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Zarpah Champion Concept

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Zarpah: The Absolute

==Forbiden Knowlage==
(innate) Zarpahs base attack and ability power are cut in 1/4, and all attack bonus' are divided in 1/4 (rounding up) in turn, all damage is transformed into true damage instead of the normal damage (damage delt by items (dethfires grasp, Hextech gunblade, ect) deal 1/2 damage as well as transforming the magic damage to true dmage. In addition none of his basic attacks can land a critical hit

==Utter Destruction==
(skill shot aoe (blast on 2nd target or end)) sends out a skillshot nuke that will explode upon coming in contact with the 2nd enemy in the skill shot(if no 2nd target is found, it will explode at the end range) resulting in an explosion dealing 25/40/55/70/85/100 true damage in a AoE radius of 200. (range 750 :: diamater 100) coldown: 10/11/12/13/14/15 sec Mana: 100/115/130/145/160/175 (AD ratio = 0.6)(AP Ratio = 1.0)

==Forceful Stagnation==
(click on target) target champion is slowed by 10/20/30/40/50/60% and will not recive exp exept by global effects for 1/2/3/4/5/6 seconds. Also deal 40/60/90/130/180/240 true damage over 2/3/4/5/6/7 seconds 60/90/130/180/240/310 true damage damage to lvl 18 champions(1/2 (lvl 18) damage to minions or neutral creeps) Cooldown: 13 sec. Mana: 70/80/90/100/110/120 (AD Ratio = 1.0)(AP Ratio = 0.6) range 500

==Epicenter of Solace==
(self auto target (channeling)) in a range of 1700 around Zarpah deal 10/20/30/40/50/60 true damage per second with a 'Safe Zone' of 500 around him. All units in the 500 range (including enemys) have their Armor. and magic resistance increased by 15 Zarpah is immobile during this time. any disables casted on him will stop the channeling effect. If an enemy champion enters or leaves the Damage over time radius they are slowed by 10/15/20/25/30/35% for 2 seconds and are silenced for 0.5 seconds. Cooldown: 30/27/24/21/18/15 Mana: 10/15/20/25/30/35 per second. (AP Ratio = 0.8)(AD Ratio = 0.8)

==Forbiden Practice==
(on spell cast) Zarpah heals himself for 2% of his current mana (not maximum) and restors mana = to 3% of his Current hp (again, not max) over 4 seconds (can stack twice, no more). If Zarpah has full hp, take the amount that whould be healed and deal 50 +(15xlevel) true damage in addition to the normal damage (applies only on the entering / exiting effect of Epicenter of Solace) if this champion casts a spell increase his armor and magic resist by 10/20 (Does not stack) for 2 sec


I made this champion for a very balanced champion that could fill almost any role, also wishing that there was more true damage.

Piltover... A city of progress, academics, technology, and no crime; Seems like it was utopia, seemed to be. There was a professor at the most prestigious academy that taught some of the genius of the city. This professor was teaching his students the history of the Runewars and about the void, how it should be feared, not embraced. One of the brightest students in the Academy was Zarpah, a boy who used to be from Zaun but decided to study at Piltover. He was taught at Zaun that only though very hard work and labor will you accomplish anything in life, while in Piltover he was told that everything can be resolved with intellect. He decided to apply both. He worked his hardest to become the best student in the academy, and to do so he had regular meetings with his professor. One day, Zarpah was in his Classroom with a note on the door "Zarpah, I’ll be back in an hour or two. Make yourself conferrable." so he did just that, until he noticed on the teacher’s desk a very large, three eyed, purple quadruped. He quickly rose to his feet and ran to the other side of the room, but he heard no movements, the thing was dead. He decided to make the most of his time and dissect the creature. He placed the crab thing on the examination table and started his work. As quickly as his progress was moving along, the more he understood that this creature was from the void! He heard two voices outside the classroom door. One was his professor, it had been an hour already…, and one was a somewhat echoing voice that seemed kind of raspy. He hid in a closet in the far corner of the room, but to no avail. The other man was floating of the ground as he telepathically held Zarpah in the air. He had seen this man from the Professors teachings. This man is known as Malzahar, prophet of the void after a small confrontation in the classroom, Malzahar said that the boy was skilled, but that the school wasn’t good enough for him. And the Prophet left.

About 2 days later, Zarpah had left the Academy to learn from Malzahar, but the Prophet refused. One day, Zarpah witnessed Malzahar opening a portal to the void. After Malzahar had entered, he ran as fast as he could to enter before the portal closed. He made it in, but only his right arm didn’t make it. It was caught in between reality and the void. He sat there for what seemed like weeks, and all the while the void was perverting his mind with the teachings that I provided, teachings that he was taught to be evil. One day, in his misery, a being had come up to him. It was not Malzahar, but his rival Kassadin, the Void Walker. When he heard that Zarpah had been left to rot and die by Malzahar, he gladly decided to help, first by cutting Zarpahs right arm off. After about a week (or what felt like a week) they found a Bloom Crystal, a special crystal that grows if exposed to void powers. With a small shard of the crystal, Kassadin, The Void Walker, graciously provided his new friend with a right arm of the void.

They traveled the void for what seemed months, and all the while, Zarpah had been learning, and learning, and finally applying, but he couldn’t control the powers of the void well. He could gather the power, but could not use it. One fateful day (if the void had a day/night cycle) Kassadin left to attend to other matters. A short time after the void Walker had left sight, Zarpah was kidnaped buy a man that refused to give him his name, or talk. He wore a dark hood and cloak, much like, no… exactly like the high-ranking Summoners at the Institute of War, the home of the League of Legends. He never spoke, but gave Zarpah an endless amount of books, all of which contained Knowledge that people were put to death, in Zaun nonetheless, for even reading. He studied for countless Years. The mysterious Summoner finally opened a Void Portal to the real world, which seemed alien to Zarpah who had spent a great deal of his life in the void, and he had left his new home, yet again. He was directed to the institute of war by his mysterious Master, as he had been fond of calling him. There he enrolled in the league of legends with his forbidden knowledge. He was a quick target of hate by the other League members. At one point a summoner had challenged Zarpah to a duel, and Zarpah got to choose any summoner. He chose, and they took to the field of battle known as Summoners Rift it out... Zarpah won by a landslide.

He spent that entire week defeating Champion after champion He even won a match of 1 v 5. Again, he won, but this was a true challenge, and he accepted it He finally faced the Grand master summoner. He lost. His first loss and he hated it. That point onwards he vowed to gain more and more strength until he can finally beat the Grandmaster, in a fair fight.

"He is a worthy contender, and I would very much like to try again" Said Jax after a match

Stat = = = Base = = = Lvl 1 = = = Lvl 18 = = = + per lvl
Health ----- 396 ------ 457 --------- 1494 ------------- 61
hp reg /5-- 12.2 ------ 12.6 --------- 23 --------------- 0.6
Mana-------- 640 ------ 700 ------- 1720 -------------- 60
Mna reg /5 - 10 ------ 11.5 -------- 37 ---------------- 1.5
Att dmg------ 50 -------- 55 -------- 140 --------------- 5 (after passive calc (max is) 45)
Att spd------ 0.65 ----- 0.663 ----- 0.884 -------------- 2%
range-------- 600
Armor--------- 4 ----------- 6 ---------- 30 ----------------2
MR------------ 12 --------- 13 --------- 30 ----------------1
Movement - 300 ------ 302 ---------- 345 ------------- 2.5

Quotes:(speeks witha deep echoing voice.
* "Let it *deep inhale* begin..."
* "Break on though."
* "Musssst, consume!"
* "There shall be a rekoning!
* "Die, Die! DIE!
* "Oblivion, for all..."
* "Death comes for you!"
* "Doom."
* "They should have sent a poet!"
*Yours in the inferior intellect!"
* "The two most comon elements in the universe are Hydrogen, and stupidity..."


Playing as:
*Zarpah is a hybrid champion, but don’t forget that he wont benefit from the lifesteal/Spell Vamp from Gunblade
*Your cooldowns are some of the longest in the game for non ults. Getting a nashors tooth will help a lot
*Zarpah is the fastest char in the game (base move speed)
so take advantage of that in chasing and fleeing.
Playing aagainst:
*Zarpahs cooldowns are pretty lengthy. If you going to gank, try to attack him all at once, quickly.
*Zarpah has low harrasment abilitys from lvl 1-4, try and push him out of his lane and keep him there.
* if Epicenter of Solace is used in the middle of a team fight, try not to fear, stun ect. him untill the team fight tips in their favor so that your team benefits from the armor and magic resist boost


*All of his quotes are dirived from protoss units from the Starcraft Games
*Zarpah is the only champion with a scaling movement speed
==> By lvl 13 he is the fastest champion with 332.5 Speed
*Zarpah has the highest base attack in the game, but after his passive he has the lowest
*Zarpah is the only champion that doesnt benefit at all from crit chance, spell vamp,
or life steal.
*to find the AP after Calculations, take the total AP, than Divide by 4. so for
rabadons deathcap, take the 140, + (40%) = 196 (Than passive(Divide by 4) = +49 ap. rabadons + Hourglass = 386 /4 = 84 ap

this champion page wil be subject to change frequently.
-Sincerely, double stuffed

-consept art by ~LeonGrand on Deviantart.com:
Link ==> http://leongrand.deviantart.com/art/Ascendent-Sketch-Color-Practic-206694840

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Sexi Thang



what does he look like?

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Sexi Thang:
what does he look like?

i have added a thumb nail, and a link to the consept art.