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- Noxus Head Quarters-

The skies gradually inked to their darkest hour. The cold wind brushed along the scarlet strands that danced behind the scarred feminine face of the sinister Blade. Her dark leather fingerless glove scrunched around her right hand as her grasp on the balcony tightened. Her scar reminded her to never let passion interfere with her duty. Heavy footsteps could be heard from the corridor until they suddenly came to an abrupt halt directly behind her.

“ It may be a lesson of reminder, but it is not a scar to be ashamed of forever, my dearest Katrina, “-General Du Couteau said as he had made his way to the balcony and caught her in the act of tracing her scar. The General stood a feet away and kept his arms folded behind his back. He held this authoritative posture which gave his indicated rank.

Katrina did not turn to face him yet but replied, “ And who said I was ashamed, father?” Her tone was a mixture of a mellow, devious tune. A very light smirk crept onto the corner of her ruby lips for a brief moment. She then finally turned to face him, leaning her back lazily against the balcony railing.-

" I acknowledge the fact I was foolish for defying the Guild's orders in not killing a low-ranked Damacian Officer. Instead, " she shrugged, " I got blood hungry and went for their Damacian General." Katrina went aloof for a moment before she spoke again, "For it, I paid a great price. This scar.." She traced the line across her face as her voice grew quiet in reverence, "And the severe casualties upon our Noxian soldiers..."

Her mind flashed back to that very day. The sounds of metal clashing against metal echoed within her. The memory was vivid. The scene in which her unprepared soldiers fought valiantly against the Demacians' ambush. She could place herself back there in an instant. She recalled how quickly their efforts became futile. How soon the air was filled with taste of iron. The blood of her comrades. She then forced herself to recall from her thoughts, planting her gaze once again upon her father's.

The General gazed at her indifferently before a hidden grin plastered on his lips and he nodded amused with her response. " well said, daughter. Well said. " - he then joined her side and planted his palms against the railing and allowed his eyes to glaze over the luxurious city of Noxus. Even though they were stories high, everything could be seen from this height. Even in the night the city was alive and illuminated with luminous lights.

The cold wind never ceased to course since two started talking. The General's velvet cape which connected to his metal armor, swept side to side from it. He continued saying, " Do you remember of a certain fellow, rumored to be a threat to Noxus due to his successful mastery of the blade?"

Katarina stood in the same stance, staring distantly towards the entry of the balcony. Familiar with the rumor, she nodded. Catching her head gesture from the corner of his eyes the General carried the conversation, " the Noxus guild assigned me to capture him and end his life."

-keeping her head forwards she replied, " and..did you find him? Oh, do tell me you shred him to pieces father." - she snorted with a snicker craving to hear a "Yes"

" On the Contrary, No." - he responded, causing Katrina to stiffen while turning her gaze towards him questionably.

" And why not? "- she furrowed her eyebrows baffled and practically disappointed. " He is criminalized for being a thief. He was convicted of stealing Noxus' gold from the security walls."- she motioned. "Why did you spare h-- "

Her words were quickly cut short when her father raised his right palm up in gesture for her to silence.

" Nothing your telling me is new Kat. These things I know of already. This young male maybe an incompetent, rebellious, criminal to our city, but he has the instincts and potential to which benefits our Noxian's military."

Forced to a respectful silence, Katrina bit her tongue and listened quietly. You could say she despised mercy being shown to those who turned their backs to Noxus or those who dared to create trouble against it. Either way, she did not dare to question her father to a point of insult, for he was a high rank Noxian General whom Noxus Highly looked up to. she honored him and took after his ways from inspiration. She respected him to the fullest.

" Once I was assigned to find this man, I was determined to kill him. I then found him under the belly of Noxus and I and him had a blade- to-blade combat," The General smirked at the thought, " He was very good fighter, quick with speed and his reflex unimaginably impressive, but it was not enough to defeat me. Seeing the fact he was defeated and disarmed, ready to be slain by my sword, I gave him a choice. "

-Katrina quirked an eyebrow eyeing her father as he explained the story of events.

" I told him, Either die by my sword, or join our Military forces. He chose wisely. He chose us, but in one condition."

" That being?"- Katarina replied almost annoyed.

The general locked gaze with her. " To only serve me. Within the combat, I gained his honor for overpowering him."-

-Katrina snorted and pushed herself off the railing to stand straight. " And that's it?" she gave a half laugh, " How can he even be trusted? What if he betrays us? How could you show mercy to a rebel? I must say, I'm rather disappointed. why give this outsider such a freedom of choice"-she lowly growled?

General Du Coutaue sharply looked at her before his gaze grew dark. " Disappointed? You of all people in Noxus are least to lecture me of being disappointed in my decision. You who defied the orders in which we gave you! My daughter? who rebelled against our commands from being derived by your arrogant obsession to prove yourself worthy? when you were worthy already.!Don't you dare judge my choices when you, Katrina caused many of our Noxians soldiers to suffer casualties, due you're foolish actions." - he spat.

With her lips sealed she inhaled sharply, his word stabbed at her chest like a double edge sword, yet they held truth and weighed a heavy guilt that freshly came back to life. She quickly got on one knee and dropped her head low in reverence to her father, causing her hair to curtain down her cheeks. she then kept a fist against her chest and the other behind her back.

" Forgive me father...I am no one to question you. You speak the truth."-

The General finally eased down and his face soften. His daughters, Cassiopeia, Katrina were the only ones who soften his heart, other then that he was a ruthless killer. He gripped her gently and brought her up into a moment of embrace. He then planted his chin on her redhead and spoke. " Do Not worry my Katarina, I know what I'm doing and I believe in this young man. He will serve us a great deal of victory. With him now in our military forces, and you and I, we will be invincible and all of Damacia shall fear us three and our city.

-Katrina pulled away slowly from him and uttered.
" You spoke much of this man but never mentioned his name, what is it?" -she said with her arms crossed, keeping a neutral face. Her father gave a sly smile and answered with a sinister tone.

" His name is Talon. The Blade's shadow."

-Katrina narrowed her eyes in thought for a brief moment then slowly grinned. The idea sparked a new feeling and thrill inside her, " Three Blade Masters of all Valoran? Hmph.."-she snorted with a cheeky grin.
" Who will dare challenge us now?."- A devious laughter broke from Katarina's lips along with her father's as the two now both gripped the railing and stared at the city with high hopes and filled with pride.

" Long live Noxus."- the two said calmly in sync.

ALL RIGHTS TO RIOT. I do not own any of these characters nor claim them my own. this is for fan purposes . Credit to its original creator and author. I simply extended the lore with more details this post is still under editing, excuse my typos or grammar errors.

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Please Note, alot of typoes and grammatical errors will be found. i just posted this recently and have not had a chance to edit yet. so bare with me will be eiditing soon.


“Why didn’t you guys listen to me?! Why?!... “ My voice cracked as I blurted out the words in sorrow, staring at the two lifeless bodies before me while my knees dug to the earth harshly. My sobs filled the forest and tears would cake my cheek. With trembling hands, I stared at..my dead parents. Their corpses paled with plumb veins streaked across their cheeks. They had been in Kumungu jungle for three days seeking the rare treasure that rumored to dwell there. Ancient wars had occurred in Kumungu and certain tribes that lived in it kept the treasures hidden from foreigners . Sadly, the word got out somehow and most outsiders have been competing to find it, including the squad of Noxian woodcutters.

“ It wasn’t worth it….mom..dad… I told you this place.. felt bad. “ – I wept again.

Another few minutes had passed by and I simply grew numb unable to cry any more. I didn’t have the strength. My head was pounding and my chest was tight. I couldn’t help but to gaze around the ever- green jungle I was now stranded in. Our plane had left us three days ago and it was not schedule to return until tomorrow. A surge of fear suddenly crept in me. The thought of coming to a reality of being lost in this forest filled with danger struck me cold. How on earth was I a twelve year going to make it? Luckily ,I had paid attention to my parents when they drilled survival lesson over and over in me. They had preparations in case something went wrong. The two were archeologist..well.. Dead ones now.

A deep lump formed in my throat when I forced myself to get up. Dusting off my, dirty jeans I set my eyes to the tall trees watching a group of birds fly by. I was now frighten, afraid that the mysterious disease in which killed my parents would kill me next. For now, I am to fight for survival…and defend my life from the creatures of this forest and any life which threatens me. Another tear had strolled down my cheek and i gave one last look at my dead fountainheads. It was last time I’d ever see them. My name is Nidalee and im hoping ill find a way out from this scary place.

Present Day

I might of had a rough past in my childhood, but somewhere along the lines i realized fate brought me here and made me who i am today. Today was hotter then usual, but this was something i was use to. One of the things i enjoy about this forest is drinking out of the clear waters of Kumungu's river. In fact, I'm headed there now. My throat is parched and i need to quench this thirst. The moment i began walking a certain noise caught my attention. i came to an abrupt halt and turned my head to the direction the sound was coming from. " strange.." I uttered. Relying on my advance hearing, i was finally able to make out the sound. wood cutting...men..laughing. It was then that i concluded what was going on.

“Imbeciles,” – I growl between greeted teeth . Quickly turning around, I decided to face the direction to where the raucous was coming from. I instantly gripped the bridge of my sharp spear and dashed towards the commotion. Once I neared the location, I slowed my pace and cautiously approached them but from a distance, so as to prevent myself from being exposed. I squatted low, blending with the grass I narrowed my eyes the secound I watched one of them hammer down the bark of a tree, chopping down its trunk. A disgusted look shot across my face and the corner’ of my lips gave a twitch.

“ Noxians… those invading bastards. Their stench never changes. They just keep coming back. “ I lowly muttered.

My jaws clenched tightly annoyed with their constant intrusion. The one thing that infuriated me more, is that I knew these guys wern't just wood cutting Noxian, but they were also soldiers of the city's military. These Noxian squads were the primary reason why l aggressively protect these lands.

“Sir, “– one of the soldiers called out as he stood in an upright assertive position before what looked to be his chief commander.

“How many more of these trees are we going to be cutting down? “ – He said half panting and keeping his eyes front with a respectful posture.

My eyes then glanced towards the chief. I, of course quirked an eyebrow. The chief was tall and bulky. Just from the distance I can tell the man was a fighter, his body mass was slightly intimidating, but not so much as to scare me away. I’ve dealt with worse. His hair was short, black, and he wore large metal shoulder pads along with a chest plate made out of iron, but none of that really caught my eye. What really hooked me, was the shiny reflective light coming from the general’s weapon which rested behind him. It was a large axe that took almost all the width of his back. On the contrary, my thougths began to think he wasn't a some general, this guy was probably more. A warrior.

“Interesting...” – I thought to myself.

The chief then gazed about before he replied, “What’s it to you soldier? We keep cutting until I see fit. Besides, I have some our men digging for certain treasure that’s rumored to be hidden here. " he crossed his arms as his chest would puff up.

“ I dream of discovering it. Noxus will be richer then before if we succeed. “– His voice was deep and unfriendly.

On the other hand the young soldier held a disappointed look and wiped the sweat off his brow. The heat of the day was dreadful to the ones who weren’t adopted to it. Having heard the mention of treasure, I shot a death glare at the men between the strands of grass. I had enough of their presence already, but their conversation only provoked me to act. No one was going to steal kumungu’s treasure. I myself have seen it and know its location and I am bound to protect it.

“Yes sir!” – The young solider responded.

“That’s what I like to hear. Now, go help the others dig the location I gave them. I’m sure were close. Tell the wood cutters, No breaks. These trees will be useful for our huts. “– The general ended with.

As soon as the young solider moved to complete the order he was given, I brought my arm up and sent my spear darting towards his way. The spear whistled across the grass, cutting through the air and directly penetrating right into the back of the young male. He let out a sharp gasp eyeing the end of the spear that now stuck out from his chest. He stared in horror as he gagged in his own blood. The young soldier dropped dead on the floor causing the chief and some wood cutters who were near to sharply look at their lifeless comrade. I stood to my feet from where I was squatted, glaring at them showing no emotion. They immediately took a defensive stance, took out their guns, and aimed them my way. Some held their axes with a threating gesture. On the other hand, the cheif calmly took out his large axe and grinned as he stared at me almost amused.

“ well.. well.. you must be the famous head huntress I kept hearing back at our city. The guardian of Kumungu Jungle. Nidalee, is it? " The bulky male smirked. He then tapped his chin before he continued saying, " What was it? ten? Twenty of my soldiers you took out? I must say, I’m impressed.” His voice shrouded my skin in the most uncomfortable way. I didn’t say a word just , simply listened to his senseless words. “That was quite a spear you threw there. You manage to kill.. Leo, " - he gestured. " An amateur soldier of mine. You did me a favor really. He was weak anyway."

I practically snorted before snaking my eyes to the right in disbelief. The man was truly cold. My eyes then planted on the chief. “

As soon as I said that, the idiots laughed. They truly thought I was bluffing. This was going to get ugly and I was already itching to shred them.. Well my couger was. My very beast side was pratically craving to tear them apart.

The general ran his fingers through his slick hair passively and gave a chuckle. “ Now, let’s be civilized my dear. Let me introduce myself. “ I am Daruis. Leader of the Noxian Mil.—“

“I don’t ..care! “ – I said sharply interrupting him oh so rudely. His face darkened. I could tell he was not growing irriated. Good, because i had already lost my patience with these house cats and i was going to show these house cats real claws.

“You call this civilized? Chopping our trees down invading our land? Ah, and trying to steal our riches. You don’t belong here, I could care less who you are. All I know is that you’re a Noxian, and Noxians arn't welcomed here. “– I bluntly spat.

He glared at me and without hesitation he gripped his axe from his back and sent it flying towards me. I did not expect him to move that fast. My eyes widen and I prayed inwardly that my reflexes would save me. I manage to dodge the axe by diving to the right landing on my palms and belly. A hsss left my lips as I felt a sharp sting across my right upper arm. Though i had dirverted the axe, its spinning swift movement graze acrossed my skin. The cut wasn’t pretty. It tore a bit of my flesh. Blood slithered down my arm and iI held it, wincing in pain. Panting, I got up glaring at this Daruis. As much as my arm hurt I regain my composure and inhaled slowly with a stale gaze. I took my palm and planted it over the womb.

“Defy Noxus and you will taste you're own blood. “ – He sternly said. But his words did not faze me one bit. Instead I concentrated. My hand that covered the wound began to dim a green aura and using the gift given to me by Kumugu’s magic that rested here, I self-healed. The wound began to patch itself and I was good as new.

Daruis stared at the axe that landed behind me on the ground. He gave a sinister grin after watching me heal. “ my.. my.. you should consider becoming part of Noxus. Your skill would be useful. “

“ Oover my dead body, Noxian. “ – From there I brought my hand up again the green aura began to form on my palm shaping into a spear. I sent it towards one of the soldiers behind Darrius. The male coughed up blood dropping his axe. He too fell dead. Had I stopped there? No, while that spear was sent I had formed another and sent it to the other on the opposite of Daruis.

Darrius roared. The men then aimed their fire arms. I did not wait for them to fire. I immediately dived on fours feeling the inner beast scratching to come out. The moment I landed on the moist grass, I illuminated into a emerald beam of light, shifting into a cougar form. Glowing, green cat eyes glared at them. I roared viciously at them before dashing forward, dodging several bullets. The thrill of the speed boiled my blood and being a cougar was an adrenaline that I could never explain.

The urge to kill was high on its peak in me. The men spammed their bullets while I kept zig-zagging away from them. The sounds of triggers finally locked rung my ear. That’s when I knew, they were out of amo. My advantage.. perfect. I dashed around only to sharply make a turn. I was headed towards Daruis, blood thirsty i was determined to kill this Noxian and all with him. He had already picked up his axe and awaited with a sly smile. I leaped in mid air ready to pounce and dig my sharp k-9 into his neck.

" you will regret oposing me! " - he growled as brought his Axe up ready to slice at me.

One of us was going to die today, either way, I was going to make sure I’d take him with me. Claw or spear His end's the same.


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