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If you could add a feature to the PVP.net client for Season 2, what would it be?

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I am a AIR developer on the Invictus Team. We are working on Season 2 competitive features. We are the ones that made ranked teams. That feature is still in development. What do we do next? We are having a meeting on this Monday.

Improve matchmaking by giving players more control over the team selecting.
Or add basic stats that teammates can see about each other in the champion selection screen (wins on the current map type).

I outline this thought a bit more in my thread here

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Look at those pictures: Most played champions.

Everyone would LOVE this feature.

It was in the older PvP.net so the server probably keeps track of those stats?

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Being able to see the another players owned champions and mastery pages.

And the long awaited Achivements, as well as more Customizing, such as custom items for champs(basically saving the items you wanna buy), being able to sort champs on your own.

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Sell back feature Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

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Integrated Tribunal
Let us use Tribunal from within the PVP.net client, rather than having to utilise the website.

PVP.net Lite
I have a netbook which is too slow to run LoL in general. Release a light version of PVP.net without the matchmaking features, so that we can still log in and chat with others on the go, or use the aforementioned integrated Tribunal. Player names/status are shown in blue (or some other colour) to indicate they cannot play games.

Add a progress bar to the Submit Logs button
Under the Settings, the Submit Logs button takes an extremely long time to upload. During this time the client just hangs there, frozen. The first few times I thought the program itself was bugged, but now I realise it's probably generating logs on the spot, which is why it takes so long. Adding a progress bar lets players know that their client isn't frozen, it's just very busy. Also, change it around so we can still chat while the logs are being generated and submitted.

More Avatars
The description says more avatars will be made available. Not one new little square avatar has appeared since I started playing 18 months ago.

Retool the purple experience bar as First Win Timer at level 30
Players are also given a heads up to this function when they hit level 30.

Allow players to drag the Grid View in the postgame stats
I hate the scroll bars. Seriously, just let me drag it like my mouse is a hand icon.

Normalise Graph View in postgame stats
I'd like to be able to view graphs of stats with wildly different orders of magnitude. For example, comparing Largest Critical Strike with Physical Damage Dealt will leave the former with a tiny stripe, while the latter will always dwarf the former. Give each stat a magnitude grouping, and have their bars scale together as a group. For example, Minions Killed and Monsters Killed will always use the same scale in the graphs; K/D/A stats all scale identically but use a different scaling; Damage Dealt, Magic/Physical Damage Dealt, and Damage Healed all scale identically.

Utilise more of the empty space on the Postgame Victory screen
Compress the features around the bold VICTORY! upwards a bit, and use the space for other functions.