allow me.” A smile was playing on the archer’s lips as she looked into the forest. A shimmer of blue appeared around her before it flew off into the forest. A trail of feathers followed the blue. Ashe cocked her head to one side, almost as if she tried to follow the blue shimmer.

Her hawk spirit, Kayle thought to herself. It was an invaluable ally, especially on the Fields of Justice, where it prevented deadly ambushes from enemies. Now, Ashe was using it hunt her prey.

“There you are,” Ashe said with a slight grin. “You wait here, you’re too heavy and noisy, and I don’t want you scaring the buck.”

Kayle shrugged. She wasn’t going to argue – she didn’t like the enclosed space of the forest. The trees were pressed too tightly for her comfort.

“I’ll set up camp then. How far is the buck though?”

“It’s about eight hundred metres in the direction of my hawk spirit. I won’t be long.”

With a wave, Ashe disappeared into the forest. Kayle looked around her and sighed - setting camp was always tedious work. Emptying her belongings, she pulled up a light net and tied it around two trees. Kayle attempted this several times before she pulled off her gauntlets in frustration. They were utterly useless in work that required finesse. The net was finally tied up and Kayle had her rudimentary hammock for the night.

As for Ashe’s camp though, Kayle rummaged through Ashe’s bags, wondering whether there was a tent. If not, her job was a lot easier, although Ashe was exposed to the elements.

She’s a queen of Freljord, Kayle thought after a while. It’s not as if she could complain about the cold.

Kayle still hadn’t forgotten the matches where Ashe’s frost arrows chilled her to the core. After she was satisfied that she couldn’t find a tent, Kayle picked up her two swords and flew up to a tree branch. She was glad that her swords were magically imbued; otherwise she wouldn’t get firewood for the night. With two quick swipes, she was rewarded with the sound of a loud crash below. Flying back down to the ground, she picked up and carried the two logs back to the clearing. She picked up her sword again and cut the two logs until they were small enough to light a successful fire. Throwing the firewood into a heap and concentrated slightly before swinging her sword for the final time.

The firewood burst into fire, and satisfied, Kayle sat down. She stared into the fire, and not for the last time, she wondered how her home world was going. The attack from the summoners would have left the angels in disarray, and their enemies might take advantage of the fact.

Not that it matters by now, Kayle thought bitterly. One of her final acts on her home world had inadvertently created a devastating schism between the angels. She could thank the seraphs for such a mess. Scowling, she pulled herself back to the future.

The past remains in the past. Looking around, she wondered when Ashe would return. With a sudden curse, she realized that it would be high nigh impossible for Ashe to pull a large animal back into the clearing by herself. Almost as if to confirm her thoughts, the hawk spirit burst into the camp.

“I bought down the buck, but I do need your help,” the hawk said. Kayle blinked. She had never seen this before on the Fields of Justice. And secondly, she could have sworn the owl sounded almost like Ashe.

Must be her way of communicating over long distance, Kayle thought.

“Just follow the feathers,” the hawk said cheerfully before it disappeared. Looking into the forest, she realized that there was a bright trail of feathers, glowing as the forest grew darker.

“Alright,” Kayle muttered to herself. With a steady release of magic, she pulled her twin swords back to her. Sheathing the blades, she stepped cautiously in the forest, making sure to keep her wings low to avoid catching them against branches. As she stepped deeper into the forest, she grew more and more irritated at the branches.

“How did Ashe get through all this?” she grumbled to herself as she cut another offending branch down. She finally travelled the aforementioned eight hundred meters, and found an icy glow nearby.

“I told you, you were too loud.” Ashe said amused, as she dropped gracefully from a nearby tree.

“If I knew subtlety was required, I would have swapped my armour for more revealing attire,” Kayle replied sarcastically. “Alas, that wasn’t the case. Now, where is the buck?”

“Somebody’s upset,” Ashe grinned, having achieved a small vengeance against the angel for the rough flight. “The buck’s here, by the way.”

Kayle followed her gaze and saw a dead deer with several arrows protruding from it. Two arrows were sticking out of its hind legs, one for each leg, while another arrow delivered a fatal shot to the skull. She noticed that frost was lingering near the arrows and on the deer.

She shot the legs to completely cripple the buck before she killed it. And all shots were delivered perfectly. I guess Tryndamere’s boast of her hitting five birds with one arrow isn’t without merit…

“Alright, let’s get this back to camp,” Kayle said aloud. “I will fly over the forest while you make your way back.”

“Are you sure you can carry that thing by yourself?” Ashe asked with surprise.

“I’ll manage,” Kayle said off-handed as she slung the whole animal over her shoulders.

The gift of magic, she thought, grinning to herself, as Ashe’s mouth dropped in shock.

“Camp’s back at the clearing,” Kayle called as she flew up into the skies with the deer on her back. It partially inhibited her wings, but she managed.

The forest is easier to traverse in the sky than on the ground, Kayle thought while looking down. She saw the path that she had cut through on her way to reach Ashe. She eventually spotted the camp and landed inside it, just as Ashe appeared.

“That’s strange,” Ashe commented. “We almost arrived at the same time.”

“I am carrying this thing,” Kayle replied before dropping the buck onto the ground. “And I did cut you a larger path. Now let’s cut it open and be done with it.”

Author's Note: Don't worry, I promise it would get more eventful later. And usual, thanks for reading!

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Well, better get off my lazy ass and write more. Please comment

Chapter 3: Night-time stories

30 minutes later

Kayle grunted as she hauled the last bit of the venison onto the makeshift oven. The fire was burning brightly but Kayle didn’t care – no bandits were stupid enough to attack two champions of the League. The venison that was previously placed on the oven was releasing an aroma that made her mouth water. Unlike many of the other angels, Kayle had nothing against eating flesh – she had caused the deaths of many beings, what was but one more?

Ashe sat quietly beside the oven as she slowly turned the meat around. The frost in the deer had initially made the fire hard to start, but repeated magic from Kayle ensured that the fire won. Now, they were waiting for the meat to cook while Kayle planned to dry the parts that weren’t going to be eaten yet.

“Done,” Kayle announced as the venison finally cooked. “I suppose we can eat now, right?”

“Right,” Ashe agreed. She got up and walked over to her bags. “I doubt you’ve brought along a plate, right?”

Kayle shrugged. “I can just use my hands.”

“That sounds rather ungraceful for a being like you,” Ashe said, grinning mischievously.

“Eleven years on Valoran, what can you expect?” Kayle shot back, but couldn’t stop a grin appearing on her face as well. “Anyway, why is royalty sleeping on the forest anyway and hunting her own food?”

Ashe laughed. “I still haven’t truly thought myself as royalty yet. Even after all these years.”

“You were still a princess before then,” Kayle added. “Before you were crowed queen.”

“Never truly felt like one,” Ashe said, shrugging. “There was always too much to do to ensure the survival of the tribe for such formalities to exist. It was only a title, and gave few privileges.”

“And yet you used your title to your full advantage, uniting Freljord together.”

“You make it sound too impressive,” Ashe said gently. “Come now, we don’t want to let the venison burn.”

Sensing the topic was getting too sensitive; Kayle shrugged and pulled out a piece from the fire. Without further ado, she bit into it, tasting the smoky venison. Beside her, Ashe was doing the same, although Kayle noted that she preferred to use her plate and utensil.

“Mmmm…” Ashe murmured. “It’s really warm.”

“I suppose it’s not a luxury in Freljord,” Kayle replied.

“It’s not too cold in the halls of Freljord, although the nights can be really freezing. Warm food is the one thing that all Freljordian demands, otherwise I might have a riot on my hand,” Ashe finished jokingly.

“Sounds like a hard place to live in,” Kayle said, trying to imagine living in such a cold place. The clouds in her home-world were affected by magic, so everything remained warm while the clouds didn’t melt into nothingness.

“It’s home,” Ashe stated. “I can’t imagine being anywhere else now.”

The thought of home brought the conversation to a screeching halt for Kayle. The thoughts of the angels’ plight invaded her mind again, although she soon pushed them out in favour of the present. Once the meal was finished, the two women packed up their belongings. Ashe announced that she would try to find some water.

Kayle shrugged, her body didn’t need too much water to survive. As Ashe left the clearing, Kayle picked up her two swords and started swinging them. Remembering her match against Master Yi and Jax, she decided that she needed to pick up her swordwork again. The twin swords flashed in the light of the fire as she spun them in a familiar drill that was taught to all battleborn angels. As the swords swirled, Kayle frowned lightly. They were too light. The weight of her hefty greatsword was more familiar and allowed for stronger strikes.

I can always attack from a distance if worse comes to worse, she thought as the drill finished. She placed her swords on the base of the tree that held her hammock. A rustling behind her made her turned around. Ashe had finally returned with some water. To be specific though, it was a block of ice. With arrows sticking out of it.

“Forgot my waterskin,” Ashe replied in response to Kayle’s raised eyebrows. Kayle shook her head in amusement.

“Need me to melt it for you?” Kayle offered. Ashe shook her head.

“Thanks, but I’ll be fine. Melting the ice would be too messy. I’ll just cut the ice into smaller cubes so I can place it my waterskin. If I need water, I suppose I can heat it over the fireplace.”

“Fair enough,” Kayle replied. She sat down again by the fireplace as Ashe got to work.

Maybe I should help her. Bladework is my speciality and not hers.

Getting up, she picked up her swords and strode towards Ashe who was trying to slice through the ice.

“It’s going to melt before you can even separate it,” Kayle said with amusement. Before Ashe can respond, Kayle kicked the block of ice up, ignited her swords, and sliced at the block of ice until they were smaller parts.

“Thanks,” Ashe said, amazed at the speed of Kayle’s swords. She quickly picked up the blocks of ice and placed it into her waterskin. “I haven’t seen you use those swords in the League before.”

“It’s not my speciality,” Kayle responded. “I prefer to use my greatsword.”

“Well, now that I’m done, I suppose we can just relax.” Ashe threw her waterskin back into her bags and lied down before the fireplace and gazed up into the starry night. Seeing as there was nothing else to do, Kayle took off her golden armour and carefully laid it at the tree base before walking towards the fireplace.

“Who’s in the revealing outfit now?” Ashe asked, smirking. Kayle flushed but did her best to look as dignify as possible in only her bindings. It failed miserably as Ashe continued to s****er.

“I… um… oh, shut it,” Kayle snapped at Ashe. She folded her wings around her to try to hide herself, but this only drew open laughter from Ashe.

“Wow, you should really try to petition this to the League officials. They would absolutely love it.” Ashe finished in howls of laughter. Kayle briefly considered pushing her into the fire before remembering that mortals don’t do too well in a fire.

“I’ll stick to my armour,” Kayle responded. “Unlike my sister.”

The laughter died down as the topic swung towards the Fallen Angel.

“What happened between you two?” Ashe asked cautiously. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

Kayle remained silent before she finally responded.

“It was about half a year before the Valoran summoners brought their powers onto our world,” she began. Our fight against my enemies was drawing to a close. Ten thousand years of ceaseless fighting actually looked as if it would finally end. However, my sister pitied the enemy, claiming that they were being oppressed by the Order of Seraphs.”

“I guess they didn’t take it too well,” Ashe said softly.

“That was an understatement,” Kayle said wryly. “The Order was furious, especially when the war had nearly reached its conclusion. We were all tired and sick of the war and were desperate for the end. However, Morgana’s objections raised trouble. The Order didn’t want her to embarrass their name and give the enemy a renewed cause. The war had caused all angels to become more reckless and tempered. Without hesitation, they ordered me to silence my sister, through any means necessary.

“I desperately tried to find her, to dissuade her from her cause. However, if there was one thing I should have remembered from our childhood, she was stubborn and passionate about a cause if she truly thought it was worthwhile. In the end, all words proved futile, and an order had been given.”

“So what did you do?” Ashe asked quietly.

Once again, Kayle paused.

“You must understand,” she said quietly. “She was my baby sister. I couldn’t, I wouldn’t hurt her. So I did the only thing that I thought I could. I disavowed her from my family, cutting all familial links between us two. The order was to clearly silence my sister. Without a sister, the order now had no merit. It was nothing but an attempt to delay the inevitable.”

“Surely your Order of Seraphs wouldn’t let that go.”

“They were utterly devastated that I had disobeyed an order. However, their next order left little to doubt. I was to bring Morgana before them – no other interpretation of the order was possible. The Order was determined to punish both of us for our disobedience. Completely weary from the war and the task before me, I sought out to find Morgana again.

“Before I found Morgana and her allies, I was pulled aside by a Seraph to assist him in laying siege to an enemy city. The fighting was beginning to become incredibly desperate and furious – the enemy knew it was soon to be over and they would become extinct. In the end, my forces were able to capture the city. Angels don’t die, you see, but we can be captured and kidnapped to unknown places. We discovered that the city held many of our former soldiers – to be tortured eternally. Many of our forces were furious, and when the word reached the ear of the Seraphim, a new order was given.”

“You made them pay, didn’t you?” Ashe demanded. “Nobody should suffer such crimes.”

“No, they shouldn’t,” Kayle agreed sadly. “But didn’t excuse the order that was given. The city was to be purged. Soldiers, women, and children were all to be ‘purified’ by fire. Immortals that were captured would suffer the same fate that they tried to enforce upon the soldiers.”

Ashe’s reaction quickly turned to one of horror. “You couldn’t have. Please, tell me you’re joking…”

Kayle looked hard into Ashe’s eyes.

“I only wished I could.” Kayle whispered almost to herself. “I tried to excuse myself, but I had already disobeyed orders once. Through sheer spite, the Seraph dragged me to the frontlines and ordered me to kill a young girl in front of all my troops and her family and city.”

“No, no, you couldn’t have,” Ashe repeated to herself, staring at Kayle with horrified eyes. Fresh tears were now running down Kayle’s eyes. “I thought you claimed yourself as the strongest of your race! You could have resisted!”

“I couldn’t!” Kayle asked, almost pleading. “I am right when I say I am the strongest of my race… but only of my race. The Seraphs… they were significantly stronger than we are. I had no choice… you must understand!”

“So, what happened to the girl? Surely you wouldn’t have…”
“The young girl… she kept pleading. So were her parents. And behind me, my former friends… they were cheering. Cheering at the death of an innocent.”

“So Morgana is right – you are tyrants,” Ashe accused bitterly. Kayle didn’t deny the accusation.

“She saw me do it,” Kayle stated. “Morgana saw me murder the girl. Then her family. Then her friends. And it kept going. The other angels were ordered to stay back as I was forced to turn my blade and fire on innocents.”

“You could have disobeyed!” Ashe shouted. “What was the worse that could have happened?”

“If I tried to stop or disobey, my body was taken over by some other force, and the more I resisted, the more I was covered in blood,” Kayle replied bitterly. “Once I was finally discharged, I stumbled numbly on to find Morgana, hoping to find solace in family. In my former life. But I was too late – Morgana saw how far the angels would have gone and made a contract with both dark magic and the Valoran summoners.

“Before I could even speak to her, our world was already ruined as she pour forbidden magic into our land. Worse, she managed to capture images of my massacre and with it, she showed it to the rest of the world. My image of a hero of my people was shattered beyond repair. The war had barely only ended three days before a civil war sprung up. Chaos reigned freely as angels turned on angels. One side represented the militants and their masters, the Seraphim. The other side represented what Morgana stood for – freedom.”

Ashe continued to stare at Kayle, unbelievingly.

“So you believed your sister’s cause was right?” Ashe asked tentatively after a long silence.

“It was right from the beginning,” Kayle responded dejectedly. “I only saw it was a just cause at the end of the war. My upbringing and faith in the Order of Seraphs had blinded me from the start. By the time I came around to this conclusion, I was already in Valoran, and nothing I said or done would turn Morgana from forgiving me. In a way, our enemy had won – they destroyed the angels’ image of perfection. I was once a hero. Now, I’m a mass murderer to the victims, a tyrant in my sister’s eyes, and a traitor to the other angels.”

“But why did they allow you to come to Valoran if you were a traitor?”

“At first, I thought it was an order to stop the chaos that was occurring everywhere. It was only when I arrived in Valoran that I discovered I was actually sold to the summoners. The Seraphim had used me as a bargaining chip to cease all conflicts on my home world. The portal to my home world was closed and I was literally forced into servitude. I will remain here for a thousand years. They knew Morgana was here and left me to suffer.”

“To suffer?” Ashe repeated, looking at Kayle. “Is that what you truly believe?”

Kayle looked up, wishing she had her helmet, wishing that she could hide herself now that she had laid herself bare.

“Suffer? Yes, I should continue to suffer and redeem for my crimes. Other than that… I truly don’t know where I should go.”

“You’re a good person, Kayle,” Ashe said quietly. “The last eleven years were proof of that. Your actions off the Field of Justice were always to help somebody. Your time here, even if you hated it, has made some of our lives better. Understand this, you may have committed your war crimes, but you were forced into a position nobody ever want. Champions such as Singed and Warwick enjoyed their atrocities – you didn’t and that already makes you a better person than they are.”

“I thought I had buried the past,” Kayle said bitterly. Ashe saw that tears were running down the angel’s face. “Even so, it continues to haunt me. Every night, I hear the screams of that city. Every night, I see the rivers of blood that come from it. Every night, I spat at the angel’s idea of absolute justice. And every night, I hate myself more and more, and wonder what everybody would think when they discover the truth.”

“I don’t hate you,” Ashe said, a small smile returning. “And you shouldn’t hate yourself. If the records are true, you’ve truly gone beyond your call of duty in the League of Legends. Eleven years here, and not a single kill on Valoran has been attributed to you. Your sense of justice meant that every criminal remained alive to face their charges.”

Kayle gazed into the fire. “I swore I would never kill, except on the Fields. I swore that I would never take another life after the massacre at that city. As ‘The Judicator’, I would see that my brand of justice is enforced, not the angel’s version!”

Ashe moved over and gave Kayle a small hug. “That’s the spirit. Even if you don’t have other members of your homeworld, you still have us. You still have Valoran… and no matter how badly you think of yourself, you always have the chance to redeem yourself.”

Kayle gave a shaky laugh. “Thanks, I’ll be glad to call you friend. You’ve given me things to think about – I truly hope that I could shake off my past, but that would be an insult to all my victims.” Kayle sighed and looked around. The camp-fire was burning lower and the moon was rising higher. Around her, she felt the denizens of the forest moving.

“The night is getting old,” Ashe said, yawning. “Until tomorrow then.”

“Good night,” Kayle replied. Without a further word, she flew up to her hammock and closed her eyes, fearing the nightmares that would inevitably come.

Author's Note: Well... if anybody was metaphorically hurt by the Mood Whiplash, I'm sorry (going from a pleasent and slightly comedic story to a full blown war story). Anyway, I'm sorry the chapters are getting longer and longer (for the record, it's five pages on Microsoft Word for this chapter alone). Please keep reading and commenting!

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I love what you've written so far. Keep up the fantastic work! d(^_^)b

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why would you be sorry they are longer I like them longer

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Oh god... I've finally became the type of writer that I despise - write a good story... then leave everybody hanging. Don't worry, I've got my next chapter up, and in atonement, I'm gonna dedicate myselves to writing the next one. Hopefully, it would be up by tonight. If not, definitely tomorrow. And thank you SO much for the reviews. Here we go (and surprisingly, it's EVEN LONGER!)

Chapter 4: The Calm before the Storm

3 days later

“I see the borders,” Kayle announced as the looming mountains before her slowly revealed the pass into the Freljord.

“Good, the tribe halls shouldn’t be far ahead then,” Ashe said gladly. The height and the increasing coldness of the air had proven to be a toll for her as initial conversation slowly died down and was only reserved for the nights when the two women camped.

“It’s still early so we won’t have to stop before then. I would hate to have to fly through a storm during a Freljordian night.”

“True, it’s not the best of times to fly.”

Kayle picked up her pace as the thoughts of a warm hall encouraged her to reach her destination quicker – even she began to feel the effects of the cold air.

“What do you hope to find once we are in Freljord?” Ashe asked. “It’s a large wasteland, and finding traces of an insurrection can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.”

“I was hoping to borrow you or more of your subjects – they would know where the main animal trails are, if the are major disruptions, then we know there are humans nearby. They would need to hunt all the food that they can get if they wish to survive in this frozen wasteland.”

“It’s not that much of a wasteland,” Ashe shot back. “If we are lucky, we may be able to enlist the help of the yetis. If the Gods truly smile upon us, then Anivia will lend us assistance as well.”

“The Cyrophoenix,” Kayle said, pondering. “Even better than I dared to think. Two pairs of wings can quickly scout out traces of a rebellion here.”

“She’s a fickle being though; a powerful immortal elemental like her may not deign to attend to the affairs of mortals.”

“Still, it’s best to ask,” Kayle replied. “No harm in asking.”

“I’ll be careful if I was you – your fires have caused her a fair bit of grieve on the Fields.”

“Who haven’t they caused grieve for?” Kayle asked, snorting. “I could say her powers over ice have given me grieve. But we all knew the costs when we joined the League of Legends, and there is no point in bearing ill-directed grudges. We aren’t responsible for our actions on the Field – the summoners are.”

“True,” Ashe agreed. “But you know there are always though who would bear a vengeance over a slight on the Fields.”

“Let’s hope Anivia doesn’t – it would be a pain to have an immortal pursing a vengeance against me. Neither of us could have a proper rest until the cycle of vengeance ends. And I doubt it would happen anytime soon if it occurred.”

“Mmhmm,” Ashe murmured in agreement.

Kayle looked up slightly from her flight. Then she frowned.

“Those storm clouds weren’t there seconds ago,” she stated. She began to worry. Even clouds couldn’t form that quickly in Freljord.

“What?” Ashe asked in confusion. She peeked up from Kayle’s armour and frowned as well. “They aren’t natural. Something or someone is causing them.”

“But why?” Kayle asked.

“Just be careful,” Ashe urged. “And be sure to set me down once we are inside the borders. Having a storm catch me up high isn’t a good thing…”

“Alright,” Kayle agreed, still keeping her eyes on the storm clouds. They were forming way too quickly for her liking. With a quick burst of speed, she raced angled herself downwards to settle Ashe on solid ground. Until then, she was vulnerable to the winds from the incoming storm.

However, before she could land, a sudden wave of cold consumed her and froze her wings. Stunned, she wondered for a wild second if Ashe had fired one of her frost arrows into her without provocation. Shaking her head clear, she did the only thing she could do and shielded them both from harm as they raced speedily towards the ground.

A loud crunch heralded their arrival, but for the most part they weren’t hurt. She had landed in the pass and was surrounded by the high cliffs that marked the borders of Freljord.

“What was that?” Ashe asked panicked. Traces of frost surrounded her – she must have been hit the hardest by whatever attacked them.

Kayle didn’t bother with an answer. Instead she scanned the skies, looking for traces of their attacker. Without warning, a shard of blue from high above flew towards her. She nimbly stepped aside and pointed towards the sky.

“It came from over there,” she shouted. Ashe quickly fired an arrow in response. The clouds had quickly covered the skies and had obscured their view. The attacker was nowhere to be seen.

Kayle strode over to the shard of blue. It was emitting a sharp coldness. Kayle frowned again – this shard looked very familiar. She had seen it before in the Fields.

But it can’t be. Why would she be attacking? Kayle thought quickly. She looked up again. The clouds had now fully covered skies.

They were over a kilometre away last time we saw it! Kayle thought, dismayed.

“Be careful,” Kayle wared Ashe. “Whatever attacking us isn’t bounded by the League’s magic.”

Ashe nodded, still keeping her eyes on the sky. Kayle drew her twin blades, hoping to end this before the storm ad their attacker got too troubling.

A loud noise tore through the air as a wall of ice formed on both sides of the pass, sealing them inside.

“Why, in the name of the Void, is Anivia attacking us?” Ashe shouted, panicking slightly.

Without hesitating, Kayle grabbed Ashe by the collar and jumped, letting her wings take her over one of the walls of ice and well into Freljord. Barely a second later, a huge sphere of ice smashed deep inside the pass and exploded, quickly freezing the place over and painting the pass an eerie icy blue.

“Where is she?” Ashe asked, gritting her teeth. The icy explosion was well beyond the range of Anivia’s usual attacks during the League sanctioned matches. Kayle responded by firing a wide stream of light which cut through some of the clouds.

“You’re not the only one who isn’t bounded by the League,” Kayle growled underneath her breath. As the clouds clear, she saw the looming shape of the Cyrophoenix.

“What on Valoran?” Ashe gasped. The Cyrophoenix’s usual body of blue ice was now composed of an ominous black crystal. Her usual red eyes were now ablaze with a cold fury. The Cyrophoenix shrieked her rage and fired another shard of ice at Kayle. She quickly rolled out of the way and lashed out with her swords after imbuing them with holy fire. Fire streaked against the body of the Cyrophoenix. Shrieking in pain she raised another wall of ice, hiding herself from view.

“What was that?” Ashe asked worriedly. “I’ve never seen Anivia like that before.”

“Whatever the case is, it has affected her mind,” Kayle said grimly. “We better end this quickly – we aren’t suited to fighting along time in the cold unlike her.”

She looked at the wall of ice. “It’s a double-edged sword. It may provide us cover, but we would freeze to death if we remained near it. This wall is a lot colder than it usually is in the League. Come, we better stay away from it.”

Scanning the sky for Anivia, Kayle moved quickly. She growled in frustration after a while. Tactically, she knew the Cyrophoenix held all the winning cards. Anivia was in a familiar place as well as possessing ways to hinder Kayle and Ashe without compromising herself. Her ability to fire through the storm clearly showed she wasn’t hindered by it – in fact she probably revelled in hiding in the storm.

If I can get above her, Kayle thought desperately as the storm clouds looked more ominous than ever.

“Find some cover if you can!” Kayle shouted at Ashe before she leaped into the air and flew straight up. Kayle’s heart dropped when she had a mirthless and utterly cold laughter boom out into the air. Before she can respond, Kayle began to plummet towards the ground again as the winds formed a freezing cocoon around her and locked her wings for the second time this day.

Kayle landed heavily on the ground, her armour creating a deep indent on the ground. Kayle growled in frustration at her quick failure.

She’s suppressing us, but she hasn’t done anything yet since she flew up in the clouds, Kayle thought quickly, trying to determine Anivia’s plans before they came into effect. Kayle looked up and saw that the clouds were centring themselves on where she assumed Anivia was.

“Ashe! Where are you?” Kayle shouted, suddenly panicking. While Ashe did grow up on the Freljordian tundra, Kayle doubted Ashe would survive a direct assault from Anivia. A sharp screech answered her. For a wild second, Kayle thought Anivia was beginning her second part of her plan, but saw that it was only Ashe’s hawk spirit.

“Follow the spirit!” it shouted. It began flying deeper into Freljord, and Kayle followed it without hesitation. A few seconds later, she saw that Ashe was hiding near a cluster of rocks, and carefully surveying the looming clouds.

“Are you alright?” Ashe asked, without taking her eyes off the clouds. “I saw you take a fall.”

“She froze my wings,” Kayle responded grimly. “What do you think she’s trying? I’m certain I can counteract the majority of the cold if she tries to freeze the place away.”

“Right, you have powers over fire, don’t you?”

Kayle nodded in agreement and wondered how she would break the stalemate.

I could fly further into Freljord and then fly up from there, but I would lose sight of her and leave Ashe vulnerable. A direct assault is impossible, so what now?

Kayle wondered whether Ashe can freeze Anivia over but quickly dismissed the idea.

League rules don’t work here…

“Can you send your hawk spirit to see what she’s doing?” Kayle asked Ashe. Ashe nodded and a trail of blue left her and headed straight into the clouds.

Ashe frowned. “She’s not doing anything except to gather more clouds. It’s covering us, but I doubt a small storm will wipe us out.”

“Do you think she will try to use the whole storm to cover Freljord? Or maybe even Valoran?”

Ashe hesitated before answering. “I think it’s within her capabilities, and it would definitely be unpleasant so we better stop her as soon as we can.”

“Alright,” Kayle said, still trying to form a plan. The only viable idea seemed to involve leaving Ashe, and she was worried that Ashe would be hit the hardest as soon as Anivia released the storm.

“Wait a second…” Ashe said frowning. “Oh, that is not good!”

“What’s happening?” Kayle asked. However, she didn’t need an answer as her face fell once she saw the clouds turning into a translucent blue.

“She’s bringing the whole sky on us!” Kayle exclaimed in horror. The initial storm clouds had already stretched as far as she could see. Worse, the blue ice was travelling fast from the centre and had already passed overhead, leaving everything bathed in an eerie blue. The ice must have been held on by Anivia’s magic as it remained in the sky.

There’s no way we can fly out, Kayle thought in dismay. So there’s only one way to end it…

“Hold on!” Kayle shouted abruptly, before slinging Ashe over her shoulders.

“What…” Ashe cried out in confusion and fear. Kayle ignored her and poured as much magic as she dared to move towards the centre as fast as she can. Another eerie laugh echoed out throughout the chilly grounds as another orb of ice flew towards Kayle. Kayle responded quickly by igniting a fireball in her hands and set it flying towards the ball of ice.

You can’t stop me,” a voice hissed around her. “I am the eye of the hurricane of endless destruction!

Kayle landed roughly in the middle of the storm cloud and placed Ashe down.

“What are we doing?” Ashe asked in confusion. “We can’t get to her!”

“Stay low!” Kayle ordered. “I think I have a plan.”

“What do you mean you think?” Ashe grumbled as she threw herself down.

If this actually works, Kayle thought to herself. I would demand an explanation.

Breathing in, she formed a protective barrier around Ashe before she swung her swords around her in a circle. Long tendrils of fire followed the swords. Satisfied, she began to slowly dance in a circle, forming an increasing inferno. As the inferno grew, she begun dancing faster, and the inferno responded in kind, forming a whirlwind of holy fire.

As she hoped, the fires began to die down as the cold assaulted and slowly closed the fire down. However, from her dimmest of memories of a life long ago, she knew the heat was moving rapidly forward where it should successively clashed with the storm clouds.

What is lightning but the twin aspects of Fire and Light? Kayle thought, hoping her insane plan would work. A sudden flash confirmed her thoughts as lightning lashed out from the storm clouds. Kayle held up her swords and flew up as high as she dared before Anivia noticed her.

“Goddess blesses us,” Kayle murmured quietly as a golden barrier slowly formed around her. A brilliant flash of light then the deep rumbles of thunder boomed out around the tundra. Kayle swore as she fought a battle to trap the raw power of the lightning bolt into her swords. Gritting her teeth, she quickly redirected her sword towards the centre of the storm.

A loud shriek of pain confirmed a hit. Without wasting a second, Kayle flew up towards Anivia before she could recover. Kayle quickly passed by a smoking mass of black crystals as she stormed her way through the hole that was in the middle of the ice mass – Anivia had not created ice there as she was casting her deadly spell. Once she thought she reached a high enough distance, she turned around and gazed back at the eye of the storm. Yelling a battle cry, she hurled herself back at the black crystals that were Anivia and ignited her sword.

Anivia never had a chance to react as Kayle collided heavily with her. Anivia shrieked in pain again as she saw twin flaming blades stuck through her while Kayle pushed her mercilessly towards the ground. Kayle muttered an incantation again and renewed her protection while she left Anivia vulnerable as they rushed towards the ground.

A deep crater formed and the ground shook as the two immortals slammed into the ground with suicidal speeds. Anivia was killed instantly as the impact shook her already weakened body. Kayle was still protected by her barrier and was only shaken by the near suicidal trip towards the ground.

“Kayle!” Ashe screamed in the distance, pointing up. Kayle felt the elation from her victory drain out of her body as the sky began falling down. Ashe sprinted towards Kayle and Anivia as they were in the direct centre of the falling ice mass.

“Move,” Kayle hissed underneath her breath. Digging past through her exhausted mana, she offered a blessing for Ashe. The tiredness left the Frost Archer’s body as she moved even faster toward the centre. Kayle collapsed as she cast her final spell to protect them both as soon as Ashe entered the centre.

Their world ended around them as the gigantic mass of ice smashed into the ground, creating a dark world of ice.

Author's note: So there's a cliffhanger at the end. Maybe I WON'T release the next chapter until next week! I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Don't down vote. Anyway, through logic alone, I'm absolutely certain that's not how lightning works. But hey, you can't blame me for pulling out the Deus Ex Machina out as long as it was awesome.