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Spell vamp items. [will of ancient suggestion]

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Urek Mazin0

Senior Member


hi, umm i think it would be a good idea, to split the spell vamp of will of ancient between base stat and aura stat. bcause will of ancient is the best spell vamp item, but sadly u cannot buy more, since the spell vamp is all on the aura buff.

so you are stuck with 15% max spell vamp as a caster because it makes no sense to stack hextech revolvers since they are early game items, u cannot keep em all game, casters need hp or mana or CD reduction.

my suggestion is is to reduce the aura buff and increase the base stat, like this:

55 ap and 10 spell vamp UNIQUE AURA: 5 spell vamp and 15 AP to teammates.

or perhaps create another spell vamp item specifically for casters. Mana/health/CD reduc. + spellvamp i dont know, it simply doesnt seems fair yet how the spellvamp has very few items, plus it feels as if there was 1 big item with Spell vamp for casters(will of ancient) and 1 for hybrids (hextech gunblade)

there are quite several lifesteal items and only 3 spellvamp. plus 1 is for hybrids and 1 cannot be stacked and 1 it's 2 weak to be stacked.