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The real best counter to Yorick

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As a Yorick player allow me to explain the best way to counter Yorick.

Press team fights asap, Go 5 man push mid, force dragon asap. Yorick is stupidly squishy early game, and needs farm and levels to get past this issue.

By forcing early fights when all he has is a manamune he'll fall to focus fire unbelievably fast, and he also won't do too much in early team fights.

Many people say the counter to Yorick is lategame, but that's a myth. As a Yorick player I find his strongest point in the game to be lategame. Once he gets all his farm together (Mainly Manamune+Heart+Warmog) He can really get into a fight without worrying much about dieing, deal all his sustained damage quite well, shrug off the random AoE with his E, and also provide his team with a second range AD (or he can ult his teams caster if they got caught so they can still drop their combo for the fight)

Really, Yorick is really strong in 1v1 scenarios because of his sustain, but until he has farm he's stupidly squishy in 1v2's and so forth.

Want a counterlane? Really easy, lane as someone with CC and ask for alot of jungle ganks. Yorick is terrible at escaping ganks as well as farming while zoned, because while zoned Yorick only has two 450 range spells to farm with, in which case he is getting close enough to be initiated on.

So, what is the best way to play against Yorick?
1: Press for objectives/team fights early
2: Deny his range carry farm
3: Deny him, putting him in a 1v2 lane where 1 guy has hard CC and the other can deal a good portion of burst makes him unable to farm if you just don't push the lane
4: Deny him, just keeping a jungler ready to gank if you also have a hard CC for him is enough to zone him.